Posted on: October 30, 2006

Cebu is a much better place these days, Pa & Ma are here for a short stop.

Pa & Ma
Paparazzi & Mama by the fountain at our Guadalupe address

Four Generations
Four generations in all!
Jake, Ma, Lola Meding, moi, Kyle, Matt, Jerry (in green)

Four Generations
This time sans Jerry but with Paparazzi…

If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.—Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

In my almost 1.5 decades of being a parent (together with Jerry), I continuously pray for success in being the best mom to my 3 boys very much like Lola Meding and Mama’s success in rearing their own.


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Happy Birthday Linnoooooooooooooooor! Hmmmm….tried holding my breath on this greeting for more than 30 secs.:) I remember that celebrating my 27th bday was the best…Happy 27th bday…or is it 29th? 30th? Hmmm…doesn’t matter what year! What matters is you are Happy and it’s your Bday! I love you!

Uuuy! Thanks for the greeting! Buena-mano ka! Hahaha! Thanks for being part of my happy existence! I love you too!

Happy birthday, cuz! More blessings.

much better place talaga with them around, may pasalubong sakin eh 🙂

ang ganda pa rin ni lola meding.

Thanks a lot Cuz! Hahaha! Pareho yata ang pasalubong na na-receive natin from them. Yummy brownies!

Lola Meding is 92 years young pa. 😀

HAPPIEST OF ALL BIRTHDAYS to my favorite daughter next to the other one, of course. Hehehe!!!

May the Good Lord continue to cover you with His PRESENCE, HOLINESS and with His RIGHTEOUSNESS wherever you go and whatever you do!—Paparazzi and Mamarazzi

Your presence on my birthday is always one of the best birthday gifts I could wish for. Thank you for taking the time off from your busy schedules to share my day. 😀

happy birthday linnor!!!!

here’s to more years of being a good mom and wife!

Thanks marikit sis! 😀

Hi Linnor,

Happy happy birthday!!! Enjoy and have lots of fun!

Thanks! So far so good! Looking forward to the rest of the day! 😉

Happy Birthday! What a blessing to have yourself wrapped in the love of your loved ones on a special day 🙂

yummy and fattening 🙂 but i so, so love them. i love the colored pens, too.

Hi Linnor, Happy Birthday!!! Magkasunod tayo ng birthday (but of course, I’m much older), and you have the same birthday as my brother 🙂 Here’s wishing you many many more birthdays and blessigs from above! God bless you always!

Being with loved ones beats receiving all the material gifts in this world. 😉

Go ahead and indulge (moderately) Cuz, you only have 9 months (maximum) to give in to your “lihi”. Hehehe…

Hey, fellow Scorpions pala you and your brother. Thanks for the good wishes. I turned 39 now so I guess that doesn’t make you much older. 😀

happy birthday te linnor! may your day be as lovely as you are. have a good one. god bless 🙂

Thanks! Happy birthday to you too Den! God bless you.

I think your boys are a blessing but they’d say the same about you and your husband! 🙂

hi linnor! happy birthday!!! may you have many many many more blessings to come. 🙂

btw, bentang-benta ka dun sa blog ng kapatid mo ha 😀 super sweet! i enjoyed reading it. i’m happy to say i know 39 more wonderful things about you now 🙂

May your blessings multiply.

That’s sweet. Thanks. They’re gifts from heaven, kahit makukulit sometimes. Hehehe…

Thanks marikit sis! Buking na buking ang age noh? That’s how we diss each other in the family. Bawal ang pikon. Hahaha!

Thanks Jinkai! Im sure the Lord heard your good wishes like the rest of the well-wishers in this comment box. Feel ko na nag-multiply na many times over ang blessings. 😉

happy birthday linnor! you don’t look your age at all 🙂 cheers to more years of love and living.

Hi Linnor, Yes, you can use the grief poem you were asking me about. The more people it blesses, the better.

‘Just trying to look younger than my age… 🙂

Thank you so much. It was a really good poem. I plan to post it for my Nov. 1 entry.

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