When You Think…

Posted on: August 15, 2006


… you have everything in control, everything takes a spiral downturn.
… things seem to go according to plan, things unfold the way you least expect them to.
… this could probably be the day you’ve been waiting for, the day turns out to be a nightmare.
… your dreams are almost within your reach, the dreams fade and become a harsh reality.
… you feel you’re on top of the world, you suddenly find yourself in a bottomless pit.

What do you do?

I am probably in my most trying time at this point. I have never felt so blessed yet so challenged in my entire life. I constantly find myself introspecting and asking, what has gone wrong. I may get out of this sooner than later, but God, in His infinite wisdom, only knows.

I hope to find myself blogging soon about the resolution of this “battle”. Yup, into every life, a little rain must fall…

Send your prayers my way and wish me luck.


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I have asked the same questions for the last few months. I know there is always an end to this like
it had been in the past.

Only God knows when.

Oh no! Whatever it is, I am sending you good luck and good vibes. May God see to it that the right thing happens.

Hi Ca t!
*Sigh* Life can really be tricky…

Hi Pinayhekmi!
Thanks! I appreciate your kind words… very much!

my hugs and prayers to you, sis. just keep the faith and remember that rainbows come after the rain, too. hang in there…

Hi Meeyagirl!
Aw, I do gain some strength reading words of encouragement from you. Thanks sis!

sending virtual prayers and good luck kisses your way!

i think you’ve always been blessed, so im sure the Lord will give you what you truly deserve. keep up the faith sis!

I still keep the faith and look forward to the day when all these have passed. I would love to be my old jolly self again. 😉

God balances all things. Remember that. But overall, He is Good. He knows up to how much you can bear.

Cheer up, remember it could be worse. But it isnt 🙂

have faith, linnor! we’ll pray for you!

Yes it could have been worse, yet I wish it were a breeze having to go through all this. *sigh*

God bless you for including us in your prayers.

I understand. You are not alone.

You’ve got your family to support you, wonderful parents and siblings. And in this virtual community, you’ve got your friends too.

We’ll be praying for you and that you find this peace and the answers you seek. (HUGS)

Hi Linnor, I just wanted to let you know that I will include you in my prayers. I have enjoyed your other posts and was shocked to see you are in a difficult situation. I will send you a longer email. God does not give us challenges that we cannot handle 🙂 God bless you and your family always!

Hi Linnor
I already turned off my computer but decided to go back and leave this little note – I felt it was very impolite of me to just leave without doing it, after I spent the last hour or so enjoying your blog. I found it through, where the weekly updates on individual blogs featured blogs by Filipina moms.
I read through most of your posts and enjoyed
the experience immensely. Although I didn’t see the details or explanation of what you are going through right now, I this situation is resolved soon.
I was blessed by your blog. Despite being a mom of three boys, I read no hint of exasperation, exhaustion or despair in your posts.
I wish you all the best. Will visit more often.
Sincerely, Jacqui (nanay to Joaquin, almost 4; Simon, 2; and Sebastian, six months)

hi linnor! medjo nanibago ako na may ganyang moment ka rin pala. sa bagay no,you’re also human and life is not perfect 🙂

whatever it is, i pray that you will find strength in God’s infinite goodness. i got inspiration from you when i was at my lowest and you always cheer me up when i go through bad times.i wish i could do the same to you now. eniweys, i guess prayer is the best that i could give you. God bless.

May the trials that pass your way make you stronger. Everything given to you has a purpose. Be strong. Prayers indeed works.
You will be in mine.

such moments make me think life is one cruel joke. we try to laugh it off but it does little to lift our spirits. but keep the faith, Linnor, and you might just have the last laugh!

i wish you well.

Whoa?! Kelan lang you seem ok. You owe me a story. Anyway, I know the feeling ‘coz we are in the same position though different situation. I know you can get through with this. Kaw pa na walang iniinda! Isipin mo nalang kung anong naghihintay after this. Kami, after the accident, ang daming blessings pero syempre hindi pa tapos ang problema sa kotse at sa insurance. Yung may ari nung car insisted sa CASA ipaayos ang car niyang 1998 Nissan. The CASA estimated 200k pero ang insurance ni Papa 100k. Sobra diba?! Pag hindi daw sya masusunod, magdedemanda sya. Both ways takot kami. Haay!

We can’t be at our lowest all the time. May oras din tayo at yan ang hinihintay ko.

that bird in the picture will soon soar…just like you….remember Who is the wind beneath your wings?

hi! with god’s guidance i’m sure you’ll get through this difficult time. ingat lagi 🙂

hi, it’s my first visit to your blog, keep the faith. my best prayer during times of deep sorrow and pain is still “Thy will be done”

even if your problems are not resolved to your liking, you’ll find a peace within you that is very powerful.

we are sometimes not given what we want but god give us instead what is best for us. someone said that to me. and I just think of that whenever I am faced with something that is kinda bigger than me.

hope it is resolved soon 🙂

Hi Linnor,
It is during these times when God is closest to us. Let Him comfort and lead you. There is nothing that you and God can’t handle together. 🙂

hi linnor, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. keep the hope. i hope everything will fall into place sooner than you expect. god bless and goodluck!

whatever that is that’s making you feel down and low, you will conquer it—just wait patiently…waiting is a painful game but sometimes waiting is what has to be done. “In God’s Time”

You’re in my prayers. No matter what it is, just remember that God will never put you into a situation that you can’t handle. He will see you through it all.

there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel – sabi mo nga long tunnel lang yan…ang sabi ng iba as long as the light is not from an oncoming rushing train…:)

(hope today’s lighter)

syempre, i can relate, hehe 🙂

Hi Linnor,

I want to forward something that might help you get through this challenge you’re currrently dealing with, but can’t find your email address – I’m not as good at computers as some people, can you email me so I can respond and send email to you as well? I hope you are feeling better these days – Take care & God bless!

Hope you’re having better days, Linnor. Everything has a reason and a purpose under the sun. God bless!

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