Jake’s Weekend Adventure (8/25-27)

Posted on: September 5, 2006

at Malayan Plaza

Jake at Cebu Pacific terminal

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Jake:Pa and Ma woke me up at 530am so we could meet everyone at the office by 630am and ride the Fast transit tourist van to the airport to make it to the 730am check-in time. I heard Cebu Pacific’s flights have been delayed for the past weeks now. Our flight for Manila is at 8:30 am. This one’s got to be prompt or I’ll surely throw a tantrum. Not!


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Jake: “While everyone’s busy having lunch here at the roofdeck of Ma & Pa’s Ortigas office, I better keep myself busy writing on this whiteboard. I’ve played with the microphone earlier and have kept everybody amused at my “Hapy Aversy! (Happy Anniversary)” greeting. Tita Rox was quite game to lend the gadget to me. But I think doodling on this whiteboard is more fun, don’t you think?”

Tired and sleepy

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Jake: “I guess the early call time is taking its toll on me now. I kinda feel drowsy and tired. The elevators here are too slow, Papa must be stuck in between floors while I sit here feeling all antsy and ready to crack. I want my milk! I want my bite-y! When are we checking in Malayan Plaza?”

The following day, a Saturday

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Jake: “I had quite a mishap last night. I ran out of diapers and fell asleep not wearing one. You guessed it right. I leaked. Ma woke me up for the Webtide dinner at Burgoo (Podium) with some colleagues at work. On the way, we stopped at Watson’s to buy me my Huggies. Guess what? I leaked again! Yup, right by the diapers section inside Watson’s! Harharhar! Anyway… I’m glad I still had a good night’s sleep.

Hmmm cereals for breakfast! I like mine without milk.”

Keeping myself busy

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Jake: “This Elmo in Grouchland movie is hilarious. Having it on Ma’s iBook was a good idea especially during times like these when I don’t have anyone to play with. My regular playmates, Tito Teody and Tita Aye are in the workshop here at Crowne Plaza, and cannot be distracted. Tito Jonas is resting after helping me do the monkey bars earlier. Tita Jaque was about to substitute when Ma spotted us walking hand in hand. Sayang.”

Crowne Plaza is not too bad

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Jake: “If I don’t fall asleep early, I’d be lucky to be running around the grand ballroom of Crowne Plaza in my spiffy polo. Zia would be there too together with Lolo, Lola, Tita May, Tito Rommel, Lolo Rhante and Yaya Rita. Yup, the family is in full force.

Fast forward, I fell asleep at 9pm just before Ma was to hand the token to the keynote speaker, Rep. Teddy Casino. Oh well…”

Can’t wait to get home

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Jake: “Argh!!! Our Cebu Pacific flight for Cebu has been twice delayed!!! This sucks! I thought Cebu Pacific is a lot better than Philippine Airlines when it comes to flying on time. Grrr… Our original flight was at 815pm. We moved to the earlier flight at 730pm. The 730pm flight boarded at 845pm!!! Guess what time we reached the Cebu office? 1045pm! I-am-so-exhausted…

Before I finally dose off, I leave you with some pics of the socials that I went to with Pa and Ma last weekend. Enjoy! “

My very lovely Ma (ahem! farthest right) with the ladies from Cebu and Tita Mafe from Manila. Titas Diana, Jackie, Juvy, Armi, Korina, Mafe and Aye.

The men from Cebu… Titos Teody, David, Harold, Chris, Butchoy, Jann, Erle, Dexter, JM and Fredey.

Cebu delegates, added to the pic are Tito Pete (leftmost) and Pa (behind Ma).


Lolo and Lola with Tita May and Tito Winston. I was there sleeping on the couch behind Tito Winston!


A day at Podium (plus Eastwood) with Lola, Lolo, Tita May, Tito Rommel, and Zia. Pa and Lolo Rhante took the picture.


No Responses Yet to "Jake’s Weekend Adventure (8/25-27)"

Ang galing ng narrative ni Jake complete with a compendium of nice photos. Hope this will just be the first of a series of Captured Moments he is going to write for us. 🙂

Hi Jake! You’re so cute! Looks like you had a busy trip! That Care Bear you’re holding in the last pic is so cute!

Long time no comment from you! Kamuntik na ako magtampo, ehehehe…. Keep your comments coming!

From Jake:I was so tired that weekend that I got the sniffles a few days later. Luckily I didnt get any fever or serious infection, thank God. Now I’m back to my active self.

wow! blogger na din si jake.

Hi Jake! O nga, ang cute ng Care Bears stuffed toy na hawak mo. Mind telling me where you got it? I wanna give Marti one on her birthday, yon din theme nya sa party nya on the 30th. Gets mo, Tita Ninang Linnor? Hehe. San kayo mag-attend, kay Zia o kay Marti? 🙂

I am the ghost-writer ni Jake. Hehehe…

That Care Bears stuffed toy is actually Zia’s. Pinahiram lang kay Jake. I get your hint, sige I will ask May where she scored the cutie. 😉 Sabay ba ang birthday celebs ni Zia and Marti?

enjoyed every pic and narration of Lil Jake…nope, change that. he is not little anymore…ang laki laki na niya…:)

He looks big for his 2.5 years age. 😀

Hello! Yup, sabay ang parties ng ating princesses. Actually, 27th ang birthday ni Marti (alam mo ba yon? hehe)pero gusto ko kasi on a Saturday magparty dahil wala na akong leave credits 😦

Yay lapit na! 😉 Malamang kay Marti ako makaka-attend since sa Manila yung kay Zia. Hehehe…

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