Beats Georg & Wang Shan Lo

Posted on: October 23, 2006

Some of Kyle's Friends
Kyle and his friends…

Some of Matt's Friends
Matt and his friends (and Jake)…

Most of the invited guests
Most of the invited guests (with Jerry and me)…

After the busy preparations for the 2nd quarter exams and having the last exam day on Friday, Matt and Kyle were just too eager to unwind and have fun. It was the perfect excuse to invite their friends for a swim party to celebrate Kyle’s 10th birthday (Oct 11).

It took us only 2 days to make the guest list (Matt and Kyle were given the free hand to choose their guests), reserve the pool, plan the birthday menu and buy the giveaways (beach balls and snack items). On the day itself, we were all glad the weather was sunny and perfect for the 130-5pm swim.

Here are some photos of the Saturday afternoon riot between the groups of 10 and 13 year-old boys..

Jake all geared up for the swim…

Kyle's friends with gameboy The kids in the pool

Big and small boys Beach ball fun

Without the clowns and the cartoon character themed- parties now, birthday celebrations for the boys have gone significantly less costly. What a relief for us peso-pinching parents! Hehehe..

The sound of laughter, the looks on their faces as they swam, dove, played basket(beach)ball, romped and cannon-balled clearly indicated they enjoyed every minute of it. They didn’t seem to mind if they were served regular picnic food and gobbled up, and went for seconds and thirds of the roasted chicken, ngo-hiong, hotdogs, macaroni with meatsauce, puso and choco mallow cake.

Trading Pokemon Cards
After the swim, time for trading of Pokemon cards…

Playing Dota and PS2
Playing unmodified PS2 and Dota PC games…

To these boys, the free afternoon play (that stretched well into the early evening) and pure fun in the company of each other were all that mattered.

28 Responses to "Beats Georg & Wang Shan Lo"

Hi Linnor! Ang saya-saya nila. Buti ka pa, you’re over the cartoon character-themed parties 🙂 Ooopss, si Jake pala.

OO nga si Jake pa pala!!! Pero Jake never had a themed party pa for the last 2 birthdays he had… I think he won’t know the difference hehehe…. I hope.

my son is going to enjoy playing with your boys! he is into those pokemom and yu-gi-oh cards too! kawawa nga lang at wala siyang ka-duel dito except his sister who doesn’t understand the game naman. ako, i don’t even want to learn the game na. hehehe

Looks like they had so much fun.

My daughter had a princess party on her last birthday and she’s already planning her next one. Magastos talaga.

Uso din pala dyan? Ang dami nang kinds of toys for the kids these days no? If you let them do what they want for a day, mauubos oras nila sa passive games like gameboy, PS2, PC etc. When I saw them having fun swimming and running around, I was relieved na at least, naiba naman ang activity nila.

Pati ako na-enjoy. They were only about 15 kids in all and since they came from the same Chinese school and already knew each other, there was no silent, awkward moment. Ingay agad. ‘Kakatuwa!

Princess party for your daughter? That must have been cute! So what’s for the next? 😀

I am glad you personally create and supervise the kind of games Kyle, the bday celebrator, Matt and Jake are into. And with friends, no less.

That really is one indication that you do not only understand but put in actual practice, as well, such wise saying—All ‘studies’ and no plays makes Jack a dull boy. Yes?

Is there a community pool in your neighborhood? How cool if it is. Yay, it looks like the party was a success. And the food sounds yum! Of course they don’t care its just picnic food. They went back for seconds and thirds I bet.

Jerry and I saw how hard they really studied and prepared for their exams and we saw it fit to let them enjoy a free (unstructured) afternoon with their friends.

The other good thing about it is that we only spent under 3k for the whole event (food and giveaways inlcuded).

