Dinner at Big Mao

Posted on: November 14, 2006

Big Mao Dinner
Paparazzi, Junjun, Aunt Didi, and Ma with Jerry, Jake and me.

Pa took us to dinner last Sunday at Big Mao. It was timely that cousin Junjun was also in town. He was on a UN mission for a week and scheduled to fly back to Macedonia last Monday. Too bad, cousin Mimi and family, as well as Stella, couldn’t make it that night.

Junjun, a law graduate of ADMU (I hope I got it right cuz Mimi), has been with the UN for the last 16 years. His successful career brought him to different countries mostly in Europe helping war-torn places. It was during his stints abroad too that he met his wife Nicole.

He was in Cebu to arrange for the construction of a house at upscale Ma. Luisa Estate Park for his parents, our Aunt Didi and Uncle Jun. Aw, just how generous is that? I get reminded of my own younger brother Junnie who has been a great help as well to all of us, giving us free trips abroad, a business to take care of, and well-paying positions in a (soon-to-be) American company. The list goes on and on… God bless their hearts!

Care to share stories about any of your siblings (brother or sister)?


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Hi Linnor! Ipagdiinan ba? 🙂 Waaaaah, I really missed that dinner and bonding with all of you. Pwede ko naman talaga tiisin ang pagod ko, thing is wala pa ang yaya ni Marti. Di kaya ni Minoy sya lang 🙂

Nanibago ako sa look ni Paparazzi, bagay din pala sa kanya mag shorts.

Bidang-bida si Kuya sa entry na to ah. Pero ok lang, he’s truly one generous soul 🙂 He gives without being judgmental, without counting the cost and without bad-mouthing the recipient 🙂 It’s a blessing to belong to our kind of family.

Dapat andun kayo, dalawa sana sina Jerry and Minoy na nagyaya ng sabay. Our nanny was also on day off that day. Hehehe…

Feeling tourist si Paparazzi kaya nag-shorts. He’s now back in Manila. Si Mama na lang ang naiwan dito sa Cebu.

Of course bida talaga ang mababait sa blog ko. 😀 Sayang lang wala sa Christmas si Junjun. Complete sana our families.

Bakit bawal ba ang FASHION STATEMENTS coming from a young once like me?

And look at my hair! Wala na uban or white srands. I just realize that truly black is beautiful!

Am just preparing for our forthcoming ruby anniversary, kaya you see my ‘new look’. 🙂

Hahahaha! Ano nga tawag nila sa senior citizen na nagpapabata? Parang “nagmumurang kamias”?

I’m excited about your 40th anniv. Nate-tense na rin sa preparations… Pero ok lang basta para sa inyo. (Asus, sepsep!)… Hehehe….

Junjun and I shared a room for almost 4 years and were buddies (he even bought and brought roses for my Valentine in 86)…even after that time.

Something in that room probably triggered the “giving back” mentality.

I have my sibling tributes here and here.

By the way, no one’s counting ha…you’re just recalling the good times….i almost forgot them all already…

Hmmm could it be that AC/DC long-playing album that we were all so scared of??? Hehehe. Or probably the black & white checkerboard design of the wall in your room… 😀

I count blessings lang…. 😉

Hello! It’s my first time at your site and quite amazed how you and Junnie are able to stay organized. This is neat.

You know what, I never quite hacked ADMU but, “all’s well…”

Junnie, I may be able to spend Christmas with the Nafradas but that means I need to be in DC with my in-laws for new year’s and will miss you and Mitz again. There’ll be another time.

Hugs to everybody esp. the young once!

Yey glad you found your way here. Feel free to visit always ;). Since we’re all scattered in different countries, I have found a good reason to maintain this blog to let friends and relatives know how we’re doing.

My memory of you and ADMU is that Aquila initiation… *shudders*

Though I know you’d be busy this Christmas, we’re still hoping you’d be able to come ;).

Take care and regards to Nicole.

oh men, missed you again, Jun! anyway, we’re on our way to Manila in a couple of hours…woohoo! (looking good in the pic ha!~)

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