Viva Las Vegas

Posted on: May 13, 2006

Liberty High School

Driving from LA to Las Vegas took us 4 hours tops. The trip was originally scheduled for the following weekend but we thought of doing it a week earlier. We’re lucky (pun intended) that our Papa Rhante was free to see us. He was driving himself from San Bernardino to his newly acquired palatial abode in Silverado Ranch, a few minutes from the famous Las Vegas strip.

Silverado Ranch

The lovely mansion that was our home for 2 nights. Just perfect… For somebody coming from the tropics, Las Vegas’ weather felt just like home.

It was late afternoon when we arrived and we were in time to see with the family, the Grease school production where Mahal played a part. We were all impressed at the performance of the characters, most especially Mahal’s of course! She gave her character just the right “punch” and everyone found her hilarious. The girl’s got talent, I tell you.

At Home in Las Vegas

Didn’t I just say “palatial abode”? What regular house in LA/Las Vegas could accommodate a grand piano such as this one? It’s got to be really huge and with high ceiling to boot. That’s Papa Rhante and Mama Nita’s nephew serenading us with some classical and popular pieces.

Havana Grill

Papa Rhante treated us all to a scrumptious Cuban dinner. The portions were huge! Though I was famished, I wasn’t even able to finish off half of my salmon. Shucks!

On the way home, Mama Nita handed me 2 crisp hundred dollar bills to try our luck in the casino. I hesitated, but relented a few moments later. Hehehe… Pakipot noh?

Taking the car, Junnie, Jerry and I drove off to the strip to experience how it is to be in Sin City!

Paris Las Vegas

New York New York Hotel & CasinoNew York New York Hotel & Casino

Excalibur Hotel & Casino Sin City at Night

Bellagio & Caesar's Palace Bugsy's Flamingo

Missing My Boys

Spotting these names on the souvenir cups, I suddenly missed my boys back home. We’ve tried our luck at the slots in Bellagio. Like most of those hopeful gam(bl)ers, we lost a few to the house. It was 3am, the neon lights were still on but it was time to call it a night, or whatever’s left of it.

“Viva las vegas turnin day into nighttime
Turnin night into daytime
If you see it once
Youll never be the same again

Im gonna keep on the run
Im gonna have me some fun
If it costs me my very last dime
If I wind up broke up well
Ill always remember that I had a swingin time”

– Elvis Presley


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Time stops when your in Las Vegas…Coz nobody seems to care about time in this place! At 3am, the strip, the hotel lobbies, the casinos, the restos and bars were packed. The next time I come back, I’d sure like to see how this place looks during the day! šŸ™‚

There were a family of Angels in Sin City – the Parennas, with Papa Rhante game to really host us – all the way!

So you had 2 Benjamins? where’s my share?

Woo hoo, great to have you!

I definitely agree! I love LAS VEGAS too for its weather… Hahahaha…

Ha? You lost $60 to the house di ba? Harharhar:D

Thanks for the puhunan! Junnie lost some of it sa slot machines. Hehehe….

For three days, I with your Mom was on VACATION in Las Vegas courtesy of our friends, Rhante and Nita who are more than brother and sister to us. We almost went home on PROBATION to LA if I did not win $600 the last night in my favorite card game–Blackjack.

Indeed, our trips to Vegas and Arizona are dreams come true! And to think that we did not spend a single cent to enjoy everything including the Broadway show–Mama Mia and Jubilee Dancers! Grabeee!

Sa bagay, what are friends for!!! šŸ™‚

Hahaha! That is taking advantage of friends! Just kidding. Papa Rhante and Mama Nita would really go out of their way to accommodate you and show you around.

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