Boom Tarat

Posted on: November 16, 2006

Jake, with his mouth full of rice, trying to keep it all in while smiling for the cam.

Why I was late in going back to work after lunch today:

1. Jake was awake
2. Wowowee was on
3. We had fun singing (o sige na nga, dancing din) the Boom Tarat song…

For the benefit of those who have not heard the Boom Tarat song on TFC, please click the link below:

or here if the player above doesn’t show.

This is going to play in all Christmas parties this year, the way Macarena and Ocho-ocho did in years past, don’t you think?


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pucha, one play lang na-memorize ko na…its so catchy…it will be my last song syndrome for the whole month….i could even blog about it 🙂

jake has to sleep more…:))

boom tarat tarat tararat…parang Borat (yung #1 movie ngayon)…

hi!! even my mom dances to this. hehehe. i told her they should go to wowowee! kaaliw. and i agree, ang lakas maka-LSS nito.

Nakakaaliw nga panoorin during lunch time. Even the balikbayans and tourists are game to dance this sabay bigay pa ng dollarssss kay Willie or to his co-hosts…. Gandang gimmick.

Jake has inborn eyebags talaga… All of my boys actually, lalo na si Kyle. That’s not due to lack of sleep. 😉

Hehehe… Staple na song ito sa parties this season, I’m sure… Dami nga videos sa You Tube if you try to search “boom tarat”. 😀

Hi Linnor! National anthem talaga to ng kids ngayon. Marti “looks forward” to it. She can dance to that tune 🙂

Pasayawin natin kids sa Christmas party/reunion ha! Kung di ka nahihiya, pati na rin tayo! Mwehehehe….

Jake is a really cute and funny boy! Mwah! The 3 Boys are growing up really fast! 😀

Hi! I’m Leslee, I know you’ll wonder who am I. I’m gf of May’s former officemate in e-telecare. I found your blog in May’s blogsite link more than a year ago. From then on, I started to read your blog everytime. I’m hesitant lang to comment before. It seems I knew about you and your family already ‘coz of your blog. Just want to share lang po…

See you tomorrow!

Welcome to our site! Feel free to comment the next time, I’m fond of reading comments from my (very few) readers… Hehehe.

Thanks… If I’m not mistaken, Jake’s bday is March 11, right? my youngest bro too.

Yup, March 11 it is. 😀

Malapit na ako maging lola…. hahay! 😛

oks nga ah. I’ve heard the melody when I watch wowowee at my mom’s, she has TFC. First time ko nga marinig yun lyrics. nakakaaliw. i will save this music in my PC. thanks

cute ni Jake…

I’m glad you liked it too. 😀

THIS IS JAN TO THE ALFIE REPRESENTING SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA! i just discovered this super awesome show and cannot stop singing this song in my head! pasko naaaaaa!!! pasko naaaaaaaaaa!!!!

😀 😀 😀

call me 😉

You can double the fun by dancing to it while singing the song in your head. 😀

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