Something’s Coming Up

Posted on: February 28, 2007

It’s 11 more days… And I haven’t decided yet what to do for Jake’s 3rd birthday. Bad Mama, I know… *cringe*

Any ideas out there? 😉


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oh, same birthday nga pala sila ng bro lang…hehe

what about a Happy Feet party? uhm, what about visiting an orphanage and spend the party and the money there? what about spend the whole day with Jake party?

what about celebrating it on the same day with tito Junnie? 😛

Bakit mas masasarap ang mga cakes sa Pinas? In my memory, this Black Forest cake we would get from this bakery near our old house there is way better than anything I’ve ever tasted here. I wonder why.

Oh sorry, I have no ideas for Jakey’s b-day. How about a relaxing picnic/bbq?

Hey, I did have one!

penge cake?

how about a cake-making party hehe. look here: and here:

you can say, this was inspired by the black forest 😀

whatever you decide to do for jake’s bday, i’m sure it’s going to be a blast! good luck!

Uy kabertdey pala sila. My brother naman celebrates his on 3/12. 😀

Hmm… Happy Feet is a cute theme, tapos pool party :D. Yung orphanage is also a good one, but I guess I will have to have a bit more time to do that coordinating with the orphanage and getting the food and games/prizes all prepared. Puede din yung spend the whole day with Jake… Shangrila probably? Hehehe…

Would love to celebrate it with you kaso, Monday yung sayo eh, Sunday yung kay Jake. 😛

I love sweets, cakes specially. Come to think of it, I never got to taste cake in any of the (few) countries I’ve been too. But I take your word for it, mas masarap ang cakes sa Pinas ;).

Picnic/BBQ is cool, puedeng sa park or sa beach.

How cute! I went to the link you referred… I wish I could pull that off. Hehehe… Baka the 3-year olds will end up in a cake fight. Hahaha… Pero I guess that’s another fun part di ba?

Hi Linnor. Wala akong idea except for you to have a party and invite us. Hehe. Kapal no?

Di kita natext, had premature contractions two nights ago. Wala pa talaga si Minoy tapos umuwi na rin si Mama sa Surigao. Good thing, I just needed to rest and take Duvadilan (again). Tuwang-tuwa naman si Marti na magkasama kami 24 hours. I’m scheduled for CS delivery on May 4 pero parang gusto ko pang mamili ng date like May 7, 2007 🙂

naku…i was guilty of such things too…in such cases, specially when out of money and if rush na, i just spend the whole day with my daughter, bring her to the mall, sa time zone and let her choose a gift she wants from TK. then we cap it off with a birthday treat from jolibee.

For a change and less hassle, invite the kids to Jake’s birthday party by the pool, telling their parents that it is a BYOP (Bring Your Own Provision) celebration.

Lolarazzi and I will bring a basketfull of “ngoyongs” and the noted “pusO” with barbecues.

Am sure Jake’s 3rd birthday would be a lot of fun and with a variety of food to eat! 🙂 🙂

Of course you and family plus Stella and Aunt Didi (if she’s in town) will be part of the guest list. Kayo lang ang 1st degree cuz ko on Papa’s side, di puede ma-exclude. 😀

I’m glad to hear that you’re ok na after the premature contractions. Will continue to pray for your safe delivery.

That’s what I do for my 2 older boys na. Sometimes they’d prefer to just choose a gift in lieu of having a party. 😀 It works for me too. 😉

Oh that’s a good one too. Does that mean you and Mamarazzi are flying over on that weekend? Cool!

errr, no idea.. i’ll wait na lang for your idea.. so i could get an idea.. hehe, gulo.. i guess i need a long weekend.. happy weekend to you!

Hehehe… Natawa naman ako sa comment mo… Happy weekend to you!

hmm.. i don’t have any suggestions 🙂 but i wanna say jake’s pictures are sooooo adorable! he’s so cute, nakakatuwa 🙂 advance happy birthday!

Happy Advance Birthday to Jake. I dont know if its too late to do a theme party. I had a princess party last year for my daughter. Maybe a disco theme party? Or pirate? Not sure if you can hire someone to come to your house and so something special related to the theme.

Goodluck and looking forward to your pics.

Aw… thanks! 🙂

Thanks for the tips…. I’m now on panic mode! 😀 Ngiii…

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