Working Overtime

Posted on: August 2, 2006

Scenario: 430 PM, Matt calls me to say he and Kyle are ready to be picked up. Yay, early knock-off for me! I get a mental picture of me in the house relaxing with my 3 boys while cuddling the youngest one. Then, still on the call, Matt says he needs to print something for his Science lab report. Tap, tap, tap, click and zip. I finish my work, send the last few emails and sign-off from Adium/Yahoo at 500 PM. That’s it for today’s office work.

Fast-forward: By 630PM, I look harassed as I lug all of my things to the vehicle. I drive out of the muddy tract of lot we call car park and speed towards the road to school at rush hour. I get to my boys at 715PM. Gee whiz! Where did 500 – 630 PM go???

Rewind to 500PM. Matt tells me he needs to print something for school. I tell him give me the format and I’ll do it (cursing under my breath why this homework is so “last-minute”). I wait. He sends a message. I check the SMS for the format as I type on my Mac. Ok. Type school, font size 18, bold, centered… 11 spaces down…. Type Submitted to:…by:…. 11 spaces down…. date…. Then click print. Oh, dang no paper! I load a fresh sheet of long bond paper. Print. Ok make that 2 copies for good measure. Yay me. Now I’m really off.

I get ready to fix my things together with Matt’s sheet when I see the ad Kyle is supposed to submit the following day. Huh? This too? Conspiracy! Heck, what is a mother to do? I type the ad, paste the image of a 3G phone, cover the brand and paste on it Kyle’s chosen brand name: Avatar (I half-expected him to say “Dota” as his choice. Hahaha!). Write a short ad on its “advanced features”. Measure, cut, paste, print, paste. Done. I look at the time: Ack! 625PM!

I should charge my boys some overtime pay!

Matt and Kyle


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I’m kidding of course! I enjoy being able to do these things for my boys. Sarap lang batukan if they need it asap! Grr. Hahaha… Oh well.

I’m just glad Jerry will be back this week. I could finally relinquish my driver’s cap to him.

I’m looking forward to driving, helping with the kid’s assignments, cooking and many other enjoyable stuff! See you soon!

hahaha. using office resources. that’s so Dilbert.

did you do Jake’s thesis too? what kind of mom are you. that paper for his thesis on how to run on sand and wait for food is due today 🙂

kiss the boys for us.

Counting the hours now…

Shhh…. That’s not much for a commendable GP noh! Naks. Actually, it pays to partly own the company, you know (yabang). Or at least be a relative to one of those who sit in the BOD. Harharhar!

Kissing and nuzzling my 3 boys for you when I sleep tonight. Hi to Mitzi!

Bait mo namang mommy at secretary….

ang cute ng bungisngis ni Kyle!!! yun lang 🙂 hehehe 🙂

They had to help initially but due to time constraints (Matt’s fault, he forgot to do all of it during the weekend), I thought it would be faster if I did it instead. Daya no? 😀

Naughty smile. Kakaaliw pero sarap pa rin batukan kung minsan. Yung lang. 😀

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