Happy 10th Birthday Kyle!

Posted on: October 11, 2006

Kyle 10, Matt 13 & Jake 2.5

Kyle turns 10 today! When asked where he would want to have his special dinner, he already had 1 resto in mind.

Tonight we will be having Kyle’s favorite pochero/bulalo.

I was home since Monday because Jake’s nanny was sick with sore eyes. Today, while I was multi-tasking, taking care of Jake and managing my email, Jerry sent me a text message. The birthday miswa from my MIL’s cook was on its way to our house (and probably to the other in-law’s houses as well being customary for Chinese families to share the birthday miswa). So I sent down the helper to meet with SIL and get it.

When she came back up, there was one pot of birthday miswa, a gift for Kyle from 2 SILs, 2 red money envelopes for Kyle and me (a generous cash gift from MIL since I share the same birth month with Kyle) and a birthday invitation from our niece for her debut.

Looks like a lot is going on this October… birthdaysss, school exams, sem break, vacation, etc… busy days ahead…

While running thoughts through my mind, a knock was heard on our front-door. I opened and there stood another SIL who’s just bringing over a gift package for Kyle. When I went back in, Jake had a naughty look on his face… “Open gift, Ma?”


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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the handsomest of them all? Siempre my favorite KYLE who is the birthday celebrator today, his 10th!

HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU KYLE! Please give me your BPI-ATM asap so your Lolarazzi and I could send you our cash gift (not just a pittance, of course) which you will spend for your friends at Yellow Cab on your special day.

We love you, Kyle. Enjoy your day to the brim!

That photo was taken just before the elder boys left for school and a few minutes after Jake woke up this morning. So you could say that’s their latest pic so far… my version of “gwapings” πŸ˜€

Please send the (generous) pittance through my account. Mamarazzi has my account number. Hehehe… Thanks in advance! πŸ˜›

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Makiki-ride on nalang ako sa cash gift nila Lolo and Lola. πŸ™‚

happy birthday to kyle!

Happy Birthday Kyle!

the picture and the song of jake was a great break from a dreary rainy wednesday…Happy Birthday Kyle. 10-10-10. (sorry, tito Junnie is just so fond with numbers)…what do you want for your birthday? 10 books? 10 bowls of bulalo? 10 shoes? just say it.:P

Kyle had a happy one. His birthday celeb will be after the school exams and this will be with his friends and matt’s – the usual snack treat and internet gaming thing is what we plan on having πŸ˜‰

Sure, ride on ka na lang…. Why not? πŸ˜€

10-11 bday ni Kyle. Hehehe… Since you asked, how about a benjamin for his 10th? Hahaha! Puede din 10 PS2 games or 10 assorted stuffs. Totally up to you. πŸ˜€ Ako sa last week of Oct na magsasabi what I want. πŸ˜›

Happy 10th Birthday, dear Kyle! May God bless you always. Watch out for your “10 gifts” in the balikbayan box this December πŸ™‚

Linnor, gwapings talaga ang mga boys… Jake’s smile is soooo adorable! (kagigil)

Kyle always looks forward to gifts coming from you and (Tito) Junnie. Alam na alam kasi nyo what they want. I think Junnie’s (self-proclaimed)pagiging bata(ng isip) helps in that aspect. Hehehe…

In the pic, they have 1 thing in common- eyebags! πŸ˜›

This is Kyle’s first double digit birthday and he is really loving it! He’s going to have his swimming party after their exams and even Matt’s friends are invited. I’m sure it’s going to be a riot!

Sadly, I got “bitin” with the birthday bulalo. It’s either the boys had more than what they should (kaya di ako nabusog) or the order/portion became smaller. Abuhan is not anymore the cheap “pochero-han” which we used to enjoy. Inflation perhaps?

(a very belated) happy birthday to kyle! πŸ™‚

Hehe, ok pa, nakahabol ka pa. The party is still to be celebrated after Kyle’s school exams. πŸ˜€

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