Work-Life Balance

Posted on: October 26, 2006


We just had our first ever teambuilding activity last night at the Bowlingplex. After an early dinner at the office, 2 hours of play and 3 to 5 games later, everybody was still up and about inspite of the early 8am call time the following day.

It was a fun event put together by the software engineers themselves. All I had to do was to fund the activity and provide the food on company’s account. It was timely that one of the engineers was celebrating his birthday. We had extra doses of carbo from the 3 half gallons of ice cream he treated us with (yummy pistachio, cookies and cream, choco brownie).

The successful activity was a welcome breather for this hardworking bunch. And we plan to do it again – really soon!

(Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus our company does exist and no need for me to show you our articles of incorporation. :P)


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It wasn’t a bad bowling night for me…I did 110, 95, 127…I’m not a regular bowler and I’ve never really been in the 100’s 🙂

That was a generally good game for someone who has not played the sport in yearsssss. I did notice that you have a really mean left-handed curve ball!

The revelation of the night was that these IT experts are not just good in what they do at work but they are also good in bowling! Looking forward to the next one.

IT people are generally good with bowling–ako lang hinde. hahaha.

uy, may kagat yung huli mong statement 😛 another one of your unfriendly lurkers?

I realized that IT people are really good with a lot of things, tech stuff, games, gadgets, etc. Even when it comes to food dami din nilang alam na puntahan. These guys don’t call themselves “Cool Geeks” for nothing. I kinda like the term. Hehehe…

Yes may kagat talaga. Hahaha! I’m sure the unfriendly lurkerssss will notice.

someone in the office in Ortigas once held the record at 182, but of course records were meant to be broken…

the pictures look kuwela and the co-employees kenkoy na kenkoy (sorry for the so-1970s words)…
just wanted to use some old words so that someone turning old too would understand :p

btw, that someone who scored a 182 was me…kasi tsamba!

Huh? Who’s turning old? Hahaha. In denial pa me. Let’s just say I’ve come of age. Bangis ba? 😛

So maybe being a leftie has something to do with high bowling scores. But was your 182 points the result from 1 game or 2 games? *ducks* 😀


Kainggit naman kayo Ms. Linnor. I love bowling, I mean “love watching the game”. Our dept. go out bowling or mini-golfing once in a while but unfortunately (fortunately for our manager) our main guy got promoted this month at wala nang nagfund sa aming future monthly outing. Sana the new boss will…

Saya nga ng bowling since anybody with or without skills could participate in it. It’s a good teambuilding activity for big groups.

Sana nga your new boss will cook up some activity for your department ;).

ang saya nitong site mo. nice photos.

link exchange tayo!

maraming salamat sa pag-bisita. balik ka ulit. 🙂


that’s something that i miss in the corporate world. in the phils, we find time to be together and have fun together.. sports fest etc.. here, boring! we have the xmas dinner, ok, but a very formal one.. di tulad sa pinas na me danse competition pa hehe.. i miss that!

ganda talaga may ganong activities sa office at least once a year. had ours early this year, we’ll have the badminton tournament naman this sunday but i could no longer join 😦

natawa ako sa last statement mo. kaw talaga 🙂

Salamat din sa pagbisita! Sure link exchange tayo! 😀

Aw, French people don’t bowl much? That’s one thing about Pinoys yata, we know how to find time to unwind. And don’t forget, in Pinas, there’s also the karaoke thingy as one of the gimmicks. Hehehe…

Oo nga, being prego and all, you’ll have to pass up on these activities…

Opkors, laging may patumpik in my post para ma-torture yung unfriendly lurkerssss. Mwahahaha!

yikes, you know, we just went bowling last night. as usual, pasang-awa ang grade ko (70). 😀

important talaga ang teambuilding activities, especially in a company like yours na mas madalas nasa office lang nagwo-work ang mga tao. it’s both a breather as well as a sanctioned opportunity to beat the heck out of a co-worker (in scoring i mean), hehe! 😀

keep it up!

Yay good for you! Nandyan sa area din na yan ang score ko usually heheh….

It was a time to let their hair down din and momentarily forget about software codes and deadlines. 😀

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