Homey New Jersey

Posted on: May 22, 2006

With Kuya Reno and family

One thing about traveling aside from seeing new places and experiencing new things, it is also about being with family and close family friends. We had the pleasure of being shown around Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon by Papa Rhante and Mama Nita a few weeks back.

Then, on our last week in the US, we were again generously accommodated by my 1st-degree cousin (Paparazzi’s side), Kuya Reno and Ate Rowena’s family in quiet New Jersey. I realize now what an intrusion we must have done by informing them of our visit just a few days before we arrived. We couldn’t thank them enough for taking the time off to:

1. let us crash in their 2 (not just 1) bedrooms

2. drive us to and from New York

3. treat us to a very delicious and filling Mexican dinner

4. not only drive us to, but even buy things for us at the outlet stores (Jackson)

5. drive Jerry to Newark Airport

6. take us to see Princeton University

7. treat us to a sumptuous Chinese lunch buffet

It was also from Kuya Reno and Ate Rowena that Jerry and I learned how to let each moment count. After all, Kuya Reno is living proof that anything can happen in a blink of an eye, or a split second. I don’t exactly recall the story, but he is one of the lucky ones who survived 9/11, his office (JP Morgan) was only a few floors away from where the plane hit one of the towers.

Chinese Buffet Lunch

Chinese lunch buffet

Princeton University

At Princeton University

Mitzi and me Linnor, Mitzi and Wellesley

Inside Princeton


The “overgrads” 😀

Junnie and Mitzi

Campus Beauties

Campus beauties? 😉

Inside Princeton

Standing Tall


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whenever I remember New Jersey, I remember the experiences we had (including Papa and Mama, when we visited NJ) with Kuya Reno and family. they have changed the meaning of hospitality….

re: “the overgrads” – those campus sweethearts can pass off for Princeton scholars!

Ooh, what classes are you all taking in Princeton? 😉

Grabe! I forgot to mention the many things they gave us (towels, cologne, bag, shirtsss, flatware set, etc…). These were even more than what I bought from 2 outlet destinations (Jackson and Woodbury)!!! Ate Rowena is the ultimate host, hehehe!

Hahahah!!! Classes on “Travel” and majoring in “Sightseeing”.

Wow! Princeton! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It looks like a beautiful campus!

Hey tell Mitzi naman I love her coat! Hehehe.

Ganda ng Princeton and it’s definitely pang anak ng royalty or heads of state or super-rich. Hehehe…

Hi Linnor,

What a wonderful opportunity you and your husband had a couple of months ago visiting the U.S. Upon reading your blog, I got the impression that you had thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Nice photos!

Jesup, Georgia

It’s been a while since I last heard from you. I’m glad you dropped by again. Yes it was a great opportunity to be able to travel to the US. I hope we get to bring the kids next time. 😀

Princeton U students are not only those children coming from royalties and heads of states but also those who could qualify in its competitive/qualifying exams for scholarships.

I thought any of my apos–Matthew, Kyle, & Jake or Zia would someday be studying there,knowing that all of them are kids with high degree of intelligence. So this early, continue to train them to study their lessons/homeworks well without threats of pulling their hair if they don’t!

Btw, they have not yet informed me if they already got their honor cards from the Sacred Heart School. Di ba ang bigayan of this is at the start of the schoolyear? Am waiting. Otherwise, I will not send money for their Yellow Cab blow-out. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tinatanong pa ba yun??? Hahaha!

Of course Matt graduated with 2 medals last March. I think I posted that before. He got a gold medal for having a general average of 95, and another medal for being the 9th among all grade 6 graduates…

Si Kyle? He got a gold medal 2 weeks ago for having a general average last year (Grade 3) of 96.

So where is the pittance now for our Yellow Cab snack blow-out???

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