At the Milo Olympics

Posted on: October 4, 2006


Matt (leading the pack, wearing blue) finished 1st place in this heat. He represented his school (high school division) to compete against other participants (from all over Cebu) in the Milo Olympics. However, he was not fast enough to qualify for the finals.

Time to lose the weight he’s gained since last year’s competition. Hehehe… Plus of course he needs to work out and practice regularly to regain his speed…

What were my other two boys doing while Matt was getting ready for his event???

Here’s a video…

And a few pics (did I hear anybody say psychotic again???)
Kulit ni Jake!

Hmmm…. Kyle is probably a candidate for braces… We’ll wait till all his permanent teeth come out.

Right now Matt is at home (since yesterday) nursing a swollen foot. He’s on antibiotics to prevent infection. His doctor said no need to worry about tetanus as his shot is still in effect. Hopefully, his swollen foot gets better before Friday or the other doctor (surgeon) that we consulted will have to make an incision to drain the swollen blister. This will take longer to heal. Poor kid.

I hope he doesn’t need to have the (minor) surgery.


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Last year Matts was the fastest boy in Cebu (Gold on the 100m and 400m dash)…but this year he is competing with the High School runners and he has to work little bit harder…or drink a little bit more Milo! 😀

All our kids have their very own version of the “pangit face”….Look at Jake’s face all crumpled!…Kyle is growing up to be a really good Dee-Hya and will soon be getting Milo medals as well!

Yes and I hope Matt gets his mojo back. 😉 As for the other two… well, I’m sure they could also measure up to their Ahia when the time comes. Ang kukuleeet!

lapit na birthday ni deehia Kyle!

he’s so tolerant of his lil bro’s antics…is he still painting? i saw jake now doing this creative skill awhile back…its as if, one skill is passed on and is taken up one after the other:

Matthew – basketball to Kyle – painting to Jake

Lapit na nga. Are you sending him something through my account? Hahaha…

Kyle still paints, draws, does origami animals, plays ps2, dota, basketball and pogs among many things.

Concede si Matt na art is not for him.

Si Jake, fortunately, is the combination of both elder boys. Lahat ng ginagawa nila, ginagaya nya! 😀

hi linnor. sarap talaga having kids like your 3 bugoys. kakatuwa ever si jake. yang pose na naka sideview sya, parang may similarity sila ni marti. and they say kamukha sya ni minoy!di pwede yon. mas kamukha ko. hehe.

Ganun daw yon, nagiging magkamukha daw ang mag-asawa. Pero di din ako papayag, hehehe…. Dapat mas guapo pa boys ko than sa original. Improvement of the race ika nga…

Ako rin hindi papayag maging kamukha ng tatay ang anak ko!…hehehe

Kulit ni Jake and Kuya Kyle. Wawa naman Kuya Matthew.

Lagot ka kay Rommel! Hahaha! Kulit talaga ng mga bugoys ko pero I think you have an idea kung gaano kasi makulit din si Ziapot di ba?

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