Just a Few Updates

Posted on: November 29, 2006

Guy 1: Thank you!
Guy 2: You’re welcome. Don’t mention it.
Guy 1: Don’t mention what?
Guy 2: “Thank you!”
Guy 1: You’re welcome. Don’t mention it.
Guy 2: Don’t mention what?
Guy 1: “Thank you!”
Guy 2: You’re welcome. Don’t mention it.

Mahaba-habang inuman ito….

—excerpted from the San Mig Light radio ad…

I hear this every single day as I drive Matt & Kyle to school or myself to work… It borders on amusing and irritating when heard over and over…


Okay so maybe some healing is going on unless the text invitation I received for dinner was nothing more than just that, an invitation. I thought it best to just keep mum though. I know….my bad. I should have just texted back. But nah, I can’t help it. I felt it was kinda awkward to just reply with a yes or no.

In a situation where you’re one of two parties and both are hurt by circumstances, how do you bounce back?


With the recent re-organization, Jerry now assumes (after being appointed) a bigger role in the company. He is now concurrently the GM and head for Sales & Marketing. Tough combination isn’t it? Along with the title/s comes the demand for him to spend 3 days in Manila and 2 days in Cebu. And what does that mean? By default, I take on the responsibility of overseeing Cebu operations on top of being mom & dad on days that he’s not around. Tough, but I’m not complaining.


As if the new arrangement is not enough to keep my weekdays full, I am also into the thick of things planning for 2 big events in December – our company Christmas party on the 19th and Pa & Ma’s 40th/Ruby wedding anniversary on the 22nd!

When could I squeeze in the Christmas shopping?

Trust me, I’ll find a way!


We’re on the final stages of having our condo sold/rented. My boys are not too happy about it, understandably. They’ve spent a good 7 years of their young lives in this compact space. This is the only place they’ve known as home. Aw… I could relate, I felt the same way not too long ago, when Mama put up our house in Manila for sale. It’s a pity how we let go of things that have become very dear to us due to some pressing matters. If things were better, we would have chosen to keep the property… Oh well…

If terms are firmed up, we’ll be moving out early next year. Meanwhile, we haven’t taken it off the market yet. It is still up for grabs. P3.5M anyone? Hehehe… Check out the fotos below…

Our home for the last 7 years..

View from the dining room Living room
View of dining room & kitchen
Inside the masters bedroom Boys' bedroom


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some things are indeed good while it lasts, and irritating when it has gone stale. dont ignore the invitation, you said it right, a form of healing, but healing can only mean well, when there’s reparation and closure.

brace yourself for the big storm…ay, nasa Cebu ka nga pala….:) pray for those in Manila na lang…

*Sigh* The moment (apt for texting back) has already passed me by. šŸ˜¦

The approaching storm is stronger than Milenyo according to the news. I hope it weakens as it reaches land…

i’ve always known you (through your blog) to be a super mom – with the business, family and corporate life to take care of. i’m sure you’ll do fine with the new arrangement. all the best!

Do I really come out through my blog as a supermom? Aw….thanks! I just do my best. Now that you have your own sweet angel, you’ll learn how to multi-task as well as you try to work around her schedule.

šŸ˜‰ Kisses to Amelie!

hi cuz. parang years na tayong di nagkita šŸ™‚

oh. no comment ako sa invitation although meron sana akong gustong sabihin šŸ™‚

san kayo mag Christmas party? puno na kasi mga usual venues.

naku, di lang work at family ang makaka-affect ng sked mo, di tayo makakalabas during the 4-day ASEAN summit. may dry run pa bukas. balak ko pa naman sana mag Christmas shopping na bukas as soon as SM opens. alam mo ba gano na kahirap magpark dun?

Long time no update kasi me.

Your comment to the invitation, you may text me na lang. You got me curious tuloy! Hahaha!

Christmas party for 20 emps is at Hamabar, City Sports Club. We only have to pay P15,000 consumable ;).

Waaah, we still have work during the ASEAN summit! I have booked 2 hotel rooms for the staff though para di sila mahirapan when roads are closed.

Tapusin mo na Christmas shopping mo this weekend ;).

“When could I squeeze in the Christmas shopping?”

i’ve been asking myself the same for the past couple of days now, and malamang, in the next few days, i’ll be in full panic mode.

but better that our minds and bodies are kept busy than idle and bored, i say. take care!!

I just console myself with the thought that shopping in any manner for me is still therapeutic. Hehehe…

No comment din on the invitation.

See you soon!

I’ll help you with the anniv.

