Busy Saturday

Posted on: November 13, 2006

Jerry got back to Cebu last Friday after 8 days in Manila. So last Saturday was a specially busy day as I have put off some errands until he was around.

Ruby Anniversary Preparation (Update):

We were out of the house by 930 am, leaving just Jake and nanny at home. Our first stop was downtown Cebu for the florist that we contacted to make the floral arrangement for our church decor on the 40th anniv. The sample was pretty impressive! It still needs minor adjustments but I was glad my idea was executed really well, the way I imagined it to be. Here, the chapel aisle would be lined with this….

Church decor
ruby red roses for the ruby anniversary

My sister had a similar bridal bouquet made for her 2 years ago, 3 dozens of red long-stemmed roses which according to her cost her P3,000. The one we’re using for December…. a total of 10 flower stands with 3 dozens red roses per stand or 30 dozens in all, is not even anywhere near P3,000! I think I’m getting the hang of playing the role of wedding planner. Hehehe….

Report Card Distribution

After the week-long sem break, it was time to find out the result of the boys’ 2nd quarter academic efforts. Grade 4 Kyle maintained his 1st honors status while 1st year high school Matt dropped from the Top 10 in his level after getting 2nd honors. His Math and Science grades went down a couple of points. Oh well. He wasn’t too happy about it.

After getting the cards, Matt stayed behind for his group’s sleep-over at school. It’s going to be a fun time with his class/groupmates/friends and I’m sure this would cheer him up.

Asilo de la Milagrosa

Asilo de la Milagrosa
Kyle with the bags of rubber shoes

Next stop after downtown and the school was the office at the Asilo de la Milagrosa where we dropped off the bags of stuff we have gathered after doing some de-cluttering at home. We hope to be able to make some orphans happy with these used (but still in good condition) rubber shoes…

So that was how Saturday morning went…A few more stops and then we were back to base for lunch…

10 Responses to "Busy Saturday"

Hi Linnor! Sorry, di na kita na-text. We were as busy as you were last Saturday.

Ganda ng red roses. I’m glad you finally found a florist 🙂

Wow, matutuwa talaga kids sa Asilo. Stella and I celebrate our birthday each year by giving something to the Asilo orphans.

Andito pala sila Tito Ed. Missed the dinner last night, was sooooooo tired na after the mass.

The flower arrangement was a steal! Never would I be lured to get from more expensive flower shops after meeting the downtown florist and seeing her work…

We have made it a habit to donate our stuff to the Asilo orphans… It’s always a good feeling to be able to share.

Yes, Paparazzi and Mama are back in town. Lola is in the hospital kasi. Papa would be flying back to Manila tom (Tue) while Mama would be staying until Mama Sol gets back from Leyte.

Aw, sayang nga pala, we missed you and family last night at Big Mao.

and we missed Mimi too in the Conference Call earlier 🙂

Look at the smile of Kyle knowing the beauty of giving back and sharing his blessings…nice activity for the kids to do, it will open their philanthropic heart early….

nice flowers… where are the moo cards pic?

This wasn’t the first time we went to the Asilo…. Next time, it will be Jake’s pic/s naman bringing his stuff.

The flowers are lovely and reeeaallllyyy cheap! I’m glad we found the florist. The chapel would look pretty with those… Did I say cheap yung flowers? Grabe!

wow! 30 dozens for less than P3000 is really cheap!

Im amazed myself. The commercial flower shops are really making big profits. 😀

ha? nag conf. call pa pala after the dinner?

san ba tong florist mo? freedom park o sa may USC main? i’ll tell minoy to buy his flowers for me there. haha.

It is nice to train kids like Kyle and Matt to be generous this early.

Tingnan mo sina Junnie and Junjun who were exposed to this kind of activity while still young. They are now two PHILANTROPHISTS second to none as far as the two Arreza-Herrera families are concerned. And I know you are one of the beneficiaries of J’s magnanimity, yes?

Let us give those who do not have till it hurts! Let’s not only be PREACHERS but DOERS of what we teach.


Yup, nag VOIP call kami to Canada para chika si Junjun and Junnie, the two generous brothers natin! Hehehe…

My florist is from Freedom Park. I will give her cell number to you 😉


We want our boys to be ready to share their blessings to anybody who may need them (without being judgmental, without counting the cost and without bad-mouthing the person seeking their help).

The boys are learning fast.

hi linnor,

very beautiful flowers indeed!

may i know who the florist is and her contact details? my friends getting married in may and shes looking for a florist here in cebu.

thanks very much.

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