Lovely Summer!

Posted on: March 27, 2006

After 10 months of gruelling schoolwork (at least that’s how my 2 boys seem to look at it), what’s next???

In this endless summer
We will be together
And i dont want this feeling to ever end

– Ashlee Simpson

Here are the first few shots of vacation!!!



IMG_2620 IMG_2622

IMG_2634 IMG_2633

IMG_2642 IMG_2623

IMG_2644 IMG_2646


IMG_2711 IMG_2718


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the first picture is a keeper!

in 10 years, you should take another shot like this and compare…ganda !

Hi Linnor! Maribago Bluewater ba yan?

Summer na summer na nga, super init. Can’t wait for our trip to Bantayan Island on April 10 🙂 Let’s go there together (with our families, of course)one day, ganda ng beaches don.

Wow, wow, wow! Where are you guys?! It looks gorgeous. What camera are you using, the pics’ quality are awesome as well.

Why is Maribago Bluewater as murky as Pasig River and your picture frame whiter than its white sand? Just curous. 🙂

Kidding aside, please reserve for us (your Papa Rhante and me) two Jetskis and small cottages for our use. We will be there on 4th of April.

Hehehe… Choreographed pose yan. 😀 You could swipe another similar shot from my Flickr where Jake was the only one facing the direction of the camera. 😀

In 10 years, my guess is that the height difference wouldn’t be much anymore di ba? Will do this shot every year. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

Yes, its Maribago Bluewater. It’s the only resort we have free access to. Hahaha!

Hope to see Bantayan as well. Email me your pics of Bantayan ha?

We were in Maribago Bluewater Resort in Mactan Island. Thanks! I used the lowest setting of a 3mp Canon Digital Ixus. Glad it turned out okay even if the rain clouds that day threatened to dampen (pun intended) the weather. 😉

That’s not murky, hehehe. They were just seated on the water’s edge so yung white sand ang kita. Imagine sand in a blender. That’s what was happening while the boys played. It was hard to make them sit still!

Do we need to sleep overnight? I think a regular hut would do when you get here. 😀 See you in a few days!

wow! great pictures! enjoy your summer with the kids.

Thanks! We hope to be able to do this often this summer or perhaps see other places too if time and resources allow. 😛

Gusto ko nga sana sa Bantayan Beach kaya lang wala namang nag invite sa atin, eh. Paging Mimi & Minoy! And send your answer via FedEx or Air 21! 🙂

Hindi shoot yung sched nyo sa April 5-6 e. April 10 pa sila punta sa Bantayan coz it’s the province’s fiesta week. Kasabay talaga nila ang Holy Week kaya during Lent na meatless, sa Bantayan ka lang makakakain ng lechon.

If I’m not mistaken. 😛

great shots, linnor! i miss the beaches of ‘pinas!

Hi Tito Ed! May standing offer ka naman at di yon nag-e-expire :)Ok lang talaga punta tayo Bantayan pagpunta nyo dito but you might not have enough time to enjoy Bantayan unless you can extend your stay here.

Hi Linnor! Actually, June 29 and 30 ang fiesta ng Bantayan but every Holy week, para na ring fiesta dun sa dami ng tao. Yes, may Vatican “permit” sila to eat meat during Holy week (Lent).

Marti’s pediatric pulmonologist just called, di sya payag na babyahe si Marti that far. Super init daw kasi ngayon tapos tatawid pa ng dagat, baka magkakasakit daw ang bata. Huhuhu but I have to make this sacrifice. Bluewater na lang kami 🙂

very precious pictures, linnor! can’t wait for summer na rin 🙂

Thanks! Ang lapit namin sa beaches so I guess I should take advantage pala no? Sana mapadalas ang punta. 😀

Wahahaha! Sowee! Mali nga ako! I thought fiesta week yun, hindi pala. At lease I’m right when I said puede eat ng lechon during Lent because of the Vatican “permit”… Buwelta pa rin ano?

Hey, so Marti wouldn’t be going to Bantayan pala…Aw… But if it’s for dear Marti’s good health/well being, I guess ok lang. 😛

Oh yes, I keep looking at those smiling faces on the pics… Precious indeed. 😀

O nga, mahirap na pag nagkasakit sya.

ang ganda ng pictures..the boys are so cute…papisil naman kay jake! 😀

Ganda ganda! Your photos, your boys, beach. Perfect! Kainggit! 🙂

wow, Maribago! that’s where we had our honeymoon (and a terrible sunburn!)

gusto ko rin mag beach!

enjoy the rest of the summer

Love the first pic of “the men in your life”… and yung pic with Jake laughing totally enjoying himself. Miss na namin ang sun & sand. Punta tayo sa December ha?


The pictures are lovely. Your family is lovely! I loved them all, especially the first one. Saya ng beach trip!!!

Kiss Marti for me. I’ll pray that she stays healthy. 😉

Hahaha, go ahead and “make pisil”! 😀

Captured moments talaga… 🙂

Thanks! We will definitely try to take advantage of the hot weather to enjoy the beach, pero sana minus the terrible sunburn. 😀

Lovely nga title ko e! Hehehe. Thanks for the generous compliments. Pasyal kayo ulit sa Cebu! 😉

Thanks, cuz! 🙂

wow, clear, crisp shots, linnor!

sarap magbakasyon! 🙂

Thanks! Yes sarap magbakasyon. We are squeezing vacation into our hectic workdays. 😛

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