Pink Eye

Posted on: January 24, 2007

The gift wrappers, trimmings and all items that remind of Christmas 2006 have long been put away. The party of 5 is now back to the regular grind. January 3, first day of school, was a “dreaded” day for the boys who still wished the vacation wasn’t over yet. I could only commisserate… I felt it was just too soon.

As a sign of “protest”, their bodies (or eyes, to be more specific) developed some kind of reaction to the sudden change of schedule (from laid back to hectic), that a few days into the school week, both had the pink eye/sore eyes or what is clinically known as conjunctivitis!

The pediatrician prescribed two types of eye drops to be administered 3 times a day. It was effective. The infection didn’t worsen and contaminate any other member of the household. Thank goodness! They didn’t even have to stay home to rest… much to the boy’s dismay I guess…

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The “Red Eyed Peas”! πŸ˜€

aha! too much PS2???

seriously, am sure the boys love school as much as the school loves them being there. sila pa…

Ang cute naman… “red-eyed peas”…

Baka nabitin sa PS2, ehehehe…. Just like most kids, sa umpisa ayaw pa bumalik sa school. Pero as the days wore on, they were back to their element na.

Hey at least it was really pink eye. At my old job, someone really got pink eye and before you know it, half the people contracted it as well and stayed away for a few days. The curious thing is the original person that got it went to work with an eye patch and never took a sick day. Hmmmm….

That was what I was afraid of, that half of their classes might contract the same thing. Perhaps it was just a mild case for them, their school clinic just treated them once and didn’t send them home for the 5 days that they had it. Good thing nobody else did get it. πŸ˜€

I wou;ld like to think that ‘extreme excitement’ of going back to school causes pink-eyes among schoolers. And Matt and Kyle are no exceptions.

If I remember right, same thing also happened to one of two of my favorite babies who one week before her wedding was afflicted with that unexpected malady. Good thing, a family doctor helped her by applying emergency medical procedure/relief before that happy event could take place. Was it sore eyes or worse than that–measles? πŸ™‚

hi paparazzi. that was chicken pox for Ate Linnor and for May, was a different case…overeating ata. mwahahahaha

Ok I sit down corrected! πŸ™‚ Yes ’twas CHICKEN FOX na may kasamang BIRD FLU! πŸ™‚

Aba naging active yata bigla ang comment box ko ah at nagpang-abot ang mag-ama! Hehehe…

Yup 1 month before my wedding 15 years ago, I got stricken by CHICKEN POX! Deep pa naman ang cut ng gown ko sa back. Buti di ako tinubuan ng malalaking bulutong na naging scars! Que horror!

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