A Milestone Passed – On Matt’s Graduation Day

Posted on: March 25, 2006


“There is a good reason they call these ceremonies “commencement exercises.” Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.”— Orrin Hatch


Matt, with his Grade School diploma…


Here we are, looking proud to pin on Matt his 2nd medal (the 1st is his academic gold medal) for being 9th overall besting 200+ graduates.

We’ve always believed in you and in your capacity to excel in everything that you set your heart on.
Happy Graduation Day!
We love you!
Thank you for making us truly proud!


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Our kids are our best achievements! My Life Goal has always been to prepare them to face the world! 🙂

Yes. I second! Nothing beats the feeling of truly proud parents! Thank God for Matt’s achievements. 😀

congratulations to you & jerry for having such smart kids!!!

aaaw..this made me cry! there is something about graduations and weddings that make me teary eyed. congratulations, matt! and yes, congratulations to you and jerry too! 😀

Congratulations to Matt! Handsome and smart…what a devastating combination. You must be very proud.

congratulations to matt! congratulations to the proud parents too!

naku, binata na si matt!

Congrats, Matt!

Congrats, too, Linnor and Jerry!

congratulations to Matt and the proud parents 🙂 im sure Matt will do as well, or even better, in high school because he is well-guided by great loving parents 🙂

Is that my Apo—Matt? Your Lolarazzi and I are exceedingly happy and proud of you, Matt. Keep up the excellent work!

But congratulations, Matt, are not enough! You deserve more than that! Wait till I see you on April 5, this year! We will not be buying, feasting on your Mom’s favorite NGOYONG, but more yummy than you can imagine!

Yes your Papa and Mama are right. Your Commencement or graduation is just the beginning. In fact, I consider this the FIRST DAY of the rest of your scholastic life!

We will continue to pray that you will not only EXCEL in your studies but also be able to apply and carry over to actual day-to-day living what you will learn in school.

Keep up the good work, Matt. And to your doting parents–I pray they will continue to do tirelessly what “you have been doing to your kids”.

God bless you all!

Thanks, we consider ourselves blessed! 😀

Aw… I was too proud to cry that day. Hahaha… Thanks. 😉

Hey, that’s a very generous compliment! Thanks! 😀

Ang bilis ng time… High school na siya next schoolyear! 😛

Thanks Cuz! Next time it will be your Marti’s turn. 😉

Thanks! We’ll keep guiding him. The rest of the hard work will depend on him. Hehehe…

Thanks for the generous compliments. May high school na apo na kayo. Hahaha! Ang bilis! Yes let’s celebrate when you get here in Cebu on the 5th. 😉

Dear Matthew,
We can hardly believe that is you walking on the red carpet (your Tito Junnie thought it was Yao Ming :-)) Congratulations to you and your mama/papa for this big achievement! You are truly smart and talented… we are so proud of you. Keep it up till HS and college ha?

God bless…

Congratulations, Matthew! Love you from Tito Rommel, Tita May (ganda), and Zia!

But most of all, Congratulations and GOOD LUCK to you Sis and Kuya Jerry for contributing a bright kid in this brain-drained country of ours. Well, until you decide to migrate of course.

Paparazzi is right. This is just the first day of Matt’s scholastic life…high school life…Expect more challenges in the coming years…Sabi nga nila, high school is the foundation of knowledge…o ako lang nagsabi? hehe…

Anyway, to Matts, just continue what you have started (consistency). Don’t settle for mediocrity. If you fail, always think there’s a reason for it to prepare you to succeed greater challenges. Whoo! Na-drain ako kakaisip nito. 🙂

Thank you, thank you! Jerry and I are preparing ourselves for a more challenging phase in Matt’s life. He is not only entering high school, he will also be encountering a lot of changes and new things physically, emotionally, intellectually.

We will constantly pray for guidance so that we will be able to lead him thru all these phases smoothly and lovingly.

Thank you! Hahaha, Yao Ming he is but there are 2-3 more guys in his batch who are 6 ft tall! Graveh!

Hay, this is one major milestone indeed. In 3 years, it will be Kyle’s turn. In 4 years Matt’s again. Jake’s will be after 10 years pa when Matt is done with college! :))

congrats to MATT! galeng ha! 🙂 and a pat on the shoulders of the parents!

Thanks a lot! 😀

Hi Linnor,

Happy graduation to Matt! You must be very proud of him.

It feels like ako ang nag-graduate with honors… Hehehe…. Grabeng proud kami… 😀

Wow! Great achievements. Congratulations proud parents!

Thanks! Nakaraos na, may 1 nang grade school graduate. Hehehe…

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