Want Lousy?

Posted on: January 30, 2007

Have you tried calling any HSBC office?

I tried calling their Cebu branch for an appointment to discuss corporate cash management service and the answering machine prompted me to dial their customer service if I didn’t know the extension number to press. I decided against calling and proceeded to email for an appointment. Their site said they’d get back to me within the next 2 days. It was filed last week, up to now, no feedback.

Today, I dialled the 24-hr customer service hotline at 878-7878. Guess what? You have a better chance of winning the lotto than getting through their Customer Service line on the 1st try…

*breathe in, breathe out*


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I hate dealing with HSBC, really had a bad experience with them. Though I don’t really have a choice since our mortgage is with them. I suggest you try other banks.

I agree. As for other banks, I’d take Citibank anytime.

Hi Linnor! Naku, sinabi mo pa. Grabe, their customer service hotline has been like that since last month. I even sent May an SMS about it πŸ™‚ I also tried calling up former officemates who are now with HSBC Cebu, ganon daw tlaga around this time due to the volume of calls or something. Ayon tuloy, na-penalize ako for not paying the card annual fee on time when I was actually calling them 2 weeks before the due date. I was billed kase for a card that I never received kaya gusto ko muna itawag bago ko bayaran.

For your CMS needs, dito na kase kayo sa amin πŸ™‚ among philippine banks, i know we’re the best. we could even compete with a foreign bank like Citibank πŸ™‚ dapat may bonus ako for promoting UBP. hehe.

i can give you my former officemates’ numbers. they’re with HSBC’s Cebu branch. yan ha, ang bait ko kahit competitor namin sila sa CMS πŸ™‚

The CMS appt was to comply with Cindy’s request to shop around. Boosit nga eh. Parang ayaw ng HSBC ng new account. But regarding your CMS, Cindy is recommending to open an account with UBP in Manila to test the service daw. Hehehe…. But we are inclined to avail of the CMS you proposed. Waiting for their go lang. πŸ˜‰

Grabeee naman kayo manlait!!! Masakit yon ah?

Buti na lang you are talking about the local customer service for HSBC. At mabuti na lang your favorite sister is dealing with HSBC banking operations in the US of A while her hub with those in London.

I would like to think that the efficiency is not chargeable to the World’s Local Bank (as HSBC is referred to) but to the local company that employs those lousy and inefficient customer service staff.

In fairness, HSBC is the best universal bank I know kung wala yong bangko ni Mimi—UBP. πŸ™‚

Hahaha! Affected ba si May? Kainis kasi ng HSBC noh! It’s very seldom that I transact with them but the few times that I did, the service sucked big time.

Buti pa ang UBP, personalized service pa. πŸ˜‰

Mi, asan na yung gold card? Nyahahaha! Joke!

no experience with them.. buti na lang.. hey, keep cool hehe..

Hope you get the best bank around. I hate telephone banking…there’s so many robots and in the end you want someone live tapos papaantayin ka pa.

Lucky you, I have an HSBC Visa that’s tied up with PAL’s Mabuhay Miles. The points are redeemed for free trips. It’s the only reason I’m keeping the card. Hehehehe….

+1. I’d rather transact online or with a live customer rep. πŸ˜€

Well, although I’m an employee of the Bank, I would have to agree that the local HSBC is not doing good with their customer service.
To name a few experiences:
1. Rommel and I accidentally got our atm cards demagnetized, to get replacements, they charge P300/each for it and withdrawing through the counter will cost you P75. In the US, they get everything for free.
2. If you use their phonebanking service, they will not service you if you don’t have your phonebanking number/pin. In the US, we have security questions we ask to continue servicing the customers.
3. Although we are employees, we can’t get checking accts without depositing 100k which is the minimum. In the States, that’s the easiest acct to open even by students.
4. Although my payroll acct has internet banking, I can’t add my credit card acct to it for easy access. I need to register my card acct to another internet banking acct thus the need to memorize different login names & passwords and to keep 2 security devices.

Haay! the only good thing I can be proud of with HSBC is that it provides for our daily needs. You get what I mean?! Parang na-trap sila sa lumang timezone na hindi na nag-adjust sa current needs ng customers nila. Sana ma-realize nila yon very soon.

HSBC – Hindi Sagot Busy Company

I think your experience is common nowadays, not just to HSBC.

No special perks for employees pala no? Oh well.

Hahaha…You and your acronyms pa din…. BTW, today I will depo to your BPI account (take note, BPI and not HSBC eheheh).

hi sis, hay naku, which reminds me. we asked a friend to deposit money into our HSBC checking account just this december kasi matagal na namin hindi nagagalaw yung account na iyon. pagpunta niya dun sa branch, ayaw tanggapin yung deposit niya kasi daw dormant na daw yung account. kailangan pa daw ng written chuchu galing sa amin, etc. sa isip-isip ko, what was the big deal? kung withdrawal siguro pwde nilang harangin di ba? e deposit yun? ang weird, parang ayaw nila ng pera, hehe. eh as far as i know, depositing into an account is supposedly the best way to reactivate an account. to think hindi pa naman ganun katagal inactive yung account. tapos heto, after a few asar moments, lumapit yung manager sa kanya at pumayag na rin sila tanggapin yung deposit niya without any problems. ang labo!

I wonder if it’s the bank’s culture (not to be accommodating hehehe) or just the crop of people they have on board (excluding real sister May and BIL)… Haay…

Hi,Meeyagirl! Where did you open the acct? NY? Pag dormant na kasi yung account you need to fillout a release form in any of the branches. Until then, hindi pwede kahit anong transaction. Worse pa kung 5 years na dormant ang acct, it will go to the State where you opened the acct.

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