Little Man of the House

Posted on: December 1, 2006

This is a common sight these (week)days when we all go out for school/work.


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Jacob is going to be in school pretty soon and I think he is going to excel just like his elder brothers. He will probably be the most sociable because he talks to everyone! 😀 Mayor Jacob!

Napansin mo ba yung mix of English and Cebuano words sa sentences nya? That is, if you could make out what he was saying. Hahaha. 😛

“Stay there”
“Kekob playing hard”
“…baril baril pok pok”
“…Go Kart”
“bye Mama”
“bye Ahia”

hahaha! parang Big Little Man talaga!

He sits in one place and everyone comes to him! Haha!

Ang cute cute talaga ni Jake 🙂

ang cute naman ni jake! ang daldal niya hehehe! at ang sweet ng mga kuya, hindi sila shy mag-kiss sa baby brother 🙂

Here’s the transcript of Jake’s lines:

“Get out. NO!!! Stay there!”
“Stay there. Jacob playing car.”
“Drive, dili go car”
“O, apsan*! (*overtaken – Cebuano to English!)”
“Apsan car!”
“Bye, Mama!”
“Bye A-hia* (*big brother in Chinese)”
Then throws a flying kiss…

Hehehe. Oo nga ano! Everyone pays him “homage”.

Thanks! Yun din ang sinasabi ko sa kanya… 😀

Grabe ang daldal. It wasn’t easy nga lang transcribing his lines. There were words that sounded alien to us. 😀 The elder kuyas dote on him. Buti na lang 😉

Jake Show never fails to entertain me 🙂 ang cute talaga! ano kaya ibig sabihin ng “pok pok drive dit dit go kart” …

ps. natuwa ako dito “school? go to school! i’m playing car” .. bossy kiddo but such a sweety cuz pwede istorbohin in the middle of his busy task 🙂

Hehehe…. it’s not easy keeping up with his monologues. 😀

He can really get attention by being like that, funny, “bossy”, kulit, bugoy kid.

Jake appears to be the most favored among the three siblings.Correct me if I am wrong. I do not know for what reason or reasons. For one, lagi na lang siya subject of the blog.

Like Jacob of the Bible, Mommy Rebecca favored him as the heir to succeed Daddy Isaac instead of Esau by virtue of the birthright, being the older one.

Trivia: Jacob who finally got that birthright was renamed ISRAEL which means VERY STRONG WITH GOD! He just cannot refuse. And look at Israel today.

Baka ganun din ang mangyayari kay Jake—hard to refuse! Masusunod lahat ang gusto! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hahaha! Cute kasi gawing subject ng blog ang baby eh, and he happens to be the youngest in the brood.

To counter any jealousy or inggit, you know what I do? (Karinyo-brutal alert) I tell Matt & Kyle JOKINGLY that Jake is my favorite, kinda taunting them to react. More often they don’t, so I rub it some more by saying: “Selos kayo ‘no?”

Of course, they tell me they’re not kuno (hehe). So Jerry and I proceed by saying, “It’s very good that you’re not jealous of little Jake. Jealousy is a negative feeling that leads to evil thoughts/deeds. You’re all loved the same way.”

NOTE: Emphasis on jealousy leads to evil thoughts/deeds! Hehehe… If you know what I mean.

cute naman ni jake! wonder what it would be like when you all get home? sana you can show us a video clip of that…im sure its another happy,funny and sweet moment 🙂

Ang bilis ng paglaki no? Mas parang kiti-kiti sya when we get home. Takbo dito, takbo doon as if na-switch on sya. Likot! That’s a good idea. I’ll try to capture that on video. 😉

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