(Un)Happy Feet?

Posted on: November 23, 2006

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Happy Feet, originally uploaded by gratitude.

Jacob, posing by the life-like 3d poster/picture display of the Happy Feet movie

Yesterday, all students of the school where my two elder boys study, went to watch the special screening of Happy Feet.

The night before, I rushed out of work to the grocery to buy large packs of junk food and a liter of orange juice for our consumption in anticipation of this school’s annual movie date. I was thinking, we will go with a full arsenal of munchies as what we have always done before. This is going to be great.

“So who bought me my movie ticket?”, I asked them both. They quizzically looked at each other as if to say: “Huh?”. There was a slight tug in my heart….

At breakfast yesterday, I was teasing them about not wanting the parents to be around anymore… I pretended not to push it though… But in the elevator going down to our parking slot, I repeated my statement again. Kyle smiled and Matt gave me a peck on the cheek.

In my mind I wanted to say out loud: “Okay, I get it. You don’t want Papa or me around, this time.”

There’s very little time now and I am desperately clinging to the vestiges of Matt and Kyle’s childhood. Soon they will be doing things on their own.


Happy Feet


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I think they really do like us around. But some times letting them go bit by bit may be a good way to let them learn about growing up! 🙂

at least you still have little jake around… huwag ka na magtampo… “,)

ayayay, wawa naman si momsy 🙂 nag grocery pa naman ng baon. pero di ba somehow, you’ve been preparing yourself na na darating ang time when they want to be on their own.

tagal pang time ni jake so sya naman i-enjoy mo ngayon 🙂

Oh I’m sure they want us around. It’s just a bit sad that they are no longer the babies we used to cuddle… Ang bilis lumaki…

Yes we still have Jake to fuss on. It’s a new feeling really when kids start having their own plan/s without you… Kakapanibago.

Huhuhu… Joke lang… I know this will happen sooner or later. It’s something you cannot really fully prepare for. May kurot talaga. But I’m glad they’re growing up really well. 😉

Awwwww. They will always be your babies though, no matter how old they are! I’m guessing the unhappy feet are yours? 😀

Yes, I’m treating it that way. I will forever have 3 babies, no matter how old they get! Hehehe… It was just momentary… my unhappy feet… Not anymore now. 😉

i guess, ganyan talaga. on one hand, we’d like our children to develop independence and be able to stand on their own (happy) feet, pero on the other hand, it breaks the heart a little to see that they don’t need us as much anymore… hay, part of the parenthood package!

You’re right, it’s part of the parenthood package. It’s something all parents have to go through, sooner or later. Mabuti nga sa Pinas, di masyadong uso yung independence at 18. Hay… sana we could slow down or hasten time on a whim… 😀

cycle of life talaga. hope wala na ang tampo ni mommy.. ditto to your hubby’s comment. 🙂

Di na me tampo… Hehehe… The incident just made me realize that things are slowly changing as they grow up. 😀

If only peoples of the world are as caring and loving to animals as these three young tots, then penguins, koala and others would not become endangered species like our own tarsiers, tamaraws,turtles, crocodiles, pytons etc. Yes?

Be kind of animals, kiddos! Sana hindi lang posing yan, ha?

These boys are animal-lovers. If only our condo could afford us some space for pets, meron sana kaming small dog. 😀

Now, silang tatlo ang pets namin ni Jerry.

But be sure the animal caretaker/caregiver should not be “pulling their hair” in case these animals run wild, sometimes, especially if food is not to be found! 🙂

The “hair-pulling” bouts are a thing of the past. Something inherited from Mamarazzi? Hahaha! As proof, look at the boys’ healthy heads of hair!

These days, I’d rather pull the hair of some people who waste their time “making sulsol”, or blogging nasty and malicious things about others.

Ayan, naisingit ko na naman!

Have them go on their own when you’d like alone time by yourself or with Jerry and Jake. That way, everybody wins!

Yeah, why not? That’s a great suggestion! 😀 Maybe Jerry and I could start going out on dates again, at daytime, while the boys are with their buddies.

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