Loving Brothers…

Posted on: October 2, 2006


When our generation passes on, I hope my sons grow up loving each other, appreciative of each other and being there for each other, no matter what. May their bond remain strong. Though conflicts may arise, I pray that they be spared from pain. If they have to go through it, may they persevere in doing what is right before the Lord. May they not fall prey to any evil… May they be discerning enough not to let anybody put a wedge in their brotherly relationship….


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hi Linnor,

I have the same wishes for my kids. “,)

cant seem to get over with the thoughts of carrying Jake this Christmas, embracing Kyky and errr, high fiving Matthew…baka nga Im going to look up sa tangkad na niya :p

Let’s all make sure that they become the 3 musketeers – “All for One – and One for All” growing up.

Nothing pains a mother more than seeing her offsprings in conflict. I wish I never have to see that.

Looking forward to your Christmas visit! 😀

The 3 bugoys are our greatest achievements. By spending time with them constantly, we hope to be able to show them how to lead God-centered lives. I think their smiles can make even a gloomy day bright!

They look like a very loving bunch!

What are those toothie smiles for? Do they mean the three lovely kiddos would not only be good citizens of the world but of Heaven as well?

And why not? Of course, we adults have very important role to play– by keeping watch of our W.A.T.C.H. itself at all times:

C–character (or the way we behave or carry
ourselves, seen or not seen)
H–heart(or prefences in life, knowing that where
our treasure is, there our heart is also).

Simply put, always try our best to let our GOOD EXAMPLES shine to people, especially the kids, around us!

Buti mababait naman…. I hope they keep the closeness even when they’re adults and with their own families na.

Yes, the joy they bring us…. even if makukulit half of the time! 😀

We try our best to be good examples to the kiddos, let us know if we are the ones who are going astray. Hehehe…. You are hereby vested that authority even if matatanda na kami ni Jerry. 🙂

We’ll keep in mind the meaning of WATCH.

I am sure they will remain close… syempre, nakikita nila sa example nyo magkakapatid 🙂

Thanks, we can never be too sure lang knowing that evil is just lurking around in the guise of many things like pride, power, love of money and (God-forbid) meddling wives! 😀

Hi Linnor! Ganon din wishes ko 🙂 Sana good, good girl talaga si Marti. Katakot.

Im sure good girl si Marti, ako kasi ninang nya eh. Kapal noh? 😀

Like what Paparazzi said, we’ll try na lang our best to show good examples to our kids. 😉

Hi Linnor! O nga naman no? At di lang good, matalino pa, di ba?

Naku, pressured ako to show good examples 🙂

Pareho tayo pressured! 😛

some mothers wish for fame and fortune for their kids, yet here you are praying for love, strength, and discernment for yours. your children are truly blessed to have you 🙂

i’m sure that they will become successful young men one day (and even have the fame and fortune they deserve) because they will have each other (and you and jerry) to love and to support them unconditionally.

That’s my fervent prayer. I’ve seen families break apart and the sad thing is the siblings allow outsiders to polarize them into “warring” factions.

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