Learning One Trick at a Time

Posted on: March 6, 2006

Before Photoshop
Before Photoshop

After Photoshop
After Photoshop

I’ve been a Photoshop user for quite a time now but only to crop, resize, sharpen, brighten, or darken digital pictures. I know there’s a lot more tricks to discover with Photoshop other than these common editing tools I mentioned, so I tried finding out more. That trick above is what I’ve learned so far. Hehehe… Talk about learning curve… Anyway… I’ll read more tutorials, that’s for sure.

Jerry took that photo of me and Jake at the bleachers. Two weeks ago, we were all at the Cebu City Sports Complex for the boys’ school sportsfest. We watched Kyle perform together with the whole Grade 3 level students. They all wore red and had giant golden hands that glittered under the sun while they moved. Quite a sight really!

Field Demo
Kyle and the Grade 3 students’ field demo

With Friend and Kumareng Ann
Me, Jake and my friend and kumare, Ann. We go a long way since DLSU and SGV days.

Matt competed in the running games where he placed second to his co-track team buddy to win the silver medals. I guess he slowed down a bit due to lack of practice. He’s been absent from his basketball and track practices due to his final quarter exams. He’ll be graduating from Grade School on the 25th of this month.

In a few more weeks, the much awaited 2-month summer vacation will officially start. Yey!


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uy, inggit ako, you’ve learned to do this trick na. ako heto, natutulog sa pansitan yung software ko haha

i want to learn more tricks with photoshop but i’m sooooooo lazy. galing ng ginawa mo 🙂

Out of curiosity on digital scrapbooking, I stumbled upon a tutorial discussing about how to do that. Hehehe…

I also have bouts of laziness but when I have a new interest, I get a kick out of learning things. I hope to keep this up though hehehe.

Learning One Trick at a Time is too time consuming.

I can teach you my own tricks and magics (about a dozen of them) just in one sitting. Sayang, I could have done all these on Jake’s 2nd birthday this 11th of March. Pero di ba ginawa ko na some of them during his 1st bday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!!

I thought Matt does not settle for second best in any competitons be they in track or in academics? Congrats just the same, Matty! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Punta kayo sa birthday ni Jake! I know all your magic tricks ah! Hehehe… Matt did his best but like in any other game, it was his buddy’s turn to shine. His buddy came more prepared, a valuable lesson for Matt, it is. 😉

I love what you did with Photoshop!!! Galing!!

feeling proud lil brother hehhehee

Heehee… thanks!

Naks!!! Salamat! Pero nilagyan mo pa ng “lil” na word ha! 😀

galing! next time teach us how ha.

the sportsfest reminds me of dlsz intrams, where i’ll just sit by the wayside because there’s not a single sporty bone in my body.

summer vacation… woo hoo!

Hey, will probably post the site where i got the tutorial from. Hehehe. Yes, the sports fest was very much like the intrams we had back then. I was a klutzy basketball player for my section. They got me more for my height than for my (lack of) abilities. Nyahahaha!

Hmmm…. Summer vacation dreaming…. 😀

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