Contemplating the Big Move

Posted on: March 18, 2006

Flashback to 1999, during the 7th year of our marriage, we had a 6 year-old schoolboy and a 3 year old toddler. We didn’t have the savings and our total monthly family income then, working as employees, was nowhere near the 6-digit figure, in pesos. Hehehe, that was barely enough for school, baby and household expenses.

After 7 years of harmoniously living in with my in-laws from the time we got married up to the time we brought forth 2 boys into this world, Jerry and I took our biggest leap of faith. We decided to move out of Mommy’s house to live on our own. Yeah right… My skin crawls just thinking about how we managed to even pull things together to meet all our obligations.

It was at the same time when most businesses were on the throes of collapse due to the effects of the Asian crisis. Interest rates were unfavorably high and prices of commodities were uncontrollably increasing. It wasn’t a good time to part away with hard-earned salary, if you ask me.

Yet, we did. After carefully calculating our finances, we thought it was time to purchase a 2-bedroom condo in an exclusive part of Guadalupe. The deal was sweet with 30% of the total property cost payable in 18 months interest free.

Now, at seven years of living on our own, Jerry and I find ourselves again in the same situation as in 1999. With a growing family, our cute abode is now getting cramped. This, plus the fact that the boys’ school is transferring from Cebu City to a remote part of Mandaue is really making us consider the big move. Factoring in the travel time and the fuel cost due to the doubled distance, I wasn’t too sure we could work out a convenient arrangement. And if we stay put, there is something that’s bound to give – our budget, our health or our wits.

So now, with a few more months before we celebrate our 8th year in our condo, we are putting it up for sale… And while we are waiting for a serious buyer, we have started looking for a new place that’s nearer to school, our place of work and my in-laws. So far, we have our eyes set on this 3-bedroom townhouse in an exclusive subdivision in the city…

Our option 1 -  a 3-br townhouse

Maid's t&b Wash area kitchen and dining kitchen

dining room powder room living room from the living room

masters' bedroom masters' bedroom masters' t&b 2nd floor t&b

2nd bedroom 2nd bedroom 3rd bedroom 3rd bedroom

attic 2nd floor landing Option 1

Oh, we still don’t have the savings… And my skin still crawls thinking of how we’d manage to pull this move and meet our obligations.

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The balancing act is really tough! But, whenever I sit back to take a good look at what we’ve done….I realize that Life is truly abundant. You just have to know how to count your blessings! 🙂

Aw… God has been generous to us all these years. It seems like we’re on auto-pilot and things just happen for the best. 😀

good luck and god bless! 😀

No savings yet? Well, your Mamarazzi and I are that quick-witted that we easily get the message loud and clear between the lines.

Ergo, without you asking us, we can readily give you a PITTANCE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Seriously, I know you can. Kayo pa ni Jerry! Pero bakit three rooms lang. Saan kami matutulog pag bakasyon namin dyan? Di bale na, sa Marriott or Hilton na lang. 🙂

Linnor, everything always works out! When you take a leap of faith, God is always there to provide, as He’s shown you before. It’s going to be pretty exciting to see this all unfold, I’m sure. God bless!

I believe that since you were able to do that leap the first time, youll be able to do it again. with the help of your young boys too 🙂

will pray for more blessings to come your way.


One of the things I’m learning is the true essence of what it means when they say, “when there’s a will, there’s a way”. If you need to move, you will move and you will make it work. I have no idea how Woody and I were able to purchase a home and triple our expenses with the salary we had, but it worked. I have a feeling the same will be in your case.

Say this mantra (like a zen chant): “Ohhhhhhmmmm.. Ohhhmmmmm…Ohhhh whhhhaaattt theee fuuccckk dooo whateeever it taaaakes.” Repeat as necessary.

nothing is impossible so long as it’s His will. 🙂 keep the faith. 🙂

you’ve done it already, you know the ins and outs, it must be easier for you now..just go for it. goodluck and godbless. 😉

mandaue is a good choice, noong nasa pldt cebu pa ako i like that place,whether you are going up north or south from that place, everything is at hand, good luck sabi nga nila sa chinese if you got three-boy-sons, you are already lucky, for me i have five sons…sobrang gulo…anyway good luck and don’t worry…God will provide…happy weekend..

good luck, linnor and jerry!

wow! nice townhouse!

go for it! and goodluck with the move.

i would love to take that leap too… hopefully sooner than i think… “,)

*LMAO* I love Tin’s mantra!

Naku if you were able to do it the first time, you can do it again. Kaya niyo yan. The townhouse looks really great. More room for the family right? That’s always good!

Thanks, we surely need that!

Kasya na kayo sa bedroom3. Yung 3 boys ko ang sa bedroom2. Hehehe… Will wait for the pittance!!!

“When you take a leap of faith, God is always there to provide,”'”

I love that line. That will definitely be kept in mind…Thanks!

Aw thanks a lot for that vote of confidence! Mwah!

Ahahaha! We’ll do our best to make it work. I hope what happened to you when you acquired your property would also happen to us (but) minus the triple expenses. 😀 Hehehe.

Oh yes, I believe in Him and in His perfect plans! 😉

Thanks! We’re pretty excited to get that going. We’ve sent out word that our old place is for sale. Praying now for serious buyers. 😀

Thanks! 3-boys lang yung kids namin pero sobrang gulo na rin, parang 5. Hahaha! Medyo malayo na ang Mandaue from our place in Guadalupe kaya nag-iisip-isip na kaming lumipat… Haaay…

Thanks! Off-topic, I can’t comment on your site na. Waah! 😀

I’ll include your plans in our prayers. 😀 Goodluck to us!

Yes, coming from a 2-br condo, this townhouse is really huge for us! Hahaha… Biglang ang luwag sa paningin… 😀

nice nice nice! so rooomy! tama nga naman si paparazzi, nasan na yung room namin pag nag-visit kami diyan? hehe. i sincerely hope you’ll be able to work out this plan. if this is truly meant for you, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it. 🙂 good luck!

Ahahaha! You will all fit sa 3rd bedroom. I’ll make that our guest room! Heehee!

Yes, I hope we’re able to work out this plan. I’m already imagining how it should look…

the picture of jerry is significant as if showing how tentative the decision to transfer is. but knowing you and jerry this is already an informed decision that you just need some more validation.

unless you still need it and after computing the mortgage and the time needed to put your current townhouse for sale- our vote is GO FOR IT!

If a serious buyer for our condo comes along, then the purchase of this new townhouse will surely materialize. Please help us pray for this one. Thanks! 😉

looks like a lovely place. if it’s meant for you, im sure things will work out 🙂

Keeping our fingers crossed! 😀

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