Visita Iglesia

Posted on: April 16, 2006

On Maundy Thursday, we were up early and were in church for the Sacrament of Reconciliation at 830 am. There was already quite a number of people lined-up waiting for their turn to confess when we sat down.

The line before us became shorter as some people opted to join the general absolution instead. Jerry, Matt, Kyle and I remained seated, since we preferred to have a personal session with the priest.

Some took a long time to finish, while some were quick. The four of us had our sins listed on individual sheets of paper to save on time. It helped shorten the waiting time of those who went after us, I’m sure. I think it just took each of us 5 minutes tops or even less.

Kyle went first, followed by Matthew, then Jerry, and I was last. In the car, I was amused to hear that the priest asked Kyle his name, where he studied and eventually asked his permission if he (the priest) could keep his list of sins. Hehehe…

We said our penances and took turns reciting the Stations of the Cross. By 10:00 am, we were back home to prepare for the major activity for the day – the Visita Iglesia.

It was the first time my family (party of 5) embarked on a 10-hr road trip to the South of Cebu to see its centuries-old churches. We brought a huge cooler of ice and ice-cold water plus bags of chips. Jake was with us too, so we made sure we also had enough of his supplies – milk, diapers, wet tissues, water, and extra shirts. We even had his favorite pillows which he usually bites when he’s about to doze off.

On the way to the South of Cebu***, we passed the coastal highway. Amazing views of the sea, the nearby Negros province and Sumilon island greeted us. The weather was very cooperative and the blue skies gave us the perfect canvas to the picturesque coastline that lay before us.

The lunch pit-stop was at the coastal town of Ronda where we heartily devoured our Jollibee bangus bellies. Then chased it with our mineral water. Jake, who was initially asleep when we stopped to park under a tree, woke up to ask for rice and to feast on his macaroni soup.

On the drive back home, we under-estimated the time and thought we’d be able to cover at least 7 churches. However, when it became apparent that we wouldn’t get back to the city before nightfall, we just contented ourselves with six.

Since I’m not too good with descriptions… I am posting the 6 churches we covered for our visita iglesia 2006.

A blessed Easter to everyone!












Boljoon – since 1599. This was the last church we saw right before sunset.

*** Our Southern Cebu route:  Cebu City, Pardo, Talisay, Minglanilla, Naga, San Fernando, Carcar, crossed Barili to pass along the coastal provinces of Dumanjug, Ronda, Alcantara, Moalboal, Badian, Madridejos, Alegria, Ginatilan, Samboan, Santander (Southernmost tip of Cebu), back to the city via Boljoon, Alcoy, Dalaguete, Argao, Sibonga, Carcar, San Fernando, Naga, Minglanilla, Talisay, Pardo and Cebu City…


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Your entry made my mind go back to those days during Holy Week when we would drive together as a family to some far-off destination. I can almost remember the scenery flitting by as we drove, the vendors on the side of the road, the feel of the sun on my skin, the sounds of cars, minibuses and jeepneys driving by us and the smell of heat mixed with the smells of farmlands… your photos stirred the memories even more. Thank you! Oh, and your site looks great, and so is your cartoon version! 🙂

I’m glad I was able to make you remember fondly your family traditions. I hope our kids hold these memorable moments dearly as well. Thanks! 😀

You practically visited the Southern Cebu that which your Papa Rhante and I saw one week earlier. We took a ferry from Dumaguete City to Santander on our way to Cebu City via airconed Ceres Bus. Beautiful sights indeed! I did not know that the southern roads are already well-paved and smooth, comparable to the NLEX of Central Luzon.

I think the provincial lady governor and congressmen of the southern districts are doing their assignments very well– that of making Southern Cebu worth visiting by local and foreign tourists. Please extend my congrats to all of them! Maybe, this could be the prize from GMA for giving her the highest win (one million
votes over the closest opponent) in the last presidential election.

Redemptorist Church looks like that (the fascade at least) of famous Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris.

Grabe sa haba ng biyahe, it felt like we also had a different kind of Stations of the Cross. The whole time we were on the road, our view was practically the sea and the sunny blue skies. Ang ganda! It made me appreciate the wonders of God’s creation more. I’m sure you share the same feeling after seeing the South of Cebu last time you were here from Dumaguete. 😉

what a nice road trip! nice pics too.

what a great day to be out – and take great churche’s facade for Visita Iglesia!

Its been 2 straight years now that we’re here in Canada and the weather for Good Friday has been rainy and gloomy, while the sun came out on Easter Sunday. Ravishing and making everyone’s day festive. Galing! Even the weather is aligned to everyone’s mood.

The day was perfect for the trip and photo ops. 😀

I know there aren’t much Catholic churches over there but I’m sure the lack of it didn’t hinder you and Mitzi from participating or doing the activities for Holy Week. 😉

Those are beautiful pictures Linnor!!!

Thanks! The churches were more amazing up close. 😀

Belated Happy Easter. Great pictures. You are really talented. Bless your family, Linnor, the love is so evident!

I think kids will always remember these simple family events…great laughs, shared food, photo ops 🙂 We still have to drive to the north and the northwestern towns! More pics to come!

Wow! ganda ng ginawa nyong road trip and of course the pics 🙂 the last time i visited those churches was in college as a requirement for one course.

punta kayo bantayan island when you go north (hehe, pina-plug talaga si dear bantayan). but i think there are more centuries-old churches in the south than in the north, tama ba Jer?

Yey, thanks! Belated Happy Easter as well!

The boys are growing up fast and taking trips like this is one way to build memories with them. Looking forward to the trip to the North of Cebu! 😀

Glad you liked it! Kakapagod but it was worth the long drive. Ganda kasi ng weather that day.

If we drive up north, I will definitely buzz you para maka-tour ng Bantayan Island. Hahaha!

[…] Last year, we went on a road trip to the south of Cebu to visit the different centuries-old churches… The weather was perfect and we had a good headstart in the morning for a trip that stretched for 6 hours on the road. Lunch was bangus from Jollibee (Carcar branch) and devoured heartily by the shores of Ronda… […]

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