Wasn’t It Just October?

Posted on: November 7, 2006

The management committee in a bittersweet moment…

Nov 2 – Pa & Ma flew back to Manila after 4 days in Cebu.
Nov 3 – Jerry flew to Manila on the 715 am flight for V’s last day. C also arrived earlier from the USA.

Nov 4:
430 am – Jake woke up when I fed him his milk
530 am – the household was already awake (Matt, Kyle, Jake and Ann); the Fast rent-a-car was already downstairs waiting for me

6 am – I was at the PAL check-in counter with a lot of other Manila-bound passengers with carts of luggage for check-in. They were probably at the tail-end of their November vacation. To avoid the long queues, I took the Mabuhay lane.

615 am – At the lounge, I tried the airport’s WIZ hotspot. The procedure was to text: “WIZ on” to 2333 using my handyphone. Then the SMS reply would give the username and password. To login the username and password, you join the available network which would give you the Globe splash page. After login, the handyphone will be charged for P2.00 per minute. Not bad. Using my blog aggregator, I opened all updated sites in separate tabs for offline viewing/reading. I logged off just before the boarding announcement was made. It took all of 3 minutes to do this. Total surfing charge – P6! Beats having to lug a pocketbook or a magazine in-flight.

830 am – Jerry picked me up in a taxi and we proceeded to Malayan Plaza for our buffet breakfast. I’ve come to like this hotel right across Podium as their amenities and service are pretty impressive. Loved their beefsteak Tagalog and omelette. Heeheehee…

1030 am – We were in the office to prepare for the meeting. The place was kinda dark since only a few were in the office at that time.

11 am – 1200 nn – Special board meeting. V formally handed in his resignation. It was a sad moment seeing him teary-eyed. He’s such a big loss for the company. Yet, this was something he had to do to be able to sort some personal problems and for us to forge on…. Except for V who still had to do some packing, we all had lunch at Podium (the Chinese resto’s name has already escaped me. Not too fond of Chinese food anyway.)

A few minutes more of wandering around Podium with Jerry and then we walked back to the office by 3 pm for our drive (c/o W) to Blue Wave near the Mall of Asia.

4pm – 930pm – Mancomm meeting/activity. When the announcement of the resignation broke out, most were caught by surprise. As an impromptu tribute, everyone said their piece and recounted the good times with V. It was emotional and I know the office wouldn’t be the same without him as head.

730 pm – My supposed flight back to Cebu which I had to miss… Poor kiddos, they slept alone with just the nanny.

630 am – breakfast at Malayan
730 am – enroute with Jerry to PAL to rebook my flight.
830 am – checked in with the rest of the Cebu bound passengers, including: Roderick Paulate, Amy Perez, Carmi Martin and their personal assistants. Hehehe…Star-studded flight.
930 am – flight to Cebu
1030 am – arrival.
1 pm – burger steak lunch with the boys at Orange Brutus. Jake was asleep at home with the nanny
2 pm – boys’ haircut for the Monday inspection, my pedi-treat
430 pm – Sunday mass at the Redemptorist Church
630 pm – dinner at home (callos & fish tinola)
9 pm – bedtime

Nov 6
Woke up with a really bad cold. My head felt light and my face seemed stuffed with mucus! EW.

7 am – drove the boys to school
745 am – at the office
9 am – general meeting with Cebu emps
430 pm – got kids from school
530 pm – Nanny called the office to say Jake was having fever.
6 pm – Joined the meeting with mancomm via VOIP
7 pm – rushed home to give Jake his Calpol
9 pm – bedtime
11 pm – checked Jake and was glad his fever was gone

Nov 7
230 am gave Jake his milk, his temp was normal
530 am gave Jake another bottle. This time he woke up. His temp was normal. Thank goodness!
7 am – drove the boys to school
11 am – 3 pm Marathon meeting via VOIP with Jerry, C and mancomm. I’m still nursing a runny nose and sore throat.

After eating bread and kalamay brought by one of the engineers, I’m calling it a day now…

With V’s exit, who would be appointed the interim Prez and GM?

Let’s just say I’m the interim first lady… hehehe….


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bittersweet is the perfect word. its the end of one, but the beginning of another… we all should embrace change – which remains to be the only thing constant.

expect more changes soon! just the same, enjoy the ride…

It’s 3:29 am your time! What a pleasant surprise to be the first to comment on my long post.

I’m excited at the changes. Just like what Jerry and C announced to the emps, this is going to be a bright Christmas for everyone at E!

I cannot believe my ears! What? V is out of your corporate world? Sounds one for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

I know him to be outstanding and brilliant scholar during his De La Salle days.What happened? Pirated or he is going for good to the Land of Milk and Honey. I could not stop guessing.

And you bet, he really is a big loss to your Company, to say the least!

Who do I need to talk to to make you the permanent GM? Hmmmm….?? 🙂

Junnie, Inc. is 24-7-335 remember? (30-days to relax) This way I get to see how the new GM works 😛

See you soon. There’s one bonus to the company to the Company this Christmas….ME coming to see them! 🙂

Well, things happen. I feel sad like the rest of the other emps. I’ve known V since college and he’s also like a brother to me being one of Junnie’s close buddies… I hope everything turns out for the best – for him and for our company as well. 😉

Hehehe…. The board of directors actually appointed Jerry as interim Prez and GM. Now I call myself the interim first lady (of the Prez), the two of us being in the same company. 😉

What’s 335 sa 24-7-335??? I know Jerry’s hands will be full these days concurrently heading E and handling sales. Thanks for your vote of confidence (together with the other directors) in appointing Jerry. 😉

Being Interim P in E is a huge challenge! V is a remarkable leader and his spot is hard to fill. But with the support of W, the Board and my Family (L,M, K and J)I will do my best to help make E achieve its Goals! 😀

in my whole working life, i said goodbye to 3 bosses who were very dear to me. heart-wrenching, but life has to move on.

hmm…you and J can vie for the prez position. hahahaha!

I’m sure you’ll do what it takes… You’re a born leader… 😉

We lost a boss but we didn’t lose a friend…

Hehehe…I’m not too keen just yet. I’m more comfortable cheering him on while he leads this company forward. 😀

wow, interim P and GM. i wonder what your lurkers have to say. oooppss, sorry, just thinkin’ out loud.

ey, uso ata ngayon ang sipon, ubo at lagnat. marti, stella, mama and i have them. takot nga si kuya mahawa. he’s here for a week.

I looove your 1st paragraph!!! I’m sure the lurker/s will say it’s all in my wild imagination since I’m a good fiction writer daw. Hehehe….

Marami kami sa office may viral infection. I’m relieved that mine is on its last stretch. The runny nose is gone but the cough is still here.

Kuya mo ba or ni hubs ang nandito?

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