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Posted on: January 26, 2007

My SIL, BIL and nephew Jaymes flew in from Australia for the holidays. However, my boys didn’t get to see their cousin until a week after New Year’s day since my family and I spent the 27th of Dec to 2nd of Jan in Manila for an extended bonding time with family members from my side.

The day we all met up, the boys spent hours and hours playing together. Jaymes was even allowed to spend the night at our place. In the afternoon, they were at EGG Ayala where they played Dota, NBA and Counterstrike. By 6pm, with cups of sugary (ick) fresh apple juice/shake from Thirsty, we all got ready for an early dinner which we had prepared at home.

As soon as Jake saw us at the door, he was a jumping bundle running here and there as if showing off to his newly-met cousin. At first, he called Jaymes the generic name “bata” which then evolved to Jay, until it became – JANE! It was funny hearing him call Jaymes Jane. Anyway, before they parted ways the following morning, I think Jake got the name right, eventually.

Before reaching home, we all drove to a shop to rent some videos. Kyle and Jaymes were clamoring for some suspense and horror movies. After trying our luck, we were unable to find anything that they liked. So much for horror movies.

Jaymes looked different in a good way from the last time I saw him. His hair was worn long since it was school break. He has matured a bit and was all polite even towards his cousins. At one point he said, all the food we prepared for him was good, though these were just shrimps and pork chops. And this coming from the son of very good cordon bleu mom and dad and who’s into healthy eating. He was so game to try what my boys were feasting on: shrimps dipped in spicy “Pinakurat” vinegar (Matt’s staple), non-fat cookies-and-cream ice cream sprinkled with crushed clover chips… etc. What a sight!

And yes, right before Jerry and I headed off to sleep, he told us “I really thank you for having me”. Aw, such a nice and well brought-up boy. No air of of pretense whatsoever, not even if he is the unico hijo of SIL. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a fine, upright man.

Yes, Jaymes, it was our pleasure having you!

Matt, Jaymes, Kyle, moi and SIL

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such a sweet remark from a young boy…

and jaymes to jane.. cute talaga ng bunso mo hehe.

The way you describe Jaymes, I could infer that his parents must have inculcated in his young mind this early that: Success or falure in life could be traced to obeying or disobeying God’s 4th Command—Honor your Father and Your Mother (or Elders).

Hope and pray their visit would pave the way for better days ahead! Jaymes, does not know it but he is really a good ‘precursor’.

Could we now see a bright light at the end of the tunnel?

Jake is really talkative now and most of the time, he mispronounces some words/names in his attempt to converse his thoughts with adults. You have to be imaginative to make out some of what he’s saying.


Thanks for the concern. I’m not counting on that though. Que sera sera…

looking at the pics, it was surely a Good day for all the cousins and their mate. Are they back down under?

Yep, they went back to Australia just a few days after the visit. 😀

uy artistahin si cousin 🙂 gwapo na, polite pa! ilayo mo yan kay kuya germs! 😀

Hahaha! Buti na lang based in Australia siya, malayo na kay Kuya Germs! 😀

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