Grand(est) Canyon!

Posted on: May 14, 2006

Grand Canyon

I have never met a car driver who has ever spent more than 10 hours of driving in one day without an alternate, until the day we drove from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon. Papa Rhante was incredible! Not a word of complaint…. We were all treated to a comfortable ride aboard his Acura. I felt guilty finding myself asleep like a babe when I should have been taking in all the sights on the way!

Well I guess that’s how Papa Rhante wanted it, for us to relax and prepare ourselves to see the most magnificent natural wonder of the world.

He kept saying how he feels bad that Papa and Mama weren’t able to see it in full view. Ma is acrophobic and didn’t want to go near the rim… at all. Oh well.

Grand Canyon

I totally agree when he said that seeing the Grand Canyon is such a humbling experience. It sure is, knowing how small of a creature you are amidst this vast, stunning natural wonder. It simply leaves you with a sense of wonder, magic and awe. No matter how science explains it, only God could have done this.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Thank you Papa Rhante and Mama Nita for the best tour of the Grand Canyon!  We wouldn’t have been able to experience it as much as we did, if not for you.  It was indeed a memorable first for Junnie, Jerry and me.


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Hi Linnoe,

Last I saw Grand Canyon was in 1993 pa! Hubby haven’t been there yet… I hope we could plan a trip to California soon.

Your Papa Rhante and I enjoyed the trip as much as you did. Let’s do it again soon.


I’m sure your hubby will be amazed by it…


Heheheh! I would love to go back to the USA to see the same places, this time with the kids…

Your Papa Rhante bears a resemblance to Paparazzi! 🙂

Oh the Grand Canyon looks so majestic! It must have taken your breath away!

I am complaining. Why is it that the photos you have of Grand Canyon really look very much like one of the Wonders of the World. And to think that the same persons–your Papa Rhante and Mama Nita were the same people who brought us there last September with the same Acura (top of the line of Honda)vehicle complete with GPRS gadget. Maybe they brought us to the other side of that beautiful sight or maybe because ikaw ay kanilang inaanak sa binyag!

Ah I remember now, I was with someone, your Mama, who was scared to death to look at the breath-taking view of the GC.

But there is always a ‘next time’. Next time around, I will reconnoiter the whole place by helicopter without your Mama.

Dapat iiwan ko siya sa Hoover Dam. 🙂

there’s always a next time…or there’s always the DVD to watch (which I sent Mama) to see how Grand the Grand Canyon is…Napanood na kaya nila Papa and Mama?

They’ve been friends for 50 years, i wonder if that has anything to do with them looking like each other now. Hahaha!

Yes, the Grand Canyon blew me away! Ganda super!

Di mo maiiwan si Mama sa Hoover Dam, di naman sya pupunta dun eh. Hehehe… I think you should take Papa Rhante’s offer to attend his retirement party so that he could take you back to the Grand Canyon again. Di ba? 😉

I hope Mama watched it. Kahit man lang sa DVD makita nya how grand the Grand Canyon is. 😀

one word: WOW!

3 words: Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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