The Things that People Do

Posted on: September 25, 2006

Powdered Milk, Anyone?

Other than drinking it, Jake seems to enjoy eating his Nido 1 as well. Actually, I used to do that too way past my toddler years. I would get 2 heaping tablespoons of powdered milk (regardless of brand, infant formula inclusive), put this in a cup and eat with a teaspoon.

Is this unique only to us or is there somebody else out there who gets his/her fix doing this?

On another note…

Echoing the 1st statement lifted from last Saturday’s local news on Sunstar Cebu… Whatever happens inside a private vehicle is a private matter. Agree or not?

Saturday, September 23, 2006
Tint saves s*x-in-car lovers

What happens inside a private vehicle is a private matter.

A 36-year-old Filipino-American and a 25-year-old woman would have kept it that way, if not for a roving security guard who caught them having s*x inside the car at a mall’s basement parking area.

(click here for the rest of the story)…


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Hi Linnor,

I remember I used to eat milo with sugar and a little tiny salt. That’s my dessert!

me too, me too! i loved eating milo too. the nido, i usually ate in the evenings hehe

ay linnor..ako rin i used to eat bonna and cerelac! i used to pilfer it from baby cousins’ supply and enjoy it while reading books. nido is also good…have you tried gerber? i love stage one gerber..yung apples and bananas! yummeh!

hi te linnor! i used to eat powdered milk too but i add a bit of sugar. πŸ™‚ sarap diba?

Yes, Milo din pala, I used to eat! πŸ˜€

Nestle must have made a killing with those 2 popular brands back when we were kids. Hehehe!

Yes Gerber too! 12 years ang difference ko and my youngest sis, kaya I had free supply of Gerber back then. Sarap! I also liked spaghetti ng Gerber. Hahaha! Tama that’s the word: PILFER! Hehehehe….

Di ba parang “polvoron” ang dating? Yum!

milo, nido, sugar.. i mix all that, then consume without adding the water, yipeee, sarap! cereals of my bro, i tried that too haha.. i guess everybody did the same thing.

re: sunstar news. i agree, what happens inside a private vehicle is a private matter. istorbong sekyo hehe.

Uy, na-try ko din na paghaluin ang Nido and Milo (sans sugar)… Kakatuwa naman! Dami pala nating pumapapak sa milk powder.

Akala ko ako lang ang nakaisip nun. Hehehe…

Re: Sunstar News… Yung guard baka na-curious why the car was shaking… πŸ˜›

Hi Linnor! It’s been awhile since I got to stopping by! … or actually lurking around cyberspace like I used to do. Hah! It’s the call of the corporate world =)

When I saw your entry about being featured in GH, I went to look for a copy right away. Naks! Big time na!

Btw, I was in Cebu recently– took a backpack vacation in Camotes Islands, partied at Crossroads for a few hours and spent one day in the city! Masaya!

Hope you’re doing fine =)

Glad you’re back to lurking around cyberspace! Oooh, so you’re part of corporate Philippines now! Congrats!

The GH feature was a fun experience and done all for the love of my GH-editor friend. Kaya gratis yun. Hahaha… No talent fee…

You’ve been to the party place of Cebu pala. Did you party at Formo as well? You should also visit the beaches! Next time, spend a longer time in Cebu πŸ˜‰

Hello Linnor, me I eat Milo with a teeny drop of water to make it gooey and chocolatey and a little bit crunchy, hehehe, and I do it up to now πŸ˜€

Hehehe…. I kinda refrain from doing it now kasi mahal na ng powdered milk. Pero when I see polvoron, I buy and get the same satisfaction. πŸ˜€

hi linnor! ang laki na ni jake.

ginagawa ko rin yan. i ate milo, nido or any powdered milk, soya milk, cerelac at peanut butter πŸ™‚

see you on saturday. hope it won’t rain.

It runs in the family rin pala? Hehehe!

I’d eat Milo powder! Yum!

Hehehe, everybody does it! πŸ˜€

Hi Linnor!

I actually wished I could’ve stayed longer… but as it is with being a corporate slave, my time is at the beck and call of the “amos”. And with me working in an ad agency that answers to Southeast Asia, you can imagine I have a lot of “amos” πŸ™‚

Hm, I wasn’t able to get to Formo. Where is that?

The beaches are BEAUTIFUL! Especially the virgin beaches in Camotes Island. The 2 days I was there were not enough. In fact, I found the place better than Boracay.

You can check out my Camotes Island/Cebu adventure at I found paradise! πŸ™‚

Aw…. I kinda have an idea how it is having a lot of “amos”… but I’m sure you’ll do good! πŸ˜‰

Formo is at Banilad Town Center. If I’m not mistaken, owned by the same owner of Vudu at Crossroads…

Hey, you have a new site? Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out.

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