Posted on: October 13, 2006

It’s my 5th day at home. Tomorrow, Nanny Ann is coming back hopefully well enough after her bout vs. conjunctivitis. I should say Jake and I have bonded quite well this week, though not without the occasional fits of tantrum from both parties. Hehehe…. Anyway… the week seemed to just breeze by. After getting Jake all done and fed when he’s not asleep, all I could remember doing since Monday, was sitting in front of the computer that was connected to our office network while Jake sat next to me watching tv and drinking his milk or playing his new Reader Rabbit cd.

Time flies, it’s already mid-month and before we know it, it’s Christmas time!

Click this video to see happy Jake…

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Hi Linnor. Pareho pala tayo, home lang since Monday. Bed rest ulit kasi ako, nag-spotting ako last Friday. Bonding din kami ni Marti pero di ko sya pwedeng kargahin cos bawal sakin.

jake must be so happy to see you at home with him… he might not let you go to work on monday. “,)

Ang bilis ng oras when you’re with your kid/s. Working from home was a welcome change for me though. Best of both worlds (work and being with kid/s).

Yes, he enjoyed seeing me at home for 5 days. When I say I’m “going to work” (going online), he says: “No, no go.” Hehehehe…

glad you are able to double up with work and baby sitting Jake. one of the perks of life di ba?

60 days and counting….

bilis ba? hehe. di ko kasi na-feel dahil sa bed rest.

naku, 16 days to go na lang 🙂

malapit na din birthday natin 🙂

I try to squeeze some time with the boys as best I can even if I’m neck-deep with paperwork. I’m glad that with my job now, it affords me to multi-task. Pang work-life balance talaga…. Again, thanks to you for making this possible for Jerry and me, for not only “teaching us to fish” but for giving us our own “fishpond” to tend. Gets? 😀

Yikes 16 days to go? Ang alin? Hahaha!

Kainan na naman! 😀

sarap naman ng current work arrangement mo, linnor. apply ako. 🙂

ang cute niya tumawa!!!

Temporary work arrangement lang, I’m now back in the office. Pang-expat status ka na, afford ka pa kaya ng company namin? Hehehe…

Hahaha… parang Tickle me Elmo na Jake’s version. 😀

nakakahawa naman ang tawa ni jake.

Oo nga eh…. Everytime I play it, natatawa pa rin ako. 😀

Hi Linnor, Ang cute cute naman ni Jake! Nakakahawa ang tawa niya 🙂 Ano ang nagpatawa sa kanya? Take care and God bless.

cute naman ng giggles ni Jake, seems like he was rally enjoying whatever was playing on the computer. Was that a game?

Sarap nga panggigilan. His Ninang gave him a Reader Rabbit CD for babies/toddlers. It’s quite entertaining and it really kept him busy while I worked. 😉

jake’s laugh is so contagious! i let ninna watch the video, tawa siya ng tawa everytime jake laughs, hehe.

I wish I was able to record the whole time he was laughing… Hehehe…

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