Lola Eats

Posted on: November 15, 2006

Since my last post about home-cooked meals, we have been allotting more for our grocery budget which has since grown by 50%. After being “pampered” with daily food supply for 14 years by my MIL (not on our request, it was her decision to do this), we weaned ourselves from dependency and made do with what our own cook could prepare for us.

For the first month, we have managed pretty well. I now enjoy planning the weekly menu, buying and putting together the ingredients. Something we never really had to spend time on until last October when we requested for the food supply to stop.

However, in the early part of November, our own cook decided to leave to get married. Until now we haven’t found a replacement yet. The nanny doesn’t know much about cooking. And I am close to zilch when it comes to kitchen skills. So how do we cope?

Luckily, in Guadalupe where we live, restaurants are in every street corner. I’m not saying we buy our food from these restaurants. Imagine how much damage that would do to our budget! Instead, we found a place that sells really affordable native food “carinderia” style. This is not your run of the mill “carinderia” where you’d probably catch some hepa virus. This one caters to nearby residents living in condos and townhouses who either don’t have cooks or who just wish to have their food “to go”. We even bump into some doctor friends who regularly order their meals from this one.

Regular fare consists of: bulalo, kaldereta, fish/chicken tinola, fish “inun-unan” (paksiw), kilawin (puso ng saging or langka), chop suey, pinakbet, pork menudo, pork adobo, sisig, lechon kawali, pork chop, afritada, chicken curry, grilled fish/pork/chicken, beef steak, etc… etc… There’s just enough variety that you could try a different meal everytime.

For busy working moms like me (who do not know how to cook :D), this is the next best thing to having home-cooked meals. I do not have to plan any menu or bother with any ingredients. At least for the time being, Lola Eats is our food source, until I learn how to we find a replacement cook.

Lola Eats
“Lola Eats”

Lola Eats
Dining area


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ey, where exactly in guadalupe is lola eats? sarap naman ng mga inenumerate mong food.

Coming from the Capitol, Lola Eats is 2nd corner after the bridge. Same street as Mooon. πŸ™‚

i wish we have something like that here as an alternative. i’m no cook either, just ‘trying hard’ to be one. πŸ™‚

ok. thanks πŸ™‚ baka dun ako bukas. hahaha.

this would have been expensive too in the long run… mas mura at matipid pa din ang home cook meals.

whenever i hire a nanny before, one of my requirement is that she has to know how to cook [at least the basic ones].

Why don’t you buy a Cook Book yourself and try learning how to cook. That’s a lot cheaper than buying ready cook food from the resto. Besides, we husbands prefer to eat food prepared by wives.

If there is one frustration in my married life, it is your Mamarazzi’s not knowing how to cook, not even to fry egg or prepare a porridge. Grabeee. Pero ang galing mamintas ng hindi masarap na pagkain!:-)

Nice! I love the ambience of the restaurant.

Maybe there’s one Filipino “carinderia” in Singapore still waiting to be discovered. πŸ˜‰

You have all the right to indulge your whims for baby #2… May excuse ang preggy eh.

I agree. But when it’s just the nanny and me during lunch break, it’s cheaper to buy per order of food (P15-70/dish) than prepare a full recipe.

This is a temporary thing, and once we get the replacement cook (ayaw talaga magluto no? Heheheh), the budget will be back to normal. πŸ˜€

Soweee…. I’m one of the few (?) women with no interest in cooking (at all). Eating pa siguro. Hehehe. I’m not proud of the fact that cooking is just NOT my thing plus I don’t have the time to learn. No excuses… Blame Mamarazzi for that? Hahaha.

Yup very homey too.

This is a good ad for Lola Eats….so when are they signing the advertisement contract? πŸ™‚

Just hoping for discounts and “biggerer” servings. Hehehe… J/k.

I don’t cook either. I can but I don’t like to. It’s Walter who’s the chef in the house, as in magaling syang cook, bow ako. I love to eat though but I don’t know if and when I will love to cook.

‘If there is one frustration in my married life, it is your Mamarazzi’s not knowing how to cook ‘

Oh no! yon din kaya ang frustration ni Minoy? I know how to cook the basic tinola, paksiw, prito-prito, etc. but I choose not to. What’s our helper for? πŸ™‚ Basta, sinabi ko na kay Minoy nung di pa kami kasal na di ako marunong magluto.

Pareho si Walter and si Jerry. May hilig sila magluto and can whip up a mean dish. Let me wash dishes, clean the bathroom, do the laundry…. Pero luto? Bili na lang ako sa Lola Eats. πŸ˜€

Hahaha! Strong words ba from Paparazzi??? Don’t fret, kahit di marunong mag-cook si Mama, they’re still together… 40 years na nga this December eh. Hehehe… Cooking is not the sole criteria after all. Magaling naman tayo sa ibang bagay eh. Devah? (hehehe… pampalubag loob)

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