Nostalgia Bloggista :D

Posted on: February 21, 2007

Snapshot 2007-02-21 16-26-50

Thanks to Nostalgia Manila! Here’s the feature… (click here)

*Sorry Junnie, I just had to post our vintage pic… Kailangan ko ng kadamay…heeheehee…

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wow, matching school uniforms!

Bwahahah! Ano nga term dun? Unisex? Katawa itsura namin nung pre-school 😛

Nice feature. It seems we belong to the same generation 😛 those were the days…

cute uniforms hehe..

my gosh sis! i am rss-subscribed to nostalgia manila and i saw this article there, tapos medyo nag-double-take ako: ikaw pala yun hehehe! sarap sana mag-contribute pero wala akong baong nostalgia worthy pics sa maleta ko hehe. ahhh, those were the days 🙂

btw, ganyan din buhok ko nun, may bangs, hehe.

Thanks! Those days are really memorable… 😀

I remember the uniforms more than I remember the school… hehehehe…

Kakagulat ba? Buti na lang may naitabi akong pic at colored pa! Hahaha. Mother dear ko lang ang gumugupit sa hair ko before. Ginaya na nga yan ni Dora eh. 😛

What a vintage pose beside a VINTAGE German Ford Taurus!

But why are you both BLUED? I thought Green Archers kayong dalawa? 😦

Baka lang na-typo error kayo. 😀 Let me correct the car model… It’s a Ford Taunus which I believe is a pre-70’s model… Hehehe…

Eto ang link at ni-research ko pa ang model na yan… (sabi pa naman ng site, not to be confused with Ford Taurus! Hahahah)

Naku, I don’t patronize the color blue and what it stands for ha. I look better in green! Kidding.

Hehehe…. No offense to the eagles.

You two are soooo cute!!!

Kape’t gatas kami ni Junnie pero parang di obvious sa picture kasi medyo kupas na. Nyehehe… 🙂

Congratulations! I was featured last week naman! 🙂 Cheers!! 🙂

Thanks and glad you stopped by! 🙂 I read yours and found out we belong to different decades pala… Now I feel so old! Hahaha!

I think there are so many Nostalgic elements here:

1. the swing which was our tambayan those days
2. the house which was big then, where we all grew up and totally different today
3. the rust-ful Ford TAUNUS which was sold to an upholsterer in Paco
4. our faces – classic ones…i think I only lasted for a month or so with this uniform 🙂

I definitely agree! Everything seemed so big when we were little… the house, the subdivision, the school…

Payat natin nun no? Pero bakit big na tummy mo? Hehehe…

actually big na yan diyan…walang lang shadow…at yes, kupas na 🙂 pero cute pa rin…si Toni nagsabi niyan hindi ako ha….:P

Hehehe…. talagang sineseryoso mo na cute ka ha! 😛

Cute nyo nga….how nostalgic talaga.

Uy, thanks! Buti na lang ang dami pang old pics na naitago… Puede pang ipakita “how cute” (hihihi *blushing*) kami during the 70’s (hahaha!).

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