Dazzling New York

Posted on: May 21, 2006

Times Square

Dazzling lights in the City that doesn’t sleep…

I learned a few things on my less than 24-hour visit of New York City and for one who hasn’t been there, these might be of some use:

1. If you picture cosmopolitan New York to be all crowded and busy and bustling with people and the ubiquitous yellow cabs, then it is an entirely different experience visiting the place on a Sunday. I think this is the best day to see New York and everything it has to offer.

2. Yes, the experience of going up the Empire State Building, which is now back to being the tallest skyscraper after 9/11, to enjoy a bird’s eye-view of the Manhattan skyline may be exhilarating. But, for penny-pinching tourists with very limited time, seeing it up close, going inside the structure and having our pictures taken next to it, proved to be an equally awesome experience nonetheless. Some fellow kababayans might say it’s different being up there at the peak ala Sleepless in Seattle. Well, yeah… next time perhaps when I could spare a few more days to explore the city. We didnt have the luxury of time queueing up for 1-2 hours just to get to the top. Hehehe…

3. We rode the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, for free… This is also a good way to see the Manhattan Skyline from the Hudson River.

4. Gray’s Papaya is yummers!

So… as the famous song goes…”start spreading the news…. ta-da-dada-da-dah!…”

Philippine Embassy

The Philippine Embassy in New York

Saks 5th Ave Rockefeller

Saks 5th Avenue and the Rockefeller Building

St. Patrick's

Gearing up for Sunday Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Trump Tower Trump Tower Coffeeshop

The Trump Tower

Inside Trump Tower Looking Up

Looking up inside the Trump Tower

John Lennon Lived & Died Here Lost in Central Park

Left: The house where John Lennon was shot. Right: Getting lost in Central Park.

Ground Zero

Saying a short prayer at Ground Zero

New York Stock Exchange George Washington

Left: New York Stock Exchange. Right: George Washington Monument

St. Elizabeth Seton's house Jerry and Junnie

Left: The house of St. Elizabeth Seton (according to our tour guide)

Junnie and Mitzi Tiny Lady in the Background

Right: Hudson River

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in all its copper glory

Ferry Statue of Liberty on the Hudson River

Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline from the Staten Island Ferry on Hudson River

Staten Island Ferry Terminal Wall St. Sign

Left: Staten Island Ferry terminal, Right: Wall St. sign

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge

Inside Empire State Building

Inside the Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Chilly in Times Square Junnie and Mitzi

Just being part of New York even for a day…
…”I wanna be a part of it, New York, New York”…


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Sooo many things to see…sooo little time! 🙂 That was how I felt when we spent a weekend around the New York, New Jersey, and Niagara area. NYC is a must see since there are so many things to discover…food, shopping, arts, culture…can’t wait for the next NYC trip! 🙂

we never get tired of visiting NYC every year… actually, we didnt have a choice BUT to visit NYC every year since my sis-inlaw lives there. haha… there’s just so many things to see and do.

we will be going to NYC again this coming weekend, our 2nd trip for this year.

Manhattan is not for the faint hearted and slow foot 🙂 you just have to don your energy backpack and wear your most comfy shoes and off you go! Manhattan in one day is a good sampler…now you know what to do next when you visit….

i can always go to NYC on a whim and still see something new each time…this time, I saw yours and Jerry’s smiles – and those were sights to see!

The tour guide (with that familiar camera and coffee cup) attests to the St. Elizabeth Seton home reference….you can validate it from Google that the first and only American saint (patron saint of May) lived in Lower Manhattan. Believe it or not 🙂

I read your itinerary at junnie’s blog. What a feat! You did good! And your pictures are so lovely. I wish mine had come out like them!

great pictures! i can’t wait for the day when i get to visit NY (and i hope it’s soon!)……….

Bitin no? Next time we wont scrimp on the length of stay and the budget! Hahaha!

Yey good for you! Its great that you could just drive down from Toronto to New York. 😀

Aw… that single day in New York wouldn’t have been more memorable without you and Mitzi acting as our expert tour guides! Baka naligaw na kami ni Jerry! 😛

It helps to have a photographer tour guide. Oh Junnie would be flattered now…

Thanks! Sulit ang byahe namin and one of the reasons is being able to visit New York. Sana you get to go soon. 😉

Wowwwwwwwwwwww ganda ganda ganda! “I wanna be a part of it” talaga.

I do think its worth saving up a trip for! 😀

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