Home-cooked Meals

Posted on: October 9, 2006

Lunch at Edsa Shangri-la
EDSA Shangri-la steak lunch during our last Mancom meeting

We lived with my mom-in-law for the 1st 7 years of our marriage. When we decided to live on our own, my generous MIL offered to send us food everyday. Something that was to be a unique set-up for the next 7 years. Friends and relatives from my side who knew about it would say I was lucky. Hehehe… It was no secret, as far as I’m concerned. And I only have Mommy to thank for. She really doted on us.

Though it was and still is very much appreciated, we finally advised the cook to stop sending us food. I think it came as a surprise to her who’s been doing it routinely everyday. My MIL probably doesn’t know about this and would have wanted to continue the supply. However, we felt it was too much of a burden now not just for her (she’s not feeling too well due to Parkinson’s) but for the other members of the family too.

Well as the song goes, some good things never last.

On another note, my boys are always looking forward to going home from school nowadays. Next thing they’d say after the customary kiss and greeting is: “What’s for dinner?”.


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Food…Glorious Food…Those are the words that go through Matt, Kyle and Jake’s head. Matt is the noodles freak, Kyle the bulalo maniac and Jake the hotdog baby! Food…Glorious Food! from the play Oliver 🙂

You are soo lucky to have food delivered at your house everyday! LOL 😀 It must be a riot eating during meals with 3 growing boys, I only have one (my husband, hehehe) and I always need to go back for second helpings of food. Matthew is a picky eater, mybe because Im not such a cook myself!

I kinda enjoy doing the groceries, and making (not cooking) the week’s menu now. Hehehe…

Yup! Inggit na nga yata ang iba eh. My boys would check if meron pa for the househelp. Pag marami pa, tuloy ang kain! 😀

hi Linnor,

You’re so lucky to have someone cook and deliver your food to your doorstep everyday!

Your Mamarazzi and I could have taken over sending you your daily provisions but considering that we live here in Manila we thought of not pushing through our plan. We realize it is too expensive to be sending the food everyday via FedEx. Yes? 🙂

But we do that to May’s family because they live with us temporarily kaya libre sila halos lahat—house rental, three meals daily, house helps, groceries and the like.

On second thought, mabuti na talaga ang totally independent so you would learn how to budget and buy your daily needs and what your kids want.

Yes, lucky for the last 7 years. But we’ve decided to put a stop to it now. And I hope Mommy doesn’t mind.

Naks, OA na yan ah! Hahaha!

Really, I know your capacity to be supportive all the way- tangible or otherwise. When you constantly intercede for us in prayer, that’s an intangible gift that we hope to be able to reciprocate.

Yes I agree that it’s a lot different now that we’re totally independent. It’s all for the best.

whoaaa! you had that priviledge? come on, you’re kidding.

yup, you are 1 lucky duck! i have a friend who is much like you–mas matindi, dun talaga sila kumakain ng dinner sa in-laws nya (when they pass by to fetch the baby).

however, i do prefer doing it on my own. di man ako ganun kagaling magluto, I believe practice makes perfect! and besides, independent-minded talaga ako.

hi linnor,

just an update about pyro.

hi there,
hi linnor,

Jessica Soho of GMA has already interviewed pyro and his case will be referred to Kapuso Foundation.

A meeting is already being arranged thru the wife of Batista who is also a cancer survivor.

Thanks for giving the cause a space in your weblog.

Pyro has a message for those who helped bring this to the media.

Hi Linnor. So thoughtful of your mom-in-law to do that. It’s something that we shouldn’t refuse (kahit kaya naman natin na di pinapadalhan) especially in your MIL’s case na kusa nyang gusto magbigay/padala sa inyo.

O nga, kung malapit lang sila Paparazzi at Mamarazzi mo, they would also be more than willing to do the same thing and more. Sarap naman makitira sa kanila, libre daw lahat sila May 🙂

With my folks with us right now, nakaka-save din ako imbes na lalaki ang gastos. They buy the groceries and other stuff including Marti’s milk and diapers. Of course, di ko rin we’re not counting on them to do it forever but I know in my heart, they’re doing it sincerely without (again) “counting the cost”.

oopps, dapat wala yong “di ko rin” sa previous comment ko 🙂

Hehehe…. I kid you not!

It was really a big help for us. Several times in the past I would tell Jerry that we should tell MIL not to “spoil” us and Jerry will just say na, “sige lang” my MIL derives pleasure from doing it. Kaya ayun, umabot ng 7 years.

That’s really great news!!! I’m so happy for Pyro and for all his loved ones! His wish is now within reach.

Aw, it was my pleasure posting something for Pyro. That was the least I could do.

It was (and still is) a generous gesture talaga from my MIL all these years. We only had to add 1 or 2 dishes at night to cover for my sons growing appetites. Hadn’t we told the cook to stop, this would still continue to this day.

Why we told the cook to stop is another story that doesn’t involve my MIL at all. 😉

wow, you’ve helped pyro in your own little way. now, that’s something definitely not “psychotic”.

Hahaha! Kampi talaga tayo! Thanks Cuz! Mwah!

[…] Since my last post about home-cooked meals, we have been allotting more for our grocery budget which has since grown by 50%. After being “pampered” with daily food supply for 14 years by my MIL (not on our request, it was her decision to do this), we weaned ourselves from dependency and made do with what our own cook could prepare for us. […]

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