Posted on: February 10, 2007

Kyle and Mamarazzi at O Georg

There are times when Kyle could not get along with his brothers. Although it’s only natural for siblings to bicker over anything, I am particularly drawn to watching Kyle who is more prone to mood-swings.

With Matt now spending more time with his teenage buddies and Jake too young to understand how to play the elder brothers’ toys, Kyle is often left to his own devices.

What Jerry and I do these days is to focus on Kyle. Matt is often out with his friends on Saturdays. It’s not something we are allowing Kyle just yet, as he is still too young to be going out with friends unchaperoned. And since we think the age gap between him and Jake the youngest is just so wide, we take extra effort to spend time with him.

We bring him out to the mall to check out the toy store, the sports shops for shoes or to treat him to some fancy snack. When there are no classes, I take him to my office where he could play his favorite PC games without being disturbed by Jake as what normally happens when he’s home.

The little things we try to come up with to have peace and quiet at home…We hope this lessens the occasion where we also lose our temper trying to mediate between squabbling boys.



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aawwww… very thoughtful parents πŸ™‚ that is one child less who will be suffering from middle child syndrome which, believe me, is really terrible to experience.

Is that Mamarazzi? She looks too young to be Kyle’s Lolarazzi! She does not look like her age, to say the least! πŸ™‚

I was the 4th child of eight children but I did not have that ‘middle child syndrome’ behavior. In fact, I got all the attention I needed from my older siblings that made me behave well myself.

On second thought, we know that— NO TWO INDIVIDUALS ARE ALIKE. One is distinct and different from others, that’s why! Am happy you understand Kyle’s condition. Call that basic child psychology! Yes?

The balancing act of parenting is challenging and at the same time rewarding. With God’s help, Kyle will soon become an outstanding teen. When Kyle was small he had a simple dream….when I grow up, I want to become a puppy!….:) Not anymore, he is truly growing up really fast.

Coming from Chinese-Filipino parents, I believe middle-child syndrome could be aggravated more by culture/tradition if Jerry and I are not too careful about it. πŸ˜€

Middle-child syndrome is evidenced more in smaller families (3 or 5 siblings). Did we ever experience it in our own? I guess Junnie is the best person to answer that. πŸ™‚

It gave everybody a good laugh back then. I’m glad that Kyle can hold himself up in situations where he needs to assert himself. Sometimes he asserts himself too much though. Hehehe. That’s what I want to temper a bit.

i’ve read a lot about middle child syndrome but i sometimes watch out on what the books say, esp here (add to that the culture difference) parang branded na kasi lahat. but great that you don’t ignore the fact, it just means that you pay careful attention to your boys.

Yes, it can’t be helped… When I see differences in personalities, I tend to rationalize and think what could be causing this. One is more even-tempered than the other…

I think Kyle took after me… I was (still am I think) sorta short-fused. And I’m not even a middle-child! Hehehe….

short-fused = middle child? hindi naman yan totoo! Kung ayaw ninyo maniwala, suntukan na lang tayo!

Seriously, we have been over-analyzing this elder, middle and youngest child syndromes, lahat na lang may syndrome…before there were no ADHD kids, lahat kami ang tawag sa min “kiti kiti”…ngayon, di lang sila maka concentrate from one task to another there’s already a medical finding…ang hirap di ba?

It’s a label the medical experts are coining to define a particular characteristic or behavior that is aggravated by cultural differences or by unequal attention given to all siblings.

In our household, we are just being careful about falling into that trap where we might be giving more attention to Matthew for being the eldest or Jake for being the baby in the family, to Kyle’s detriment.

Ganun talaga ang responsible parenting. It is being fully aware of things that could contribute to the child’s total well being.

I’m a middle child, too, but not for the first 14 years, hehe…

I can imagine how it can be difficult for a middle child, not because of lack of attention lang, but also trying to find his place, his status, if you may, among his siblings.

On the other hand, middle children daw are the most creative kasi less pressure, and as a blessing in disguise, because na rin of the less attention. Parang it’s like they have more freedom kasi to do as they wish kasi nobody’s looking.

I agree about middle children being more creative… unless its just a happy coincidence in our household. πŸ˜€

I do hope Kyle doesn’t have to feel the need to find his place/status vs his siblings, since we all would want the kids to feel equally loved.

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