Posterity Post – Brunei

Posted on: February 24, 2007

Behold the photos from oil-rich Brunei (during Jerry’s business trip last Feb 7-10)…


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The trip to Brunei was a fascinating experience:

1. Diesel is at B$0.35/liter, Gasoline is at B$0.50/liter, mineral water is at B$0.90/liter (exchange rate is $1:B$32)
2. Shell is the only gas station. Just in case you ran out of cash when filling up, the station allows you to sign an IOU
3. All restos we went to serve nuts as appetizer and chopped chili (except fastfood outlets)
4. There are more Jollibees than McDonalds
5. No building is higher than the mosque.
6. Never point with your pointer finger, people in Brunei point with their thumbs
7. Only locals can own property, and they buy almost everything interest free (computers, cars, house…)
8. No liquor is served in Brunei (except to foreigners) but very seldom seen and expensive
9. The Sultan drives himself in a non-tinted Mercedes Benz SUV (accdg to the locals)
10. The biggest non-Bruneian population in Brunei are Filipinos

From now on, I will list 10 things I learned in every new place I visit!

Ang saya ng #1 !!! Sobrang mura ng fuel! However, I love your item #7. Bagay ako dyan. Hahaha!

It’s good to share at least 10 things you learned in every new place you visited. I learn from these too. Pero next time, kasama naman ako sa trip. 😛

Do you travel a lot Jerry? How exciting! Yes, next time sama si Linnor! haha!

for # 10. the success of Brunei is partly Filipino contribution again

for # 4. are they getting more intelligent too as we’ve been feeding them Jollibee for some time now?

#4 – sana magkaroon din ng Jollibee dito sa Canada.
#6 – point with thumb, ang weird naman niyan.
#10 – mabuhay ang Pilipino!

Jerry travels abroad a few times in a year but he flies Cebu-Manila-Cebu every week for work. We will soon take advantage of his earned mileage. Hehehe…

Next time, pilitin ko na isama ako… 😀

Yes, and Filipinos are preferred employees in Brunei because Filipinos are generally hard-working.

According to Jerry there are more Jollibee outlets than McDonald’s nga daw.

Ow, wala pa bang Jollibee in Canada?

Pointing with the thumb looks like you’re hitching a ride… 😀

Galing talaga ng Pinoy!

first time i heard of IOUs for filling up gas!! ha ha ha. cool!

Oo nga eh. I wonder if Filipinos have tried signing IOUs after refuelling. 😀

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