Work-out Jake!

Posted on: November 9, 2006

Have you ever found yourself this active? The video was taken a few weeks ago…
The Energizer bunny pales in comparison to precocious Jake. He does push-ups, running/jogging and sings alternately… In this one he sings (or at least attempts to sing HIS OWN lyrics of) the song from High School Musical: “We’re soarin’, flyin’…There’s not a star in heaven…that we can’t reach.”

Actually, ako ang napagod habang pinapanood ko sya… Likot! 😀

Me: Jake kulit
Jake: Mama kulit
Me: Jake kulit
Jake: Mama kulit
Me: (hmmm lemme try this…) Papa kulit. Who is kulit Jake?
Jake: Mama kulit
Me: (grrr…)

330 am yesterday, I fed Jake his milk. He was roused from sleep and began to smile at me. “Hi Jake, go back to sleep. Look, it’s dark pa oh (pointing to the window slats)”. He closed his eyes and contentedly drank his milk.

530 am…
Jake: Maa-maa, wake uu-up…
Me: (Opened eyes momentarily just to check I wasn’t dreaming. Checked the time: 530am. Still early. Then closed eyes again.)
Jake: Nooo… nooo… no close eyes Ma! No close eyes.
Me: (Eyes still closed but already awake)
Jake: Wake up, Ma! Look! (He pointed to the window slats as if to say the sun is up)…
Me: (Quite amused now, I slowly pulled myself up) Hmp, Jake kulit. Hehehe…


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Good morning cuz! 🙂

Ganon ba ang preemie babies? 🙂 Sobrang likot din ni Marti kahit di pa sya nakakalakad on her own. May pareho silang ginagawa ni Jakie, yong ang ulo nasa floor.

Kuya ko as in si Kuya Junjun ang andito ngayon. He got here last Sunday, uwi na rin sa Monday. May mission lang syang ginawa — talked to some archi and contractors, he’s finally building a house in MLP for all of us 🙂 o di ba, di na kami magre-rent. Thank God for brothers like him (and Junnie) 🙂

My Ob-Gyn referred me to a pulmonologist cos I’ve had this cough for more than a month now. Wow, there’s such a thing pala as dala ng pagbubuntis. This will go away daw after i give birth! Di rin ako pwedeng bigyan ng meds. Aside from the discomfort, nakakahiya sa ibang tao. Sa office nga, kulang na lang sabihin nila na magleave muna ako. The pulmo said I should tell them that this type is not contagious.

hehehe… ang kulit ni jake! “,)

hay…ganyan ba talaga kalikot ang baby boys?!?!?! hehehehe….

Great morning Cuz! Ganyan talaga ang smart babies! Hahaha… Love our own anoh?

Coffee tayo ni Junjun if di sya masyado busy! Wow talaga, lapit na kayo lipat after matapos ang new house. Puede ba magpa-extra room sa MLP? Hehehe! Kapals!

Dami bodily (hormonal) changes kasi when we become preggers that’s why there’s high-blood, etc. and now may pulmo pa pala… I hope you get better soon even before you give birth. 😉


Even if I have no girls of my own, I think it’s safe to say na “yes”, boys are really mas malikot! Unless, another mom proves that girls are a handful too. Hehehe.

Ang hyper! Ang cute kumanta pa ng song sa Highschool Musical. 🙂

Call Jake’s stage as TERRIBLE THREE! Boys are boys, no matter what.

Si Zia Super Terrible Two. Grabeeee,at Super Kulit talaga! Parang tomboy ata eh. 🙂

hindi yata milk iniinom ni jake, baka red bull?? 😀 he’s sooo cute!

wala akong baby boy, pero yung baby girl ko parang tatlong baby boys din sa likot 😀

naka drugs ba yang si Jaykee? you cant imagine he was the same 2.8lb baby almost 3 years ago noh?

umabot na rin pala yang High School Musical na yan na memorized na lahat yata ng bata dito…

Now he has added singing to the boys’ talents – situps for Kyle, running from Matthew and now singing for Jake 🙂

Hyper grabe. If you even attempt to copy his actions, mangangayayat ka yata. Jerry tried and hiningal sya. Hahaha!

I wonder how Jake and Zia will behave around each other this December. Arrgh riot!!!! Please spare us the white hairs and bring along Zia’s yaya Rita ok? Just imagine sa December anniv kung gaano kakulit sila. 😀

Hahahah! Baka nga laced ng Red Bull ang Nido1+ nya no? Hmmm…. Imagine if you have another baby na as likot as my Jake or your Nina…Ang saya non! 😉

He doesn’t look like he was born weighing ONLY 2 lbs 2yrs and 8mos ago. Amazing…

We all watch High School Musical on Disney channel every chance we get. Si Jerry na lang ang di pa nakakabuo non. Hehehe…. Pero he hears the songs from Jake of course.

Talent inventory:
Matt – basketball (varsity medalist), swimming (medalist), track and field (medalist)
Kyle – basketball (intrams player), swimming, painting (awardee)
Jake – basketball, painting, push-ups, sprinting, SINGING! I think his brothers will agree that Jake is the only one who could carry a tune.

Napahaba sagot ko…. 😀

hi linnor. sure, i’ll tell kuya. kelan ka ba pwede? we’ll leave for (walang kamatayang) bantayan or bohol early sat morning and be back sunday late afternoon. he will fly back to macedonia monday.

ey, is there anything i can help you with for the anniv?

I’m free anytime tom 😉

I’ll check my to-do list sa anniv… Thanks for volunteering! 😀

no wonder slim ka pa rin.. kakahabol kay jake! he he.

That’s one good thing about Jake’s high-energy levels… nawo-work out din kami. 😉

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