San Francisco

Posted on: May 17, 2006

Victorian Houses

Postcard-pretty Victorian houses with the financial district in the background

Armed with our printed google map and viamichelin driving directions, I’ll have to say that Jerry was really brave to drive us from Los Angeles to San Francisco. He has alternately driven with Junnie to Las Vegas a few days back but this time it’s a 6-hr (one-way) roadtrip with nobody to act as his reliever. The wheel was just his as I was not up to the challenge of driving in the USA. Hehehe….

Going to San Francisco was a breeze as we took the faster route over the more scenic Pacific Coastal Highway. Though Interstate 5 was long (300 miles) and boring, it didn’t seem like such. We were too excited to get to our destination. In fact, too excited to even notice that we were passing through a big cattle ranch until our noses got assaulted by the smell of cattle dung. Ew! Heheh… All’s well though.

The hotel we were billeted at was the expensive W Hotel. It came with a price tag of $300/night with no breakfast, plus $45/24-hr parking. Hmmm…. It was on company’s account so who were we to complain, right? Hehehe… It was right near the Moscone Convention Centre where Jerry is supposed to attend the JavaOne convention. Probably explains why the hotel’s rate was jacked up. Oh well.

Our first day was spent mostly on touring the South of Market (SOMA) district. I loved the Yerba Buena Gardens, the skyline from the roofdeck, the financial district, and the mixture of old and modern architecture. One would see how this area showed a lot of history just by looking at the structures.

On our second day, we were worried to be slapped with additional parking charges that we drove to the next inn by lunch time. The Francisco Bay Inn at Lombard St. was nothing spectacular but we had a pleasant experience in it. The staff were courteous and ready to help, it was near the bus stop, the place was clean, the bathroom was spotless and huge, they served bagels, fruits and coffee, they had free parking and free internet access, and they charge only $75 nett! How sweet of a deal is that???


1. Tried to see the Golden Gate Bridge by driving the car from Francisco Bay Inn on Lombard. Jerry drove while I navigated. We got lost then scared when we saw it looming right in front of us! Hahaha! What a breathtaking man-made structure! We drove back fearing to violate any traffic regulation since some of the streets were one-way.

2. Took a bus tour since the weather was just too cold to be hopping on and off the cable car or walking to the sites. It was 7 degrees. In the bus, there were very few of us who were young (looking). Most of the other tourists were senior citizens who also didnt want to feel cold. Hehehe…

3. Thought the bus tour would let us see the crookedest part of Lombard Street. It didnt. We tried to walk to it but thought otherwise due to the cold weather. However, we drove on it and experienced it a lot better. πŸ˜›

4. The bus tour drove us on the Golden Gate bridge. It was almost a 2-mile (1.7 miles) ride but we weren’t lucky to see the whole span of the bridge. 90% of it was covered in fog. Boo. I guess, this is one big reason I should go back to see more of San Francisco.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Moscone from W

left: Not yet the Golden Gate Bridge but the San Francisco Bay Bridge

right: The view from our W Hotel room window

Inside W 1615 Inside 1615 W

Our $300++/night hotel room at the W Hotel. Doesn’t look luxurious, does it?

Yerba Buena Gardens, SOMA

Yerba Buena Gardens at South of Market (SOMA)

Yerba Buena with SFMOMA at background

Yerba Buena Gardens with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in the background.

SF Skyline at Yerba Buena St. Patrick's along Mission St.

left: SF Skyline from the Yerba Buena

right: St. Patrick’s along Mission St.

SOMA Financial District SF Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

left: Financial district, right: Museum of Modern Art

Treacherous North Beach Golden Gate Park

left: Treacherous North Beach, right: Golden Gate Park

Haight Ashbury

“Don’t do drugs or this will happen to you…” Picture was taken at Haight-Ashbury.

City Hall with Gold Leaf

City Hall

Full House

The house in the “Full House” television series.

Shopping District Maiden Lake

left: shopping district, right: Maiden Lake

SFO Transamerica


Lombard St.

Driving down the crookedest part of Lombard St.

Uhh...Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge stretching into the fog….

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San Francisco is a city that has so much heart, probably because everybody left their hearts in SF :). It’s actually because it is a mix of a lot of things…modern and victorian, straight, parallel streets and crooked winding roads, the chinatown and the “hippie” area. There is a lot to see in SF ….definite a must go back city!

Oh no, I forgot to give you the address of your other Ninang Rosie Gallega Galang who is a resident of that beautiful City. Call it lapse of judgment. Hehehe.

Your Ninang Rosie is one of the deans of the Univ. of San Francisco, a Jesuit run university. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from PNU during our time. Sayang she could have shown you around like what your Papa Rhante and Mama Nita did in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Ok but there is always ‘a next time’. Yes?

THe bridge looks so mysterious with the fog. SFO looks like a scenic place to visit.

lovely pictures! feels like i was travelling with you, guys!

missed it. drats! ill be back with my heart to San Francisco…this time, we’ll make sure the Golden Red Gate Bridge shows up too!

Beauuuuuuuuutiful!!! You’re so lucky and blessed to have gone here.

And I want a Victorian house! They look so lovely!

How about during the next JavaOne in May 2007??? πŸ˜€

Uy sayang! That would have been a nice get-together! Please email her my blogsite so she could read about you and Papa Rhante. πŸ˜‰

You’re right about it looking mysterious… I want to go back to SFO to see the other places I havent been to, plus see more of the Golden Gate Bridge as well. Sana may opportunity ulit. πŸ˜€

There are more pics I havent posted yet πŸ˜‰ I’ll keep them ocming. Hehehe.

Like what I told Jerry, lets go there ni Mitzi in May 2007. I hope its not as foggy by then. Hahaha…

Yes, I actually feel like a million bucks for being able to see all these amazing places. Haay… Sarap to travel…

Ganda nga ng Victorian houses no? πŸ˜€

So you drove through the town of Koalinga! Memorable, isn’t it? That ‘scent’ is truly unforgettable. I was driving that same road from LA to SF alone and I couldn’t believe what I was smelling. I had to call Hubby to tell him about it!

Your photos are beautiful!!! And yes, I agree wholeheartedly. SF is beautiful. It remains my favorite US city. Boston is only second.

Hey that was informative! I read recently in one broadsheet that there’s a hotel in SFO that has a special plaque about Jose Rizal for having stayed there in the 1800’s… Awesome huh!

Oh so its Koalinga! πŸ˜€ I wonder if that’s where the US certified Angus Beef comes from… Hehehe…

Thanks. I’m glad you liked the pics. πŸ˜‰

whoa..late plug, but there’s a steakhouse there in Coalinga called Harris Ranch..Its theeeeee best! check it out when you guys come back to visit!

I have added Harris Ranch to my list now. Hehehe. Hopefully we’ll get the chance for another visit. Thanks for dropping by and sharing! Feel free to visit our site ;).

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