Renewal of Vows

Posted on: January 7, 2007

Pa & Ma's invitation

How many married couples in this day and age get past their 10th anniversary? 60, 70, 80 percent? And the statistic gets even lower. Instead, some celebrate not anniversaries but 2nd or 3rd marriages! So just imagine now how many get to celebrate their 40th!!!

My siblings and I, together with our spouses and children, are proud that Pa & Ma are still rock-solid after all these years! It wasn’t a smooth ride, mind you. It was full of ups and downs. Every married couple goes through these after all. The only difference that could spell 40 years of togetherness and separation after 10 years is the third party, GOD. As Pa would always say, he, Ma and God are like a tripod – useless if one is lacking.


It was a whirlwind of preparations that was hatched during a road trip from Canada to New Jersey last June 2006. Mitzi and I got so excited discussing the hows, whats and wheres of the special event that Junnie, who was behind the wheel, missed his exit! Hilarious…

After months of long-distance planning via telecon, ym, emails, and wiki (yup, we even had one!), it finally came to fruition. December 22, 2006 was the red-letter day. It was our Pa & Ma’s ruby anniversary…

 - 124

And here is a sampling of their wedding album… Click here to view the slideshow.

Venue: Blessed Pedro Calungsod Shrine, Archbishop’s Palace
Reception: Ma-yi Restaurant, City Sports Club
Date: December 22, 2006





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Congratulations to Mamarazzi and Paparazzi! You look gorgeous btw, and everyone else does too!

im a frequent visitor but this is the first time i’ll be commenting…

CONGRATULATIONS to your parents!!! and here’s to many many more years of togetherness..i agree, w/o GOD in a marriage it will not last=)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family

Happy new year! Thanks! Credit goes to the photographer for making everybody look gorgeous, hehehe….

In a marriage without God, useless the two without the other… 😀

Wow! How awesome is that!!! Congratulations to your lovely parents!

Thanks Tones… My wish is for all married couples to have a blessed union to be able to withstand all trials and get to reach yearssss of togetherness…

Hi Linnor, Wonderful pictures!!! Congratulations to your parents – wishing them years and years more of wedded bliss! God bless!

From hereon, every year is going to be a bonus. We’re looking forward to planning for the 45th :D.

congratulations to your parents! you and your sibs and spouses did a wonderful job, you’re a bunch of good wedding planners 🙂 lookin forward to the next big event 🙂
i love all the piccies… my fave is–> lil Jake on stage!!! what did he sing?

wishing your parents more years of love and dedication to one another! and to junnie and mitzi too!

Happy New Year and congratulations to your parents! You all looked so happy! And gorgeous!

Thanks! We did what we could to make the day really special but believe or not, we only spent about P80k! That includes everything except the plane fares and the gowns/barong Tagalog… 😉

Jake loved the band! I think he’s showing some interest in music. Hehehe…

Exactly our prayers too… Thanks!

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2007! It was indeed a happy occasion for the family. 😀

The opening paragraph of this blog is not only thought-provoking but also nice to reflect on.

It is indeed a blessing that your Mamarazzi and I were able to sustain lasting marital relatiosnhip this long–40 years… and still counting.

Looking back, I think our marriage has lasted this far not only because we always put Christ at the center of our relationship but also because we made a firm resolve not to love each other IF but to love each other EVEN IF. Gets?

Thank you so mcuh for everything. Hope the same Committee of 6 will prepare, God willing, for our next milestone–Golden Wedding Anniversary. Maybe we can do it this time in beautiful Toronto, Canada. 🙂

Wow! Red is such a beautiful color on all of you and the guys, they look awesome. Congratulations to your parents and well done in your preps.

Hmmm, doing your golden anniversary in Toronto is not a bad idea after all. That’s 10 more years away. Must we wait that long?


Thanks! We opted for the deep red hue, more like wine or burgundy instead of plain red or the orange-y red. Otherwise, we would have looked like we were in a big Chinese birthday celebration. 😀

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