Grateful Moment

Posted on: July 19, 2006

There are days when I just get too petty about a lot of things. I get irked on the slightest provocation. I whine when things don’t go my way. Annoying, I’m sure, to the people who get the brunt of my moods. And it’s not just because of PMS. PMS is over-rated. Hehe… Sometimes, it happens by (my) choice. Oh well.

This morning, I woke up earlier than usual. Jerry was out of town and I was driving the boys to school. Matt lay beside me sleeping like a babe but looking like a grown-up at 13 years old (in 4 days). I looked over to the pen where Jake, 2 years and 4 months old, slept and cramped with his favorite pillows. What a cute bundle, I wanted to smother him, I thought. Hehe…

I felt a special “moment” looking at the 2 of them (Kyle, 9, the middle child was already taking a shower). Jake is a spitting image of Matt when the latter was that age. It was all of 10-11 years ago, yet it felt just like yesterday.

And in all those 10 years (well 14 years in marriage actually), it was mostly smooth-sailing in our party of 5 with only minor bumps along the way and a few major turning points. But all is great, nevertheless.

That mood carried me along (hopefully till day’s end, at least). As I was cruising along the road on the way to school, I savored every minute. We prayed the novena, talked a bit about our schedules and about their school activities, listened, sang along and moved to Gary V’s cd and sat quietly in between.

Here I was with my 2 boys. Soon there’ll be three when Jake starts school in 2 years, and 2 again when Matt goes off to college. Thinking about all the petty stuff that get to me, the whining, the mood-swings… ugh, what a waste of time.

Time really flies fast. My boys are growing up fast. And life is good. Carpe Diem.

Matt, Jake, Kyle

Matt, Jake (his diaper peeking from his toddler pants) and Kyle
Matt, Jake and Kyle

* pic taken at Marco Polo Plaza Hotel


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ok. you can glean the difference in personalities of the 3 boys from this picture.

your other boy just arrived in LA…well, in an hour 🙂

Wow!!! Ang pupogi lahat ng tatlong Bugoy—Matt, Kyle and Jake!

I am now convinced—“KUNG ANO ANG PUNO, SIYA DIN ANG BUNGA”. By PUNO I mean the ARREZA’s Spanish-mestizo looks, kaya lang slit-eyed sila lahat. So partly their DNA comes from Jerry, the Pogi.


Welcome back! Opkors, saan pa yan magmamana??? Sa akin yata sila galing! Hahaha (hearty laugh).

life isn’t easy when you’re alone with your kids… i’m on that situation since 2.5 weeks now, whew! frenchguy’s arriving this friday, i hope louna still remembers him hehe..

I have to agree. I’m just glad its only for a very short term and all will be back to our normal routine.

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