Niagara Falls

Posted on: May 20, 2006

Niagara US Side

This is the other side of the Niagara Falls on the US side.

Friday night, Jerry and I took the late flight to Buffalo, New York with a short stop-over at Philadelphia. On the plane I was hoping it wasnt raining anymore at our destination as the week before our trip, it was mostly rainy in that part of the East.

The weather was pleasant when we got to Buffalo, but it was darn cold! Hahaha! Though I anticipated it and requested Junnie and Mitzi to bring an extra layer for us, I still wasn’t prepared for how icy cold it really was. I longed for my leather jacket…

Early morning of Saturday, Junnie and Mitzi, picked us up at the Buffalo airport. They had driven from Toronto to meet with us for a weekend. Aw… Later in the day I realized how long their trip was and how tiring. Bless their hearts for doing it for us and making our travel a really memorable one.

As we loaded our luggage, I was amused at how much food they have packed for our New York trip. Potato chips, chicken sandwiches, chewy choco chips, jelly candies, and a case of mineral water… the trunk of the diminutive Matrix was full to the brim! Hehehe.

Having finally wrapped myself in 3 layers of clothing (brrr!) and settling ourselves in Junnie’s car, we drove to the majestic Niagara Falls to see it from both the US (Buffalo) and Canada (Toronto) sides…

Niagara US Side

No, I wasn’t smiling here. I was actually saying: “Ang lammmiiiiig!!!!” 😀
Niagara US Side

Mitzi and me

I look fat(ter) under all those layers of jackets!!! Hahaha!

Junnie and Jerry

Niagara Falls

Up close and personal…

Maiden of Niagara

For people braving the cold and the falls, there’s the Maid of the Mist boat ride that would take one right up to the waterfalls.

By the Falls

View from the restaurant where we took shelter from the mist and the drizzle…


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Amazing pictures! And parang ang lamig lamig lamig nga! 😀

One thing I realized about myself after this trip was my aversion to c-c-c-old weather! 😀 Pang-tropics lang pala ang beauty ko. Hahaha!

hi linnor,

great pictures!

All of those photos you have printed in this blog are indeed real CAPTURED MOMENTS of a lifetime.

Hope this will be the last of a series or you still have Toronto. Kaya lang hindi ka maka relate when I talk about Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and other key cities of Ontario.

Next time, avoid a blitzkrieg kind of tour! Take your time. 🙂

Aw, thanks…

Hehehe…I am not done yet. I still have New York, New Jersey and Missassauga pics coming up! 😀

The view of Niagara was breathtaking! It looked like a postcard but it felt real coz we were getting wet from the mist…I agree with Linnor re the Matrix (Junnie & Mitzi’s car), they way it was packed with goodies…it was a Matrix Reloaded…or a Matrix Full Loaded! Thanks to Junnie & Mitzi…got to use my Canadian Visa after all 🙂

Glad you took time out of your office work at Marina Del Rey to join me in seeing New York, New Jersey and Niagara (Canadian side). Didn’t I tell it was going to be money well-spent? Junnie and Mitzi made that all possible. 😀

i love niagara falls but i have yet to see it from the US side.

Matrix Fully loaded (i love that):) pwede rin – Matrix Revolution!!! Trixy was again tested to the hilt in our Niagara, New York sortie….we now know that as soon as the “Empty” gauge’s yellow light is on, you have 40 more kilometers to run and arrive at your destination 🙂

glad you enjoyed the much as we enjoyed the driving (we drove again this weekend, pero shorter, 500 kilometers lang)

You must include it in your US itinerary in the future. 😉

That was a scary experience when your gas gauge turned yellow. Was that before or after we missed our exit to New Jersey??? Hehehe…

Love to travel again with you and Mitzi!

Hello! Lameg nga naman talaga sa Niagara that day… but we have confirmed with the weatherman that you were not the jinx! hehe. The supposedly summer weather here has been kinda weird – ’twas cold again last weekend 😦

Saan ang next lakwatsa natin ulit – Mexico, Hawaii? Pwedeng detour yan sa next LA trip ninyo… hmmmm.

Wow, that’s really enticing!!! Ipon ulit me ng pang-travel! :)) hahaha!

wow, that’s brrrrr-y cold nga. the view was breathtaking. so you just conquered the US. nice pix!! great that you could spend vacations (or is it for business??) without the kids (tho im sure it will be a whole different experience with them, right?)…

happy father’s day to hubby!!!

Thanks! It was half-work (Jerry’s) and half-vacation (mine! harharhar). I wish we could bring the kids to see the very same places we’ve been to…

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