Arreza40 in Manila

Posted on: January 21, 2007

Junnie and Mitzi left for Manila (they were in Cebu last Dec 19-26) last December 26. Pa and Ma flew to Manila last December 27 on a mid-morning flight while Jerry, the boys and I flew on the same date (27th) on a 5 AM flight. It seemed like we couldn’t get enough of each other’s company. Hehehe.

Highlights of our Manila trip was the tour of SM Mall of Asia which I blogged several posts ago, our Malayan Hotel stay and tour (on foot) of Ortigas malls (Podium, Megamall and F). Topping all these however was the reunion we had with Junnie’s in-laws and of course, the second reception for the Arreza 40th anniversary.

Below is the collection of pictures (from Junnie’s camera) of the big celebration that Pa & Ma hosted for Pa’s side of the family who were based in Manila. The sheer size of the clan rendered the house too small to accommodate everybody. The host ended up having tables and chairs arranged by the caterer on the subdivision’s road.

It was a great reunion with half of the attendees flying in from different places: Cebu, Surigao, Ireland, Australia, UK, Canada, Sweden, etc. I’ve lost track of the number of new nieces and nephews we already have since last seeing everyone in 2003. Junnie even joked about having everyone wear a name tag the next time we have another grand reunion.

I definitely think it’s a good idea especially for family members who are not around the whole year round to witness the new births and the annual birthdays. It should read- name: son/daughter of xxx; xx years old!


—Click here for the slideshow—

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We missed Kuya Reno in the celebration. Good thing we were able to visit him and family in New Jersey for 2 consecutive years.

Other than that, the celebration was so complete I had a good time reminiscing about the days in La Luz and the grand reunion at night (this post), I wasn’t able to sleep til the 5 am the next day. I had jet lag in Manila 🙂

Hahaha, sa Cebu-Manila leg ka pa na-jetlag ha!

Though we missed Kuya Reno and Junjun H., we were given the chance to spend time with the former and his wonderful family last May/06 in the US. Sulit din yun. And a few months back Junjun was in Cebu too. 😀

Reunion’s are happy occasions. Sana merong kasunod agad. I’m praying you and Mitzi could make it again to Cebu on Lola Meding’s 93rd birthday. 😉

hi linnor. mas marami ka pa ring kilala sa family natin. pag di ka kasi taga las pinas, di mo talaga makikilala lahat 🙂 kaya nga happy ako we “met” in cebu 🙂

umuwi pala si eugene. wala sila madel at meg.

The feeling is mutual! Naks. Dati tinatawag mo pa akong “ATE”. Ngeks… Hehehe….

Oo nga pala, kulang sina Meg and Madel dun…

This is just a slice of the whole bunch of the Arrezas that attended our extended 40th wedding celebration in Las Pinas City last December 30.

First time to set up additional tables outside our bahay kubo (hanggang kalsada) just to accommodate all of them. Ang gulo ngunit ang saya saya!

I think one good taste of this memorable and happy occasion DESERVES ANOTHER! Yes?

I know, just imagine if everyone was present! Remember 2003 grand clan reunion where we all filled up the gym in Las Pinas? That’s how “numerous as the stars” we are. Very prolific family. Hehehe.

You may plan the next one (get-together) as early as now. 😀

hahaha, cos that’s we were told. when mama showed us your family pic (when we were still in surigao), she would tell us that “this is your ate linnor, kuya junnie and may.”

o nga, dapat reunion ulit. single pa ako the last time eh 🙂

Now it feels better not to be addressed ATE. Hehehe…

I agree, dapat may reunion ulit. By then, 3 from you are new additions to the clan. 😀

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