Posted on: February 9, 2007


Jerry, together with 2 managers from the company, will be flying back to Manila tomorrow after a series of presentations in Brunei. Lest you’re entertaining some funny thoughts owing to the title of this post, it’s not the entertainment kind of presentation, but it’s more of IT.

While he’s there for the past few days, I was busily doing some HR stuff. Last stats: tested 5, interviewed 5, hired 2! So, yeah, TGIF, I finally get to rest my fat b**t after doing recruitment for the past 2 days. Soon my Brunei-yuki hubs (*joke*) will be home.

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I had communication with Jerry yesterday, and everything seems to be encouraging. This is good.

I hope he was able to take pictures of the Prince’s palace or even of the surroundings. Brunei is such an intriguing and interesting place to visit di ba?

i heard that the royals of brunei have a special attraction to pinays. buti na lang pinoy si jerry, hehe! safe trip home for hubs!

as for you, tgif indeed! now, its time to get ready for the arrival of the shiek haha!

ps. i love that family pic 🙂

Linnor is this a family-run/owned company?

Sounds so exciting for your hubs to fly here and there. Have a great weekend!

naks, the company’s growing… tgif! happy weekend linnor!

I sure hope they get the project! 😀 I was tempted to go with him but found the fare quite expensive. Plus I didn’t want to be away from the kids too long. Dadami ang absences from school. He brought my digicam with him naman. I’ll just post the pics so together we’ll see Brunei thru Jerry’s lenses. 😉

Yes I heard that too. The royal males are encouraged to maintain a harem of wives. Nge. Hehehe. Looking forward to the shiek’s arrival! 😀

We have a very small share in the company. Our HQ is in the USA. The company is Filipino-owned and VC-funded.

I was hired as operations manager handling our Cebu office while Jerry was originally hired as Sales & Mktg Head (for Cebu & Manila) until he got to fill in the place of the GM when the former GM in Manila resigned.

This business opportunity was hatched by Junnie and his partner friends. When they wanted to expand their Manila operations, they thought of Cebu. 😉

Oo nga eh… di na mapigil… Hehehe. Happy weekend to you and family as well! 😉

I’m back from Brunei! I learned a lot from this visit. On non-business issues….diesel fuel is B$0.35/lit (P8/liter), gasoline is $0.50/lit (P15/liter); Shell is the only petrol company there; a lot of the domes and structures in the palace and the mosque that are gold looking are really made of gold; the Empire Hotel and Country Club used to be the best hotel in Asia (7 star rating); Filipinos are the 2nd biggest ethnic group, next to the locals; 70%-80% of Brunei is still forest; they produced their 1,000,000,000 barrel of oil in 1991…Thanks to our partners for their hospitality and business opportunity!

The things you mentioned are very good bits of Brunei-trivia. It’s amazing how a small territory could be so oil-rich making them very affluent.

Pero when you said there was nothing much to do there in terms of R&R, parang it’s hard to imagine living there. Hehehe. Good place to visit though for just a couple of days.

Glad you’re back!

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