You’re coming this Sunday with Mama right? That’s great! I need all the help now… Gawa tayo envelopes for the invites. Hehehe.

Sige, i’ll text you or i might drop by your office. Hehe. Had lunch at El Loco (Skyrise Bldg) yesterday. Dami nang bago dyan sa IT Park ah.

Ey, wag kang mahiya patulong sakin on the anniv prep.

Heard 7-10 am lang daw bukas ang dry run. Might go to SM, mas marami kasi talagang choices dun. Ano nga ba wish list ng mga bugoy mo?

I dont blame the kids if they will be missing this nice house they call home a real lot!

Aside from being located in a nice and high-end address in Cebu City, the condo itself has a lot of amenities–the two big pools, 24/7 security guards, elevator for every two units per floor of 10 floors, carpark, strong water supply, well-maintained surroundings and friendly neighbors.

Besides, your unit is not only so spacious but also looks always new because it is well-maintained. I think the P3.5 million is really cheap, if you ask me.

And this could be the very reason I bought your unit two years ago until you changed your mind. šŸ™‚

Wala kayong pasok during the summit???

I haven’t tried El Loco yet kahit ang lapit na lang sana namin.

Sige will make a list of things to do. Kaya pa naman, kaya lang I will take advantage of May while she’s here this Sunday. Hehehe…

I’m sure traffic will be everywhere tomorrow during the dry run as roads will be closed for a total of 3 hrs (am + pm). Just be ready. Wish list? Ok lang siguro Netopia cards for free internet gaming. You know boys these days… Dota and Pangya addicts.

Thanks for the plug. The would be buyer is negotiating for discount and softer terms. I’m quite hesitant to let go but, you know the score, it’s a bitter pill we have to swallow. Ack!

I changed my mind 2 years ago because I realized I sold it for a song. Ang mura ng pasa ko sa inyo. Hahaha!

Where’s Jake sleeping with the current bunkbed set up nga pala?

The boys need their own rooms soon, especially Matthew, so the move is just perfect timing!

goodluck in all your tasks…i’m sure you can handle and manage your time.

about the invitation..if you are really willing to patch things up, maybe you can respond with an invite as well and maybe an excuse for not responding to the text invitaion and then go from there

re: shopping – for me therapeutic din yan, it relieves stress for sure.

Jake still sleeps in his 3-yr old playpen which is located in our room. Hence you don’t see it in the boys’ room. But when the time comes, his bed is a pull-out one from under the bed on the floor. I have planned that design before, but we haven’t gotten around to use it. We still want Jake with us.

The boys’ need not have individual rooms, in the new one we purchased, they will still stay all together in one. The room this time is a lot bigger šŸ˜‰

Thanks! Prayers have done a lot of good for us.

I agree but wish it were as simple as that. šŸ˜€ From a petty thing, some quarters chose to blow the situation out of proportion and caused a bigger damage. People were even dragged to the mess. It’s complicated… I do appreciate your concern. šŸ™‚

Can’t wait to shop! šŸ˜€ Retail therapy!

I’ve never been in so many airplanes in so short a time. Work has been challenging and hectic and it always feels good to come home for the weekend! šŸ˜€

Hahaha! Have you earned enough PAL mileage to treat us all to a post-Christmas holiday in Manila? *hint* *hint*

I count days only when you’re around, otherwise, I wish days would just breeze by. šŸ˜‰

wow! you’ve got a lovely home! magaling ka din sa interior designing like Mitzi?

It will be a little harder transition for the boys, but I’m sure your next home will be more lovelier.

Thanks! It’s hard to keep it looking like that with 3 boys who spend their most of their free time in the living room playing their PS2 or PC games. Hehehe.

A little bit of adjustment talaga for all of us. I hope we manage well. šŸ˜€

hi linnor! i’m a cousin from your mama’s side, and a neighbour from your papa’s. was browsing through friends’ and relatives’ webpages when i came across yours. got a confession to make: you always come across as very ‘sosyal’ to me, so i was surprised to find out, reading your blog, that you could be kikay also.

hope you could give me a guide:

i saw the pic of your old unit, and noticed that you used rattan sala set. am planning to drop by cebu by december to buy something like that (i’m into ‘buying pinoy’). can you recommend a store/shop where i can buy it? i’d go for one that’s not very pricey, not too cheapy-cheapy looking din. cebu is the ideal place to purchase this, as it is only 1 night trip to surigao.

thanks a lot for taking the time to answer (if ever). give my regards to tia masing and tio eddie, also to may.


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