The Bosses Are in Town

Posted on: March 2, 2007

The Chairman, CEO and GM (my hubs) are in Cebu (since Thursday) and we are all sooo busy having one-on-one’s with the CEO, having meetings, etc….

But, we still found the time to take a moment to bowl 2 sets each…

Haay… It was fun! I scored my best and my lowest in one night. Nge.

We are actually a total of 20+ employees so how come there are only a few of us in the pictures? Seven are on official trip to Manila, 1 is taking the mock bar exams, 1 is on sick leave, 1 had a prior commitment and 1 is still to be on board on April 1… So there… 😀

Piece of good news, Jerry and I received our salary adjustments effective 2/15/07. Thank heavens for the non-stop blessings!

This definitely calls for a celebration. After hearing mass this Sunday, we’re going to take our boys out for some special treats. Nothing extravagant though as we are not yet over the hill when it comes to financial obligations. But we’re getting there, I think sooner than we even planned it. Woohoo!


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nice….i hope your increase in pay was the same increase in your bowling score…ay, nag decrease pala yung bowling…

i know that guy beside you…sino yan? 😛

We hope to keep the Team this tight even as we plot for double digit growth this year!:) More bowling matches, karaoke nights, food trips, project sharing sessions, technology powwows (def. informal meeting or conference)…’s a lot of work, but I’m sure it’s a lot of fun as well!

We have some extra for use on the renovation.. 😉

I’m equally excited and a bit giddy about this year’s prospects… Let’s just do it!

Maybe the very young and intelligent CEO and GM know that ALL WORKS AND NO PLAY MAKES EVERY STAFF DULL and less productive! Yes?

That is why periodical group outing like: bowling, group eating, night out is advisable so that you and your staff will not only SURVIVE but literally EXIST as well!

And everything must be ON the Company! 🙂

We all had fun. We even went to have dinner and the karaoke with the big bosses the following night, yes, all on company’s account.

Minor correction: Chairman is W, CEO is Steve, GM (Phil. operations) is Jerry. My post must have confused you. 🙂

i love bowling! (but bowling hates me, i think). 😀 congrats with the raise! when it rains it pours talaga 🙂 kelan kaya maaambunan ang mga marikits, hahaha! *muah*

It’s been a long time since I last bowled (prior to that night) and was really glad to score a 113! It must have been a fluke as the second time around, I got a measly 59! Grr.

I will treat any of the marikits who will be able to visit Cebu. Ayan ha… 😀

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