We live in a small community and there’s a common pool which the residents have exclusive use of. We just had to reserve it and pay P300 for the use. It was a completely cost-effective do-it-yourself party. We had fun putting it together. 😀

o nga no? enjoy naman sya kahit di themed yong parties nya. til what age ba sya magpa-party? hope marti can attend one of jakie’s future parties. haha, nagpapa-invite. i forgot, marti was at jake’s 2nd bday party.

san ang party next week? 🙂 mama’s going to manila for tito art’s birthday party. sarap sumama.

Keep your calendar open for the 30th or 31st. Di ko pa na-decide when exactly. Hahaha! I’m the perennial crammer. Let me know if go ka to Manila. Special celeb na lang tayo if wala kayo 😉

Ang saya saya naman. Can’t wait till my boys will have this kind of fun with their friends. At 4 and 3, birthday for them means balloon, cake and gifts.

Even at 10, meron pa ring balloons, cake and gifts si Kyle. Hehehe… I guess these are staple items in parties. Buti di masyadong mahal. 😉

I have always enjoyed planning and hosting the kids’ bday parties. It makes you feel how blessed you are for successfully rearing them one more year! Bring on the next birthday…..hmmmm…..October 30 seems to be the next one! 😉

Another kid’s birthday party on October 30??? Hehehe…

Yes another birthday on the 30th for the YOUNG ONCE!

And we will fly to Cebu of the Pacific to grace that happy occasion. See you on Sunday!

October birthdays are always great to see and celebrate. Kyle’s looks like a lot of fun and judging from the pics, and his big smile, he was indeed very happy to get older by another year. I dont know if the one celebrating on the 30th will be…kasi pushing 40s na ba?

I love March birthdays too. Jake, Ninang Mitzi and Tito Memento.

hay… it’s so nice watching kids play and have fun…

and don’t you just wish… we, as adults, can have as much fun and carefree afternoons like them? 🙂

i’d love never having to worry about someone slipping on the spilled drink or something… haha

Hi Linnor. Sure, ako pa 🙂 will always find time for you.

Spoke to Ate Celi this morning and got depressed. Mag bed rest daw talaga ako dahil either preterm daw ulit baby ko or will have a low birth weight. Huhuhu. But I still want to claim in faith that everything will be ok.

Yay I can hardly wait for your (and Mamarazzi’s) arrival!

Did you notice na no girls were invited? I wonder if it will be the same kind of rough play in a few years. I’ll start to worry when they begin to have girl buddies. Hehehe…

Who’s pushing 40? I’m not! 😛

True… Kids can be carefree just like that…no worries…

Naks! Ang lakas ko naman! Hehehe…

I will be praying for you and baby#2. Don’t worry too much 😉

ang saya nga ng mga kids. pero in the near future yung kids magiging teeners na! how time flies talaga! uy, advanced happy B!!!

Agree… Soon you’ll have your precious one na rin… Early Christmas bundle from the stork. 🙂

Thanks for the greeting 😉

Ay, how fun! Parang nai-imagine ko na si Topher ko when he’s 10.:) Great job on the party!

Hehehe…. Thanks, but it doesn’t come close to your “all-Filipino” birthday theme for Topher. That was really a production! 😉

congrats on putting the party together and (super belated) happy birthday to kuya Kyle! i can’t wait until ninna goes to school where she can make lots of friends. tuwing birthday niya, it’s always just the three of us and give or take a few (adult) friends and some kids we hardly know. gusto ko din ng ganyan magulo, hahaha! 😀

you really have a lovely family 🙂

This is such a fun blog and you take really wonderful pictures! I wish I were as tech-savvy as you are. Come by and visit my blogs —

Will link your blog to mine and plan to visit ever so often. Your sons are so cute 🙂 You are blessed!

Aw thanks! When Ninna starts school she’ll gain her own group of friends and you’ll get your hands full when that time comes. 😀

Welcome to our online address :D. I’ve seen your blogs and will definitely link yours to mine. Thanks for the generous compliment and thanks for dropping by. 😉

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