Posted on: October 6, 2006

An old pic taken during our trip together in Switzerland.

Here’s an introduction for the benefit of those readers who have just been directed to my personal online space. I’m the eldest among 3 sibs. We are your regular sister-brother-sister trio and like the rest of humankind, we squabble, bicker, compete, among many things.

For most of the years while we were growing up and even up to the present, our normal get-together wouldn’t be complete without one of us getting teased or taunted or made fun of. That’s just us. We were and still are a classic example of “makarinyo brutal”. Blame that on our Paparazzi, whose idea of fun is dissing either one of us jokingly. Operative word being “jokingly”. Even Mamarazzi is not exempted from this and would just be cool about it… or not, whichever the case may be. Hehehe…

So anyway, what’s all this gibberish about? Though outsiders or non-members of our family may deem us loud almost to the point of “parang nag-aaway”, we never really took offense of what the other had to say. I guess we were made tough not to take to heart any snide remark. In all certainty, we’d all agree that we’ve become like Mamarazzi who’s just cool about most things, fortunately.

That being the case, a lot of things are non-issues for the three of us. Things like who is more good-looking, who is smarter, who is wealthier, who is more successful or powerful, who is more generous, who is more willing to help, etc don’t really count as important. These things give a different dimension of us that we try to joke about. Of course we recognize these as blessings and as positive qualities, but NEVER as a license to act more superior over the other two.

In any situation where one of us needs the other, we do what we have to do when we are able to do it, and we don’t expect anything in return. We don’t demand for credit. It’s up to the beneficiary of the good deeds to recognize these and reciprocate. The doer moves on.

Simply put, we don’t count points.

We are makarinyo brutal but we love each other to bits. I hope everybody could say the same thing about their sibs.

** SIBLING REVELRY was a title of one of Junnie’s posts.



This just inspired me to post about my brothers!

such a nice post.

my brothers and i bicker, fight and annoy each other but we know that we’ll always be there for each other. πŸ™‚

Just from reading your posts as well as Junnie’s, I can feel that you are such a loving family. I have yet to find out your other sister’s blog (if she blogs). Thanks for letting me peek in to your family life and adventures. Both yours and Junnie’s are inspring to read and the photos are always enjoyable to look at.

Great! Looking forward to get a glimpse of your brothers. πŸ˜€


I am confident that there are more families who are like yours and mine. I can only shake my head when I see siblings who are too sensitive about things, money most especially, that they’re willing to trash one of their own… Oh well.

After I posted, I had to ask Jerry if di ba malabo what I wrote. Hehehe… I am glad the message came across correctly and happy too that we were able to inspire you. Thanks!

Ang gaganda naman ng mga mukha ng mga anak ko! I can’t believe my eyes. Sa bagay, sabi nga nila—KUNG ANO ANG PUNO, SIYA RIN ANG BUNGA! Yes?

Kaya lang why go to the mountains of Switzerland, eh ang dami dito sa Pinas n’yan. Can’t you do the REVELRY here? Ang expensive naman!

Hope and pray you will always remain loving and caring to one another through ‘thick and thin’ or at all cost and no matter what it takes! (FLP). Let your good examples shine to people around you.

Love your own ba? We’ll catch up with the revelry here in Cebu when all of you are in town for Christmas. That should be really fun!

Continuous ang prep ko for your renewal of wedding vows. 40th anniv is a milestone that every married couple should celebrate in a big way. Not all married couples are blessed to get to that point. Devah? πŸ˜‰

Oo, ako naman palagi ang kawawa e. πŸ™‚ Grabe if only I can tell these people what I went through when I was a kid…tsk tsk tsk. πŸ™‚

Anyway, let bygones be bygones. At least now, we can talk about things that only you can tell to people close to you.

i dont know about compete, but i am naturally competitive in sports and in business but never with my family. i do it in the background ika nga.

that said, let’s just agree that the good-looking part is a toss up between the sisters, but the looking-good is mine and mine alone. (teka, pareho lang ata yun). did we say who was the most modest?

Hahaha! Ayan nagtatampo na! Baka magblog ka ng secrets ha! Sabi ko pa naman di tayo nagbibilangan. Hehehe… Peace πŸ™‚

Basta alam ko pang-international ang dating ng looks natin… sabi nila. Remember the joke about Weinberg and Batungbacal? Si Paparazzi nag-umpisa nun ah… πŸ˜€

i miss my sibs too!

Aw… I hope you get to see each again soon…

Hi Linnor. Pareho tayo, loving din kaming magkakapatid at di nagbibilangan. But we’re also like others, nag-aaway away, nagtatampuhan,etc. but at the end of the day, we’re there for each other. Given na sa amin ang pagtulong “without counting the cost and without expecting anything in return”. I’ll never forget how my siblings offered financial support during Marti’s 6-week confinement at the NICU. Automatic yon, I didn’t have to ask for it.

I hope ganon din mga anak natin.

These things are very basic teachings in the family and in school. I’m surprised nga seeing supposedly well-educated families polarized by money. Sadly, when money talks, these people morph into something else.

it’s obvious that you were brought up well πŸ™‚

Aw, that really means a lot to me. Thanks!

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