What’s Keeping Me From Blogging (Part1)

Posted on: April 28, 2006


Boatful of hopefuls

Cebu delegates taking a chartered boat to Bohol for a week of competition…

We sent Matthew off to compete in Bohol for one week (April 17-22). He was part of a 500-delegation from Cebu who participated in the recent CVIRAA. He qualified for the finals and ran in the 100-m dash (silver medal) and 200-m dash (lost due to cramps).

His coach is asking if he’s willing to join and run in the Palarong Pambansa to be held in Bicol but we thought against it. Unlike Bohol which is just a couple of hours by ferry, Bicol is too remote for us to let him go by himself.

Matt had a lot of good stories to tell, I should let him write it in blog-form. Hehehe.

We recently celebrated our 14th anniversary at this little-known but wonderful resto at Banilad Town. At Don Merto’s, I had my pan-seared salmon while Jerry satisfied himself with the US-certified Angus beef rib. Ahh… really delicious!

Don Merto's Pan-seared Salmon Don Merto's US Certified Angus beef


7 Responses to "What’s Keeping Me From Blogging (Part1)"

Wow. Matthew is really running after those medals…pun intended. Congratulations Matt? What’s your time in the 100 meters? Below 13 secs na ba?

That Pan-Seared Salmon in whatever sauce that is – is something that I can prepare too, di ba, remember?

HI JUNNIE!  Without enough practice (as he was also busily doing basketball with his varsity team mates), we’re glad he even managed to qualify for the finals!  I admire his hardwork when it comes to his basketball and running.  He’s very disciplined.

I don’t recall your pan-seared salmon.  It’s Mitzi’s baked salmon with cream that I vividly remember.  Hehehe.  We should try your recipe when we get to Canada then!

Hi! Belated Happy Anniversary. Yeah you had a good while there where you were really blogging regularly. Sniff, I miss it! But the little ones and hubby is probably much more fun than typing away at your keyboard.

My favorite steak ever is ribeye! Yum!

HI TIN!  Thanks!  I posted all 4 updates at the same time while I was in the office.  Hehehe…  I like rib-eye too! 😀

how did matt do? i’m sure he did well………

HI PAZ!  He did good.  I think the whole experience taught him a lot.  At 12, it was more like a camp where he was away from the family for the first time and for a whole week.  He enjoyed mingling with the other athletes both from the public and private schools.  Not only the medal, the experience he gained is valuable as well.

ahhhh steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummy!

HI JOJO!  That was exactly what I craved for during our anniversary dinner.  But I ended up with the salmon which is another favorite of mine.  😀

wow! galing talaga ni matt.

bakit naman si nyo na sya pasamahin sa palarong pambansa in bicol? eh samantalang yon yong ultimate dream ng bawat athlete —- mag national level. go nyo na, andyan naman si paparazzi na pwedeng chaperone 🙂 o di kaya, mag stage parents na lang kayo ni jerry.

saw jerry and jake at redemptorist earlier. late kami konti. funny pa cos we brought marti at nakatabi namin yong first pedia nya na ayaw ipadala si marti sa crowded places.

Hi Cuz, too remote yung place. 😀 And konti lang ang pupunta from Jesuits.

The food looks delicious. 🙂 Maybe, I should try eating at Don Merto.

Hi Kenneth! We did enjoy the food when we were there. 😀

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