Celebrating Special Days

Posted on: December 13, 2006

Let me greet my own Paparazzi a (belated) happy birthday (12/10)! Here’s my brother Junnie’s tribute to the main man in our lives who molded us and taught us how to live God-centered lives: Paparazzi – the other side

We love you Pa!


MIL's favorite boys!!!
MIL with her favorite boys…


Last Monday, the 11th, was my MIL’s birthday. There was a planned dinner by all her kids. It was just a small gathering of family and relatives. Jerry’s branch of the family (us of course) was there from early afternoon. And on seeing Jake and hearing him sing his birthday “serenade”, Mommy was all smiles. She was a pleasant sight to behold. We’re all glad she seems to have gotten over the blues brought on by Parkinson’s. And we continue to pray for her health and peace of mind.

on Mommy's birthday
Among many things in common, we both love Jerry and kids to bits.



Mommy (MIL) has remained affectionate of and concerned about my family in spite of her knowledge of some friction brewing in the periphery (blown out of proportion by a meddling person & concurred/tolerated by several others who should have known better but apparently did not know any better). I wonder who feeds Mommy the info, I wonder if the info is accurate.

When she learned about Jerry’s weekly assignment in Manila during one of our visits to her, she asked me if everything’s okay with me or if I don’t mind handling our home, kids and work, all by myself. Aw, sweet… I told her we’re managing. It’s not a new set-up to me after all, since I’ve been used to Jerry’s frequent trips (locally/internationally).

(Rant alert) Mommy’s concern is genuine and runs contrary to the belief of some quarters who say I don’t do my wife and mother duties well, who question our parenting style, who belittle our dedication at work, who question our every motive, or who call up my own parents to tell on me for something really silly (hahaha!), etc. etc.

Really now… We’ve been together happily for more than 15 years, even more than our detractors’ (failed/dysfunctional) marriages. Jerry and I have talked a lot of times about the situation. We both agree that it doesn’t matter what others say, as long as we’re not guilty of things others do i.e. harassment thru blogs and text messages, false and malicious accusations, immature name-calling, or character defamation (all because of the word “bullsh*t”), etc. etc.

We know where we stand. We’re so thankful to God that we have a normal family and a happy marriage, we live comfortably, we mind our own business, we have excellent kids and we have been blessed generously in sooo many ways.

My message to those who think otherwise (you know who you are)…

Deal with it. You and company, stop sending text messages like you are the aggrieved here, because you’re not. All of you have done more harm than good. Capisce?


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Hi Linnor, I moved my blog to a different site. Id appreciate it if you updated my link πŸ™‚ Thanks! It’s still not done but Ill be putting in links there already πŸ™‚

Thanks for the heads-up! Will update my links πŸ˜‰

Well said! I can relate to that…

Sadly, things like this happen… 😦

don’t mind them na lang. people who do that [talk behind your back] are just envy of you for doing a job well done!

ang dami naman palang celebrations sa family niyo this time of the year.

this entry started sweet and really loving, but transformed as it ended to something that should be buried deep especially during the coming Advent. pero let’s not take these distract us from the great times we’re having and soon to come with the real Reason for the season.

Great Family pic by the way, love all the smiles!

Belated greeting to your mom-in-law. All the celebrations i’m sure is keeping you busy. Happy reunion na rin. kakainggit talaga.

And nice to know you and your hubs are keeping things in order and not minding whatever others say. Keep it up!

Yes, we actually try our best not to mind them.

Hard to bury deep when you constantly receive text messages saying things like we are the aggressors. I love the pic/s too! πŸ˜€

I think that’s the essence of our marriage vows. πŸ˜€ Thanks!

Hi Linnor! O nga, ganda ng family pic.

Wow ha, tuloy pa rin pala ang pagte-text. Kaw kase, di mo sila pinapansin πŸ™‚

Dami ngang celebration this month. Looking forward to the ruby anniv. Remember that day I called you up from Ayala? I was actually looking for an outfit for the anniv. Haha.

Hehehe… picture of a happy family. πŸ˜€

Yung pag-text pa ng iba, parang wala lang, as if di sila party to the “crime” when they were the ones who fanned the issue and did not attempt to suggest na pag-usapan muna ng maayos before doing anything drastic…

After ng maraming negative na sinabi (blogged/ texted/ distributed letter/s to unsuspecting parties) nung isang outsider na apparently may imprimatur or approval ng others, akala yata nila, okay lang. May naglakas loob pa to call Mama to justify further na tama ang ginagawa nila. Ang galing diba?

And then now, ang dating pa nila is waiting for Jerry na makipag-ayos. The height of (bleep)!

Feel na feel mo ba ang galit ko, Cuz? Hehehe…

Hey, magru-ruby red ka ba sa anniv??? πŸ˜‰

matagal ko nang feel na feel πŸ™‚ feeling innocent pala.

gusto ko nga sana kaso parang iba reaction mo πŸ™‚ no, wala akong nakitang ruby red sa havin’ a baby at rustan’s. ayoko nang bumalik sa sm. si marti na lang pasuotin ko ng red. oopps, pwede ko nga pala isama sya?

have i told you CNT won’t deliver? daanan na lang namin sa archbishop reyes outlet nila. minoy and i might not be able to attend the ceremony. musta nang choir?

Hahaha! Nagtitimpi lang ako.

Ok nga mag-red sa anniv. Para festive! Hehehe. Sure, you may bring Marti para may playmate si Zia and Jake.

Yes, CNT won’t deliver. We ordered kasi for our office party. Pick-up nga lang daw.

Sayang if you won’t be in the ceremony. Pero if di talaga puede, ok na lang. No choir pa din. Will just have a choir-less mass if wala talagang makukuha na kakanta.

im a lurker sa blog mo.. di ako makatiis na di mag react sa statement na ito

“(who question our every motive, or who call up my own parents to tell on me for something really silly (hahaha!)”

My mother in law is like this di nya ako inaaway pag naiinis sya pero talks behind my back, talks to my child’s yaya and calls my parents behind my back telling them at the end of the conversation wag na daw nila sabihin tumawag sya kasi concern lang naman daw sya ngek expect nya ata papaluin ako ng magulang ko..

Pero maski ganyan sya mahala ko din naman sya nanay sya ng asawa ko eh. Like family you cannot choose what kind of family you marry into.

Buti na lang mabait ang mommy-in-law ko and for that I have a very high regard for her. She’s brought up my husband perfectly – a good person, real gentleman and one who patiently keeps his cool even if provoked.

My MIL is one person I will try to emulate in rearing my own boys.

Thanks for visiting. πŸ˜€

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