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Posted on: February 24, 2006

It’s a holiday today here in Cebu as we are celebrating the city’s charter day. And for lack of anything worthwhile to do, I explored Flickr a bit to test its other capabilities.

If this picture comes out ok without spilling on to the sidebar, then expect me to be doing some of my WordPress entries from Flickr.

When I started this blog, my intention was and still is to put words to describe and capture family moments, mostly. However, there are times that I feel I need to veer away from my usual mommy posts and this is one of them.

As Makati, EDSA, Ortigas and other places in Manila get all tensed and worried about the foiled coup on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution and speculating at what’s going to happen next, people in Cebu are just (perhaps happily) going about our usual business.

No, I’m not saying that we have become apathetic to the plights of the nation. We are just as frustrated as most thinking about how life could be better and more bearable for everyone.

However, what I’m saying is this, Manila and everything else that happens to it do not always translate to the whole country. Some people (in and out of government/military) think that they are messiahs out to save the country. If there are disgruntled elements (in Manila) who think that staging a coup is the only way to make changes, let it be known that it is not the sentiment of the nation.

Come on, you coup plotters and cohorts, you have done more harm than good. Look beyond what is in Manila and see that you do not have the support of the majority. Our country is made up of 7,100+ islands and Manila is not the Philippines.


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Nation building starts from 1 person…ME! Let me share 10 powerful 2-letter words…If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me!…It doesn’t matter to me what your political orientation is…think about these 10 words and see how you measure up!

I agree! Rightly said! These elements (rightist, leftist, or center etc) are doing more harm than good to the Filipinos in general. It would have been more noble of them if they just channeled their energies into helping the victims of the Leyte mudslide.

Am glad you are for the retention of GMA. Cebuana ka na talaga! I too am for her (even if she cheated in the last elections as alledged) because I am for STATUS QUO.

I just could not imagine what life would be when GMA steps down and the oppositions (Erap’s group, Magdalo, Honasan’s, Ed Villanueva, NPA, Bayan Muna Group, and the like) take over. It boils down to CHAOS because all of them have their own hidden selfish agenda.

Totoo yan—Manila is not the entire RP or vice versa. And this people could not speak for the entire country. Yes?

Yey! We have the same views! Mamarazzi is on the other side of the fence. Hehehe…. I don’t know about most people… They blame GMA for the sorry state of the majority, the mudslide in Leyte and even the stampede in Ultra. I wouldn’t be surprised if they blame the weather on her too. Hahaha!

Is this going to be a Political blog soon ? Let’s all go for wholesome stories that don’t mix with telling lies and good governance.

But yes, can’t we all just let go of the fact that we can’t do another People Power anymore. The next one should be the elections and every election thereafter. Im beginning to feel my own People Power fatigue and my lack of interest in military coups when these same people dont even exercise their rights to vote.

Just to set the record straight, I’m not for GMA nor for any other camp… It’s just exasperating talaga hearing about the never-ending witch-hunting, mudslinging and blaming, pa-self-righteous ekek of ALL CAMPS (including the media) na lahat naman merong selfish agenda…. On my next post, I’ll be back to regular programming. Hehehe.

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