Retail Therapy (Edited version)

Posted on: September 5, 2006

Good Housekeeping Sept’06

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I’m not doing a “Batjay” since only a few bloggers are as gifted as he is. Naks. Not everybody could be a published author. With that said, I could hardly wait for his book to be available at National Bookstore….

On another note, if you get your hands on the September ’06 issue of Good Housekeeping (where Oprah is on the cover), pls check pages 12, 90 and 92.

It’s my 5-minutes of fame, (though not anywhere near Batjay’s feat 😉

Due to insistent public demand (asus! hehehe)… I have posted here the scanned pages of Good Housekeeping Sept ’06 issue where I appeared. Wala lang… Kahiya pero type ko lang magpaka-vain. Sabi kasi ni Paparazzi, lovely daw ako! Harharhar!

Please click the images if you must. It will take you to a static site where you could zoom in on my photo the write-up.

Sept '06 GH editorial page
Item # 2… It pays to have an editor for a good friend. It translates to free personal media mileage. Hehehe…

Sept '06 GH p. 90
Bargain shopper…

Sept '06 GH p. 92
Madonna and the Holy Child…

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Hi Linnor! Pahiramin mo na lang ako ng copy mo 🙂 Alam mo naman ako, cost-cutting ngayon 🙂



Are you referring to that article–STREET BARGAINS? I read it yesterday at ang super beautiful ng model without realizing that she is my lovely daughter. O meron ba kokontra dyan? Kaya I bought three copies for my files and for posterity’s sake!

Ang ganda rin ng mga CANDID poses. Parang hindi rehearsed! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sure! Kita tayo Thurs when you deliver my order. 😉

*Waves* Di ka na ma-reach! Congrats!

Hehehe…. di naman ako model dun…. Ako lang ang nag-tour sa editor to see where the bargains are. Feeling expert bargain shopper lang. 😀

Great feature of your bargain hunting skills! A testimony that beauty and style may not necessarily be expensive…Happy Shopping!:D

I agree, but there’s a world of a difference about being practical and being cheap ha! Hahaha! I’m just practical. 😛 Pinipilit ano? Hahaha….

pwedeng pa-scan nung pages so we can read the article too?

Hi Linnor! I bought a copy today but I still haven’t opened it, daming assignments eh 🙂

I wish I could get ahold of a copy. Is there an online version?:) Congratulations Linnor!!!

oo nga, pa scan naman ng entry para mabasa naming mga wala sa pilipinas.

maraming salamat sa pag banggit mo sa libro, linnor. sana makakuha ka ng copy para masaya.

biglang laki si jake, ano? lalong naging gwapo.

Sana may royalty for every copy sold ano? Hahaha!

Ayan I posted the scanned pages na. Siyempre I tried to oblige agad. Free publicity kuno!

Hi Batjay, I will definitely secure a copy of your book para masaya talaga. Sana meron na before Christmas para maging gift item ko for my friends. 😀

Mana sa mother si Jake. Hehehe…

congrats linnor!

Thanks! 😀

Wow sikat!!! You’re so pretty talaga, L! Tama si Paparazzi. Lovely ka!

I loved the article. Bigla akong na-excite at gusto ko bisitahin ang Cebu bigla. 😀

sis! thanks for scanning and posting the pages here 😀 muntik na akong mawalan ng pag-asa mabasa ang iyong claim to fame, hehe. cebu is lovely, but not as lovely as you (naks!). great article and pics! makes me want to go back to cebu tuloy. tour mo rin ako ha? hehe! 😀

Uy, thanks sa generous compliment! Nahiya naman ako. Hehehe… Lam mo naman si Paparazzi, “love my own” yun! Bisita na ulit sa Cebu!

My pleasure! Salamat din sa compliment! Pasyal ka ulit dito tapos tour din kita ;.

WooHoo! galing-galing. naka post na pala – guwapo kaayo.

paparazzi’s comment is sooo cool. it just shows how proud he is having a ‘celebrity’ daughter hehe.

hmmm, im actually thinking about visiting cebu on my next stop there..can i get those addresses hehe..

Coming from you, I am super honored! Daghang salamat!

Ay “celebrity” status na ba? I wish! Hahaha! If you ever include Cebu in your Philippine itinerary, I will gladly show you around. Pramis!

Hi Linnor,
I cut and paste without checking, please delete comment above.

I read the article. I’d be proud too. Now I know I have to go to Cebu when I go back home to Pinas.

I need to get a copy of this issue! Congrats!!!

Hi Linnor, Thanks for allowing us to see the GH pages where you were featured! I enjoyed reading the article and look forward to seeing (and buying) those nice stuff. I was also planning to see the Santo Nino Shrine when we were there last May-June, but did not have time. Hopefully, next time – maybe I can even meet you 🙂 Take care & God bless!

Yes, Cebu will be a good addition to your itinerary. 😉

Hehehehe…. Thanks!

That gives you one more reason to visit Cebu next time :D. God bless!

hey! hey! congrats, linnor!!! oo nga, pretty ka talaga sa print lalo na siguro in person!

Thanks… ;)) *blushing*

Hi Linnor!
Congratulations! And thank you for letting us know more about Cebu’s shopping places. Ang ganda ng pictures nyo.. 😀

Take care!

Welcome to our blog! Thanks din sa compliments 😉

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