Pre-Celebration of Matt’s Birthday

Posted on: July 25, 2006

Postrio cake

We didnt plan on celebrating Matt’s birthday yet due to Jerry’s absence and instead we planned to hold a boys get-together (Matt and his close friends) only after Jerry comes back. But last Sunday, on the way to lunch at their A-ma’s place, I thought we should buy something to make lunch a bit more special. We stopped by for a 1/2 gallon of Fruits in Ice Cream (strawberry flavor) at Tinderbox and a whole round of chocolate layer cake from Postrio.

Lunch was a quiet affair as another family (Allan’s) was not around. They flew to Manila for some award given to their Kamiseta franchise. Anyway, for those who were present, we all had too much food to last us for another meal!

One of the highlights of the day was during Matt’s candle-blowing “ceremony”. Their A-ma who has been spending most of her days in her room with her nurse, suddenly decided to join in. It was the first time in days that she walked to the dining room to join in the ruckus. My sisters-in-law were quick to say that Matt was really A-ma’s most favorite grandchild. He was the only one who was able to make A-ma take a short walk, a much needed exercise in a long time. Matt smiled sheepishly, not letting the compliment get to his head.

Random activities for the rest of the day:

1. 930 am mass at Redemptorist church.

2. My Posh salon visit (Banilad Town Center) for a hair trim which was a mix of pleasant and unpleasant experience. After my trim, I checked my back with a mirror to see if the cut was straight only to find something else. My hot pink shirt was stained by some dark hair dye left on the back rest of my seat. Que horror! Bad bad bad service!

3. My glorious pedicure and reflex foot massage at the same salon in #2.

4. Impulse shopping for an EXS shirt for P279 (cheapo!) to replace the stained one I was wearing.

5. 2-hr Netopia gaming session of the boys.

6. Tempura, roasted calf, pasta dinner and ice cream dessert treat by my sis-in-law, Mary, and her boys at City Sports Club.

7. Billiard games by the cousins until 9 PM.

I guess it was all too much for young Jake who gamely ran around the whole time at City Sports. I found him exhausted on top of the billiard table just before we all decided to leave.

Exhausted Jake

Other pics taken last Sunday:

Jake looking intently at the candle

Jake was so intent to blow the candle for his A-hia. I was wearing here my shirt pre-stained by “UV or Juvy” from Posh.

A-ma joined us

A rare occasion nowadays since their A-ma would prefer staying in her room than venturing out of it.


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I agree that Matt’s is A-mah’s favorite eldest son from us, Kyle the favorite second son from us and Jacob the favorite youngest son from us. Happy birthday Matts and congratulations for being able to get A-mah to walk around! 😀

belated happy birthday matt!

Correction please! Matt’s Lolorazzi and Lolarazzi also greeted him that day wishing him the best that would make his 13th birthday very happy and memorable! We called him via his cellphone while you were too busy at the beauty salon, eh!

Happiest of All Birthdays again, Matt!

I think Kyle has accepted the fact that the eldest son, as a tradition, is the favorite among Chinese families. Kaso favorite din si Jake e, the exception to the rule! Given his mood swings, I’m just glad Kyle doesnt mind. Hehehe.

The blowing of candle was repeated a few times as we didnt expect A-ma to be joining in.

Meron pang kasunod na celeb when Jerry gets back to Cebu.

Ow? Hahaha. I hope he didn’t lose his game at Netopia when you called. Serious pa naman yung mga yun in winning their Dota matches.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday (belated), Matthew! Now you’re moving into your teens… hope you’ll always keep up being a good son/a-hia, a great athlete & achiever in school and most of all a faithful Christian. Utang muna yung gift namin ni Ninong Junnie ha (combine w/ xmas gift – hehe). God bless.

Linnor, the cake closeup is so tempting! Natakam ako. Jake in the pool table looks so “bugoy”! 🙂

I haven’t been here in awhile. I love the new layout. Much more e-zine type and…neat! Happy birthday Matthew.

I think meron nang installment na gift si Junnie kay Matts if he was able to buy those cheap used (but original) PS2 games. Matt is easy to please, hehehe.

Jake is a cam-lover. Everytime he sees the camera (kahit di sya ang kukunan), he’ll flash his naughty smile. KSP! Hahaha!

Thanks from me for the site compliment and from Matt for the birthday greeting. 😀

Matthew is also our favorite ring bearer!

We got some of the PS2 games for all 3 bugoys…surprise na lang what they are! We’ll continue to pray for strength to Jerry’s mom, so she can be with all the apos’ birthdays.


They’re all excited about the PS2 games. Inip na sila sa homecoming ni Jerry.


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